How to easily switch between Minecraft versions

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    First let me answer some F.A.Qs.

    Why is the server outdated?
    We run Bukkit and that is what makes having all the plugins for Minecraft possible. When a new version on Minecraft comes out, a new version of server software is also released from Mojang, When that happens the Bukkit team goes to work on building new versions of Bukkit based on the new server software from Mojang.

    When will the new Bukkit version come out?
    No one ever knows. The Bukkit team never gives an estimation when they will be done. This is because it will almost be always a wrong estimation. They always find bugs in their builds and fix them before they feel then can release a recommended version.

    If the server is not updated to the latest build of Minecraft you can use the Minecraft launcher to switch to an earlier version by creating a different "profile."
    1. Click "New Profile"
    2. Name the profile (eg. 1.x.x)
    3. (Optional) Check "Enable experimental development versions ("snapshots")"
    4. Select the drop down menu to select version
    5. Select the version you wish to run
    6. Click "Save Profile"
    7. Make sure the new profile is selected and click "Play" (sometimes you will have to click log out and log back in before being able to click play)
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  2. bMacSwigg

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    Max, I don't know, n00bs are pretty ingenious with finding work-arounds of "n00b proof" things. xD
    (but seriously, thankyou! This will be helpful. :p)
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    I use this too.
  4. bMacSwigg

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    So helpful in working with my friend when he accidentally upgraded his minecraft and he couldn't get on our server... xDa
  5. macbad123

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    i am on my slow cpu and even i could do it (couldnt play though bad video card :mad:)
  6. Seadagw1016

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    Thanks Max!
  7. imaxorz

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  8. imaxorz

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    For minecraft 1.8 you can do the same thing, but select 1.7
  9. 04blatca

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    This needs to be updated for 1.8. I will do it if max doesn't get a chance.
  10. JoeyLeary

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    Does this work in browser Minecraft? Because when I run Minecraft now it says something about a bad video card driver and I need to update it, which is what happens when I don't run it in browser :S
  11. imaxorz

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    I updated the original post, hopefully making it more clear.
  12. bMacSwigg

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    I assume these can be modded like a normal minecraft.jar?
  13. imaxorz

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    Thanks Max this will be really helpful!
  15. ace5511

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    Wow I never even saw this. That is really simple.
  16. c41pt41n

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    please help me i followed the instructions very carefully but when i tried to login it whent black then gave me a list of errors. i was trying to downgrade from 1.9 to 1.8.1 (also whats the difference between 1.8 and 1.8.1?) anyway it didnt work but from the reveiws people have given you this system must be awesome!
  17. sharqman

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    1.8 is the prereasles, 1.8.1 is the official release
    it woks fine for me, make sure ur selecting 1.8.1 where it says JAR file
  18. c41pt41n

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    im sorry but this downgrade system is... AMAZING thank you guys so much for the downgrade.
    ps: when installing a mod is it done the same but with the downgrade instead of minecraft.jar
  19. sharqman

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    in other words, yeah
  20. c41pt41n

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    can you use the technic pack becouse im looking for the mcloader but i cant find it on the technic pack list where it asks you what you want it to download to.