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    What server will you be spending most of your time on? Survival or Creative?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    Since 2011, but in interrupted "play phases" that last about a few weeks.

    What is your favorite thing to do in the game? Mining, building, fighting, ect

    What made you pick our server over others
    I've played in the server for a week and it's really nice! If you are asking how I found it, I just happened to click on the creative server on one of the server listing sites.

    What are some of your hobbies?
    Music, games, a little bit of drawing and making nice stuffs. I like to learn stuffs

    What is your favorite food/movie/tv show?
    I like tasty stuffs. Favorite movie is Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し). It is quite well known and if you haven't seen it I definitely recommend it. I would suggest getting the Jap audio with Eng subs as it feels more natural.

    What are some cool things that you have built in Minecraft?
    My plotworld build. It's the biggest thing I have made so far. Learned the consequences of not planning properly and ended up using more than 30 hours to make that... oh btw it's still not finished. Some other things I have built are simply some buildings in other servers.

    Do you know any players on the server?
    TehRawB, Cyberdark10, TheKillorX and some other people I just met.

    What are you looking forward to the most on the server?
    I don't know... making awesome things?

    Questions copied from imaxorz's thread...
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    Welcome to the server buddy!

    If your plot's the biggest build you've done yet, then you are going to have such a fun adventure here.
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    yay nelvs hope you are staying around :) Spirited Away is awesome wish they would make more whit that theme havent found any thing as good in that genra
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    Welcome to the server! =)
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    Hey there! hope you enjoy your time here :D
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    Welcome :D