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Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by imaxorz, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. imaxorz

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    I have added Extra Hard Mode server to our lobby! You can find the portal to it by the survival portal. Please be sure that when you log in you read all the signs at spawn! If you have any suggestions for the server please let me know. Right now PVP is off, and I would like to know what you guys think about that. Thanks!

    Some updates about lobby:
    - You will always end up on the server you logged off on
    - You can go between servers with commands: /lobby, /survival, /creative, /extrahardmode
    - You can use the /glist command to see who is on and on what server.
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  2. Padaun

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    CactusForge 2.0
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  3. bobbylou4

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    Sweet, I'd love to try ehm again. Thanks max!

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  4. SkittlesQueen

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    Well I will check out that extra hard mode even though I'll probably die or something lol

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  5. Rem

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    fort larry
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  6. Pieman_Is_God

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    new server mode; livin like larry
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  7. SkittlesQueen

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    Pvp off yes plz...for now so ppl can check it out n not worry bout being killed and have a chance to settle

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  8. AnnodynS

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    So is extra hard where you die and you're out.. or what you used to have where the dirt caved in all the time. :) Tim and I are getting a bit of free time in the evenings again and would love to try it out. PS. The kids would probably try again too. We adored that crazy hard mode that you had when we first visited. xD
  9. majestic_moose

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    It's what we used to have on the server. What you're thinking of is hardcore
  10. AnnodynS

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    Moose I am having so much fun! Tim and I are playing and love the extra hard mode. We are going to play again tonight. :)
  11. AnnodynS

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    Guys we haven't got any way to get to spawn in extra hard mode so we can use warps or regions I figured it out. I have to go to /newestregion or and for now spawn is that region. /rules and some other basic commands don't work but the /region commands do.
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