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  1. Nifix

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    New Server Opportunity

    To all those who are talking about these needed changes this is your chance to put your ideas and suggestions to the test with a new server connect via our Hub.

    Shadecrest Survival has always been a Towny server with some extra plugins which many people enjoy so making any large changes has always been extremely hard or simply unwanted. With this new server we will be able to use all these awesome ideas to make something awesome and fun!

    Everyone that is looking to make a change on this new server is welcome you do NOT need to be staff. How this server will be run and what this server will be is entirely up to those that wish to participate.

    What is needed:

    People to participate:
    If no one want to do this it simply wont be done however this should not be a problem with how many people are talking about the needed change.

    What will this server be:
    Pies idea, factions, ect Note: This will not be a mod pack server

    Plugins needed for the above idea, extra fun stuff


    Staff setup:
    How will staff work for this server.

    VIP stufffs

    Probably a bunch of other stuff I missed.

    Once ideas are layed out and agreed upon the server will be opened and it can begin being tested/set up.

    A few notes:

    Participating in this does in no way mean you will be staff on the new server. Those who contribute greatly to the project may however be rewarded in one way or another.

    Debating between ideas is fine however any arguments, name calling, or general rage will result in a time out. This will be a happy thread. >=(​

    This is your chance to work together with others to make a new wonderful server don't let it go to waste!


    I will not be running this project its purpose is to give those asking for change a chance to do something. If its not taken on its no loss to me and it will just be shut down. :p
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  2. TheTechGeek245

    TheTechGeek245 Well-Known Member VIP

    We need more people b4 we can actually use another server

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  3. Nifix

    Nifix Well-Known Member VIP

    The point of this server is for those who want to make a change. It is pretty clear after how much time has passed on Shadcrest Survival that not much is going to happen and the people who play on it are generally happy with its current set up.

    Servers will all be connect via global chat keeping our small community together.

    If people don't want to do this its fine I am personally happy with Shadecrest Survival but with all this talk of change I thought some people would want to have the opportunity to do something.
  4. CanOpenerTrooper

    CanOpenerTrooper Well-Known Member VIP

    I'll play on it. Will this server take over the old survival one?

    Here are my thoughts:

    • PermissionsEx (Pex)
    • Factions
    • Core Protect
    • World Guard
    Staff setup:
    • Moderator (Gets /slap, /kick, /ban /tpa)
    • Admin (All of the commands)
    • VIPI - 5$ donation -tpa, /hat green tag
    • VIPII - 15$ donation - tpa, /hat blue tag
    • VIPIII - 25$ donation - tpa, /hat red tag
    • VIPIV - 35$ donation - tpa, /hat purple tag

    I also think we should have some ranks that don't require donations. As soon as you join you should be considered a new member, maybe with a yellow name and a grey tag. Then a normal member would have a green name and a green tag. The survival server chat always seems rather... boring. I've always liked chats that use the rule: Dress to impress. It makes the chat much more lively looking and players who are new are more willing to stick around.

    Just my thoughts :p Feel free to criticize
  5. TheTechGeek245

    TheTechGeek245 Well-Known Member VIP

    We don't even have a server with the primary purpose to do games such as spleef survival games the walls super craft bros I like the idea of expanding its just I don't think shadecrest is ready for it

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  6. Nifix

    Nifix Well-Known Member VIP

    This server would be completely separate so anyone can still enjoy our current survival if that's what they wish. =)
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  7. Random0ne

    Random0ne Well-Known Member

    I think the idea was more of how we can append shadecrest's current setup, rather than completely replacing the backbone. What I mean is changing the gameplay elements, rather than administration/rank elements. Of course I can only speak for my own understanding, so if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. :p
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  8. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    What if we went with no warps?

    People would be required to make infrastucture and such, towns could put together to form rail lines between each other, and players could make simple roads between friends. Larger towns could get access to the /t spawn command.

    (Not using ideas from other threads, I actually came up with the idea a few months ago, from other servers).

    I also like the way Can's suggestion is near identical to survival, just missing a few pluggins.
  9. Nifix

    Nifix Well-Known Member VIP

    I will not be running server so unless a group decides to take on this project it will just close down so it may not even happen. :/ Like I said I wanted to give those talking about change an opportunity to actually do something.

    I want some changes made to Shadecrest survival as well but there have been suggestions about completely redoing Shadecrest so we are giving those who want to do it an opportunity to. :3
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  10. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Factions... Ew
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  11. majestic_moose

    majestic_moose Well-Known Member VIP

    I'd love hardcore 1-3 day deathban server. 1000 radius, no hacking, civil chat. No locked chests or stuff, maybe factions or something too

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  12. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    Discussion threads are the best. Let's make the bestest server ever.

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  13. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Yay, we got Dyno on our side; also a plus that he agrees with alterations to the general formula so we can try to find out what appeals to people in the wider community! (I really hope I didn't misregister sarcasm in there)
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  14. kizzyfazzle

    kizzyfazzle Active Member VIP

    It would be cool to have some minigames :3
  15. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    We used to do the whole minigames thing on sg I thought, although I'm not sure towards the end.

    The problem was server numbers there, minigames servers don't actually get enough traffic to justify. I always thought it would've worked better as an extension to survival or creative, than another world. Doing pacman while you're the only one on the server would get a tad boring imo
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  16. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    I'd pop on n check it out...sounds interesting

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  17. kizzyfazzle

    kizzyfazzle Active Member VIP

    Yeah I guess XP besides events on survival is pretty good for minigames for me.
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  18. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    I still want special weapons and items that do strange things, like exploding eggs, or throwable bricks (If that's even possible)
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  19. hywzerboydy

    hywzerboydy Active Member VIP

    I've always liked the idea of an RPG server, It'll be like square skyrim
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  20. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    We have enough people to bad half of the population is banned.
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