Mcmmo Not working.

Discussion in 'Survival Server Issues' started by Jasperli, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    As we all know some time last or this week many features of mcmmo stopped working. I'll provide list of stuff I have noticed so far:
    -You are unable to gain any combat related xp to your mcmmo skills (taming, archery, swords, unarmed etc.)
    -People can harm each other when being in same party (Reported on another thread already)
    -All passive effects has been disabled (Herbalism, acrobatics, unarmed, archery, swords etc etc.) expect double drop ones, rolls and treasure finding.
    -All right-click activated abilities from pvp skills (swords, axes etc.) are disabled.

    So Blat work for you :p

    I have had these problems myself and few fellow players have confirmed them, so it most probably is a problem within mcmmo plugin. If you have noticed something else what is not working in it feel free to post about it :)

    Manglor, Awastedlife and me have had this problem atleast so far.
  2. pyro5050

    pyro5050 Active Member VIP

    i as well noticed i did not gain any XP for my axe skill while killing zombies! a shame too cause i gained over 30 levels of ingame XP for it by no MCMMO stats...
  3. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    Looked more into this. More problems (added to firsth post as well):
    -All right-click activated abilities with pvp skills (swords, axes etc.) are disabled.
    -All passive effects in EVERY skills has been disabled (Herbalism, acrobatics, swords, archery, unarmed etc.)
  4. pyro5050

    pyro5050 Active Member VIP

    i also thought that i stopped getting "massive hits" with my axe a few days ago... the hits that throw the bugger halfway across the bloody map... normally killing them... then making me go hunting items down...
  5. 04blatca

    04blatca Member Lead Admin VIP

    I have updated it to the latest version, from what I can see in the config, there is nothing wrong :/

    The update will apply the next time the server restarts, let me know if it's not fixed.
  6. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    K Thanks a lot!
  7. Thomasdd13

    Thomasdd13 Active Member VIP

    A wild Blatca appears!!

    The wild Blatca uses splash!

    It's unaffective!

    Trainer Thomasdd13 uses a great ball!

    It's caught!

    ~music plays~
  8. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    Same problem remains still. D: Blatca save us!
  9. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    Some gathering skill activeable skills have stopped working as well. Excavation - Giga Drill breaker doesn't break any blocks when activated.

    All previous problems are still existing as well.

    Blatca D: !
    i get that sometimes too
  10. Manglor

    Manglor Active Member

  11. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    You can get xp for combat skills again as well as use right klick abilities.

    We still have this problem:
    Excavation - Giga Drill breaker doesn't break any blocks when activated.

    Will be testing out other things as soon as I get some time onand will let know if somethign else is still broken.
  12. Jasperli

    Jasperli Member VIP

    Was talking with other people in game and it seems it is only me who has problems with giga drill, lets see.

    All rest of features work perfectly.
  13. pyro5050

    pyro5050 Active Member VIP

    i had problems with giga drill... would say it activated... did nothing...
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