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Discussion in 'Finger Pointing' started by thodazarexrt, May 14, 2015.

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  1. thodazarexrt

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    Hi so you must know me by now, I'm kody and I dislike the way you guys run this server. People come in and you point fingers at them and ban them without truly figuring out what might be wrong with that player or why they might be doing what they're doing, try to work a little harder on finding the reason to ban them and don't just ban them for doing something like going on your site to complain, I thought servers needed help in every way to make it the best it could be but on shadecrest the staff just seems to like to run it all alone without input from the community.

    Stop being the way you are and stop hating on people because they have certain things going on in their lives, you don't know what I've gone through and I'm certain noone will know what the person is going through getting banned, thanks a lot if you read this but you now know that I have bi polar/schizophrenia so just let it be know that I black out and can't remember anything I did or said. So thanks for banning me that one time and not just asking what's wrong :D.

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    It is not our responsibility to mollycoddle when you are being an asshole. If you actually have a disorder and you apologize for your behavior after you have calmed down, then whatever. However, when you come off as a self absorbed entitled dick, demanding staff rank and such, we are not going to hesitate giving your ass the boot.

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