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  1. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    After a few weeks of logging in and finding nobody online. I have Decided to ask you guys what would make you come back or play more?

    Players have made suggestions to me in game and in Pm's etc, and i would like to see these written out in a thread. These can include things like Plugins, Voting Rewards, Grief protection, Vip Perks, etc etc.

    Please don't add things that are stupid like all players should have world edit etc [​IMG]

    I will write a list of things I think would be nice additions and things that have been mentioned to me if they are not already added.

    *also will edit this post to include player suggestions at the bottom.

    Just a few of the suggestions so far:

    Things That are possible. [Plug-ins included were applicable]

    - Grief prevention instead of or alongside Towny. Meaning everyone can protect their Homes.

    - Better rewards for Voting. [Access to Kits, Mcmmo credits, Rewards that are harder to get][ ] or [ ] - Same as the one we already have. Pretty much.
    -Daily rewards for playing consecutive days in a row.[Linked to voting as far as I can see] the second plugin has this built in, whereas the first rewards for more votes.

    - Better Vip rewards.[Different Kits based on Rank, Mystery Chests, Legendary's?, Virtual Enchant tables, Anvils etc][Needs a list of possible perks]

    - Somewhere to sell items [Admin Store/Mall] [Has been suggested before and turned down]

    - More Free Ranks based on playtime. [Gives people a reason to have increased play time to earn rewards.]

    -Being able to move or make spawners without admins moving them. [SilkSpawners]

    -Rewards for killing mobs. [I think the plan is for this to be a mining only feature.][Don’t know the Plugin]

    -Jobs []

    The rest of the list,

    -Factions on PVP instead of Towny.. and grief being allowed forcing better bases and Towns. Instead of PVE MkII.

    - Mcmmo to be set closer to default or at least less nerfed.

    -A plugin called 'Residence' Similar to both other grief preventions[Never heard of it so don't know a lot will look into it.][not been updated in forever]

    -1.9snapshot was suggested too.

    -Mob spawn rates to be changed [Seems impossible to get Golems to spawn in Arena's now]

    -Re-definedRules in an easy to access location.

    -Making [IronBlock]Anvils just as effective as normal ones?

    -Not being able to transfer loot/Items between SurvivalPVE and SurvivalPVP.

    -Quests?. [we have the dungeons?]

    -KitPvp world or similar. [Would require a new world. Doesn’t seem likely at this point]

    -Access to the Mini games that players can start and give their own rewards for.

    -Pets [EULA ok] EchoPet or MYPet are the 2 i know of I think its MyPet that has had issues in the past but they seem to be fixed now.

    -Staff online. [Personally iv noticed that when people are online, more people come online.] Requires more people online

    - Horse and Armour stand protection plugin. [Myhorse. Horse Guard][need to look for an armour stand protection tool] [Fyi the Grief prevention plugin eradicates the need for this as it covers both.]
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  2. Naireik

    Naireik New Member

    Better rewards for voting would be very nice, and an Admin shop to set the baseline for all the prices of items. not some stupid spawn egg shop that is just meeh
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  3. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Glad you asked about this. I know I haven't been here that long yet, but here's a growing list in my head:

    1. Create a dedicated Nether for the main world, to allow bidirectionally-linked Nether portals and Nether rail stations, etc. Too much /warp and /tpa starts to hinder creativity because "necessity is the mother of invention." Also, having rail tunnels to explore in the Nether that go to different places (that aren't towns and don't have a /warp) is fun and allows adventuring more easily than trawling across the overworld map.

    2. Like Deano said, offer some kind of non-Towny-only protection method. Residence is great, and there is also the grief prevention plugin Deano cited that allow user-definable spaces without requiring that it be a town or city. By extension, you won't have to worry about charging money for each chest that is protected, because all chests within a defined area will be protected. Charging to /lock chests really just encourages theft from new and poor members.

    3. Remove the chance to lose enchantments from the mcmmo Repair skill. This is silly. The vanilla anvil already allows you to repair enchanted items without losing enchantment levels, so why should mcmmo Repair be inferior to that? The current setup basically makes Repair worthless to use for any enchanted items that you actually care about, unless you have somewhere close to 1000 skill level, which almost no one ever will.

    It's vastly more certain and reliable to just vanilla-repair your stuff until it costs too much to do it any more, then enchant a new one. mcmmo Repair should be a superior choice, especially at higher skill levels, or why have it? Even at 1000 skill, there's still a 20% chance you'll lose an enchantment level (which sometimes means losing the enchantment, like with Silk Touch or Aqua Affinity).

    4. I don't think /fly should ever be offered as a perk or boon of any kind, even to mods. Flying just breaks the game too much.

    5. Offer for purchase (via either in-game Rupees or real-world cash) enhanced tools, like an Eff 6 Silk pickaxe, Loot 4 sword, Fort 4 pickaxe, Power 6 god bow, etc. I personally would be willing to pay $30+ for every one of these individually.

    6. If it's not already offered, give VIPs (maybe only level 4 or 5?) the ability to break and pick up spawner blocks.

    That should about do it. Thank you for your consideration of these.
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  4. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    Fractions? Great idea
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  5. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    lol thought id made a mistake then... was just you changing it :D
  6. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    1. Towny is one of the few drains we have for the economy. This will make rupees even less useful then they currently are.
    2. Ndv made the vote plugin, it's rewards are not in a config file, and he deleted the source for it. You'd need a new plugin.
    3. We're breaking the EULA now?
    4. You suggested setting a fixed price for a number of items and creating another mall in the WIP pve spawn. Those plans were turned down. We've said many times that we'd like to fill up the spawn mall and marketplace so players can buy/sell whatever they want, but a fixed price for selling (especially renewable) items will devalue the rupee.
    5. What would these ranks have access to? The only change between yellow and green is the ability to make a town and name color.
    6. More staff attracts more players, more players attract more staff. I tried fixing this for 9+ months, it is very difficult to deal with.
    7. Move? yes; Create? NOPE. If you have a plugin in mind, link it. Also, if VIP perk, see #3.
    8. Why? Only reason I can see is "you all want free shit and blatca's a whore".
    9. No offical build since 2013, no dev build since October 2014. AFAIK data can't be stored in a database, only flatfile.
    10. For clarification, you know snapshots would need to be on a different server, disconnected from bungee? This might get more players to know about ShadeCrest, but it would not necessarily increase players on survival/creative.
    11. Per world plugins? I have a feeling that would not work.
    12. Don't drop my name and then ignore what my issues were. Money for mob kills (jobs/quests) breaks down when players have infinite vegetable mobs from grinders. This is why it wasn't added, and part of the reason I despise grinders.
    13. Jobs have been suggested multiple times, nobody has bothered to work on configuration for it (myself included).
    14. After years of "too many mobs!" and "too few mobs!", it's best to just leave the rates alone.
    15. What does this mean?
    16. Anvil repairs cost experience, damage the anvil, and have a limit on how many times you can repair. McMMO anvils do not break, and make repairs more effective with skill. They're already as effective, just in a different way.
    17. How would this even happen? How would the dungeon, spawn, end, and nether work with this?
    1. Extra worlds = extra confusion. I had a plan in the past to have portals able to link to pvp or pve if you replaced the corner blocks with (for example) lapis or redstone blocks. I've made it work on a test server, and it can be done on survival. Would this sort of thing work for you?

    2. If we didn't want to charge for protections, we would have things locked when placed. Protections are the most effective way we have of pulling rupees out of the economy. I agree that looting disproportionately affects new players, which is not a good thing. Why not have price tiers for chest locks, more expensive as more chests are locked? Example: chest locks below 10 cost 200r, below 20 cost 500r, below 30 cost 800r, etc.

    3. From earlier in my post: "Anvil repairs cost experience, damage the anvil, and have a limit on how many times you can repair. McMMO anvils do not break, and make repairs more effective with skill." Giving McMMO anvils all the benefits (and none of the drawbacks) of both anvil types isn't balanced. This would mean no experience cost, no anvil damage, cheaper repair cost, cheaper repairs with skill, no enchantment loss, and unlimited tool repairs.

    4. Agreed 100%.

    5. We've played around with overpowered tools like you've listed, and thinks didn't turn out well.

    6. There needs to be some way for players to move spawners without admin help. Only allowing VIP's to take advantage of that wouldn't technically break the EULA as normal players can do the same thing with a modreq. The purpose admin-less spawner movement would be less busy-work for admins.

    As a note to both of you, there are built-in lists you can use instead of putting '-' or '2.' before every section. Shift+enter will add a newline without creating a new entry in the list.
  7. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    This is a list of suggestions because people mention them in game and here or there, but they do not get recorded. The server is in a complete mess at the moment. I find myself more and more every day thinking there is nobody here. And instead doing something else.
    This was an attempt to see what people want these are all the things that have recently been mentioned or mentioned today in and outside of this thread.

    You do not have to find problems with everything.

    After the list was compiled i was going to go through them in the staff thread to see what is possible what is not allowed and what is impossible, Since i did not make the suggestion i do not know for all but will happily attempt to answer some of the ones iv had time to look into

    1. Towny is a drain but so is the grief prevention tool, by disabling the time = claim blocks section you can add a cost to buying blocks.[something the size of my town would be far more expensive than it has been for me so far.]

    2. Since the current Vote rewards are useless and as proven by the thread Stephen wrote: People are not voting, something should be changed here.

    3. These are suggestions i know some of these are possible by introducing ways to purchase them in game without using VIP perks but at a far higher in-game cost.

    4. The Spawn shops have not worked since i joined this server and i at least foresee i will have left before they ever do.

    5. Little Perks, it is not particularly difficult to achieve 24h playtime and in terms of 'Achievement hunter' some people like to aim for things.
    these could include things like ./hat for over 2weeks playtime for example. Or a different rank much in the same way being better at creative grants a higher rank.

    6. Just the Fact that, for large parts of the day nobody is on the server. This is not due to the fact that its School again or Minecraft's decreased popularity. It is due to the server feeling like single player for huge sections of the day. Other Servers are busy all day. Active Staff might be a step in the right direction.

    7. I think move is a great idea.[Perk for long playtime or VIP ranks for example] was not sure about the creation but know there are plugins out there for this if any staff thought this could be implemented, not sure how this would lag however and whether we would need a LAG CLEAR for example.

    8. General consensus is people feel cheated by our Mcmmo parameters, they seem to be a long way from default. Surely the developers Set them this way for a reason or they would have made them less if they created a problem.

    9. No idea what residence was put it on the list as a suggestion, Erik has looked into it, obviously not viable.

    10. I did not make this suggestion, did not know what it would require added it just so it was there.

    11. The PvP World is Baron even Shock doesn't go there anymore. A lot of Pvp&Pve servers use Factions for the Pvp side, gives protection but still allows raiding, granted by killing members of said faction.

    12. This Gives more purpose to killing mobs. The Dropping of your name was to show that it has already been looked into, I didn't ask your opinion because it was not needed at this point. There will be a way to implement this along side grinders we just have not found it yet.

    13. I personally enjoy jobs, Spent hours just replanting so i can level up or get 20g from crops. Again gives people things to do after the initial Survival.

    14. I haven't actually seen a Golem in Mine or Mega's Arena for a few weeks. Seems as though there spawn rate has been set to 0.

    15. Seems like the 'Rules' have gotten a bit mad. Maybe Clearer rules would be a better suggestion. As even i struggle to find the most up to date rules nowadays. Must be Murder for a new player using the forum for the first time.

    16. Personally don't care either way, the Iron block anvils are great for when an item is too expensive to replace.

    17. I don't know your the guy who set them up in the first place, Was a Suggestion to define the border between Pvp and Pve.


    1. I think he means the original Nether that is created with the Over world, for use whilst travelling the 1 step in the nether is 8 in the Over world part. Or something similar.

    5. As perks Players like to have them. This is supposed to be fun after all.

    As a side note shift and enter does nothing for me..
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  8. SuperGoodGuy43

    SuperGoodGuy43 New Member

    I think there should be quests added. A great idea is to have the ability to add a seperate world dedicated to PvP. This may include: KitPvP, SoupPvP, PotionPvP, and many others. There should be a daily reward. For a number of days, the person should be able to recieve items or money for logging on. At the end month, money based on the time someone is on would be most benifical to the new players. This can push players to be more active on this server as well as adding a reward into the mix. :D
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  9. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    I'll just preface this suggestion with a disclaimer that I am not and have never been a PVPer. My connection is generally too slow to even face an attacker let alone defeat them.

    With PVP I think it would make things more interesting if there were some point besides being randomly attacked or looted. If you could take over land of rival towns it would add a real competition element to PVP.

    Also apart from PVP if land claim credits could be gained through ontime or voting it might incentivise people to play or vote more.
  10. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    Both of those can be set also along with being able to buy claim blocks.. Kills many birds with one stone. Removes Money from the economy when purchasing. Gets rid of 1 person towns. Can be set so votes = claim blocks. Or on time=claim blocks or paying, ontime and votes all become claim blocks.
  11. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    DeanoooO26 Did you understand my post? I'll shoot down an idea in a suggestion thread when the player doesn't put any effort into how their idea could work with the server. Often there is no effort put into a suggestion (like "Not being able to transfer loot/Items between SurvivalPVE and SurvivalPVP"). We have no use for generic suggestions that force somebody else to prove it could work (historically my job).
    Our primary issue is not a lack of ideas, it's a lack of action. We don't have players or staff with the ability to make ideas work. Every item in your list has been considered in the past, and has either not been worked on due to lake of time or has been denied due to balance/effort required. The ideas have been there for a long time now, implementation is what we've been missing.

    Now to specific issues:
    I didn't disagree with changing the rewards, I said you would need a new plugin.

    /hat is an excellent VIP perk, I do not recommend giving it out to normal players. It should be advertised as a perk to increase donations. That aside, I asked what these ranks would have access to and you have listed one feature. Make a list of ranks with details on promotion, including how they fit into the current ranks. Once that's ready, list what features are given out on each new rank and if any need to be removed from other ranks (move green-rank permission to a new rank, for example).

    Staff have not been active due to the perceived lack of players or work to do, and I tried to fix that. Saying "make staff more active" doesn't do anything, there needs to be a reason for staff to be more active. This takes about the same depth of thought as "We should make survival more popular". How?!
    Don't just write vague ideas, make plans.

    Any player can move a spawner, they just need admin help. The goal of removing the admin is for the benefit of admins, not some special extra thing for players, so it's not going to have rank restrictions. Think of what you do know, removed the step where you modreq and admin, and there you go. You mentioned a plugin; can it move spawners? If so, why haven't you linked it?
    I thought I was clear about creating spawners: NOPE. This has nothing to do with lag and everything to do with spawners being a limited resource. And if lag was an issue, what is your plan for this magical "LAG CLEAR"? Is it an existing plugin, or would it need code? If it needs code, what would it even do? For Christ's sake, stop with these empty ideas!

    When the changes were made to mcMMO, player activity increased. While I was active, I did not get regular complaints about mcMMO, so I'm not sure when this suddenly become a consensus. As for "Devs made it that way", just no. The devs made their plugin configurable. If it was intended to work a specific way, it wouldn't have been configurable.
    Their reason for the values they set were "We need defaults" and "These seem to work". That's it.

    You suggested adding Factions to the pvp world, I said plugins per world would not work. I'm not even getting into how I feel about Factions or allowing griefing, the idea of adding a plugin to just one world is something I don't think works. I won't bother with this any further until you demonstrate that what you are suggesting is even physically possible.

    "We should let Pocket Edition players connect to survival. imaxorz looked into it, don't see why this can't be added."
    Looking into something doesn't validate the point. I'd almost call that quote-mining, because when I tried to balance the numbers, grinders made the plan fail every single time. Yet you post that I looked into it, and we should totally do it. I responded to this with my opinion on the matter because you failed to present my opinion after mentioning my name. Now you say my opinion isn't needed at this point, what that hell?
    E: "I looked into it, it won't work because grinders"
    D: "He looked into it, don't see why we shouldn't do it"
    E: "... Because grinders!"
    D: "We don't need your opinion right now"

    And to top this section off, a magical implementation that will be found that solves all issues. STOP WITH THE MAGIC!

    You did not read what I typed. I have no issue with jobs, we've suggested them multiple times, nobody has worked on the config for it.

    The rules on our wiki are still up to date, and are linked multiple times in the tutorial for guests. I've simplified some parts, but nobody has been willing to simplify the rest.

    Do you mean separate inventories for pvp and pve? How would that work when you add another world (dungeon, spawn, end, nether)? Say I loot a diamond in pvp, and when I warp to pve I don't have that diamond. Warping to spawn will have one of two effects:
    1. I have the diamond: I can store the diamond in a chest, warp to pve, then come back to spawn and get the diamond
    2. I don't have the diamond: Items gained from events or purchased in shops do not transfer back to pvp
    Do you see the issue? If you have separate inventories for pvp and pve, which inventory would you use in the other worlds? Beyond that problem, what plugin even allows this behavior?
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  12. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    First of all ezeiger, thank you for taking the time to write back a lucid, patient reply to these previous suggestions. I'm very new to the server and yet I can already tell that you've put in a tremendous amount of time in the process of trying to help out and be accommodating with plugins, etc. Just wanted you to know it shows pretty obviously and that I, for one, appreciate your work. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

    I agree that it does appear that Deano sometimes has difficulty with the principle of requisite mechanism (lol) but he just wants to help out instead of quitting, which also seems admirable. This whole type of situation has happened to me twice before, and frankly I hope not to see it happen here too (i.e. the server dying away). But hope springs eternal, right? We'll see how it goes. Rhythm tends to win out in the end.

    I don't perceive that what is being suggested here is that Towny be made free, or that the server move to replace it with some other, free form of protection. My understanding is that there are other area protection plugins out there that also can be configured to charge in-game currency whenever a player defines a new area to be protected. Unless I'm mistaken, the plugin Deano linked to (Grief Prevention) can be configured thusly, or is at least amenable to interfacing with economy plugins in such a way. See the admin section about Adjusting a Player's Claim Limit.

    Hrmm, that sucks. Should I even ask why he deleted the source code? Is that why you made that comment about him needing (and failing) to decompile the stupid thing?

    Yeah, this is always the rub. Still haven't found any panacea for it, either, once decline starts to happen.

    Well, I just suggested it as a VIP perk because I wasn't sure what the prevailing attitude is here concerning whether all players should be able to move spawners or not. But if that's no problem in concept (it's definitely more EULA and admin friendly), then the plugin I've always seen used is called SilkSpawners.

    Who doesn't want freebies? XD

    LOL @ "and blatca's a whore"

    I have seen some plugins, such as Factions and BOSEconomy (I think it was) that limit certain aspects of their functionality when the player is in a specific world or worlds. This is actually how one of my old servers handled the issue of rewarding money for killing mobs vs. using grinders. Money was only rewarded for kills in the temp/mining world, wherein grinders were prohibited. That way, people could make grinders all day long in the main world but wouldn't get any money for those kills. Admittedly, this approach can require more staff vigilance of the mining world.

    "Vegetable mobs." I like that. lol

    There can be real artistry in the making of a good, high output spawner grinder with passive anti-afk circuitry. No inherent reason to despise those. McMMO can even distinguish between spawner-made monsters and naturally spawned monsters, not awarding experience for killing the former. So it seems like the same should be possible concerning not rewarding money for killing spawner-made monsters. The "rotten apple" in the barrel is dark room grinders. How about just prohibiting those?

    I'm going to risk a "LMGTFY" and ask, what kind of configuration would be necessary to get that implemented?

    The sticking point here (for me) is that vanilla anvils and McMMO anvils are mostly apples-to-oranges. Vanilla anvils can name items and combine/replace enchantments, neither of which were McMMO anvils designed to do. Conversely, the McMMO Repair skill allows eventually for salvaging, something that vanilla anvils cannot do. Repair is the only thing the two types of anvils share in common, and in that capacity, McMMO anvils seem very much intended to replace the repair functionality of vanilla anvils.

    An example of what I'm talking about is how, when repairing an unenchanted item, a vanilla anvil still requires XP, whereas McMMO repair never does, even at skill level 0. For that matter, even a crafting table doesn't require XP for merging two items of the same type. The vanilla anvil is therefore not intended even by Mojang to be the best way of repairing something if it's unenchanted. The McMMO anvil, by extension, is obviously intended as a "better way" than using the vanilla anvil. The latter has other/better, more specialized uses than repairing stuff, even after the McMMO anvil is introduced.

    Vanilla anvils can still DO repair work, sure, but repair need not be their primary purpose once McMMO Repair is available and configured accordingly. We can repair an item in a crafting table by merging it with another of its type, XP-free and indefinitely, and lose all enchantments in the process. Why do we need an McMMO anvil to accomplish that?

    Sure, as you level up in Repair, the chance becomes much smaller that enchantments will be lost, but even at level 1000, the chance is still 20%, which is relatively very high. If you knew you had a 20% chance of being stabbed every time you leave your house, how often would you go outside? If we're aiming to maximize fun and eliminate irritants, why would we want to deal with losing enchantment levels every time we need to repair something without using a vanilla anvil?

    If the answer is "because it's more challenging" or "more realistic", etc, then why are we using /warp, /home, and /tpa? Those eliminate 95% of travel challenges and are completely unrealistic. Again, this is something that would incredibly help out with builders like me who prefer to spend most of their time in a base, building, not out mindlessly gathering enough XP to replace arbitrarily lost enchantments.

    Please don't interpret this as me being argumentative. I just wanted to do my best to give a logical presentation of the issue as I see it, before moving on to other things. I will respect the final decision of the admin(s).

    I suspect perhaps I may not have communicated my meaning very well, because the way the worlds are set up now seems a lot more confusing to new members than the alternative. All my suggestion is calling for is to set up the server the same way that default, vanilla Minecraft is set up -- the main world links to a main Nether, and that Nether links back to it, not to some third "mining" world.

    You can still have a temp mining world, and let that world link to its own "temp Nether", but make those separate from the main world's Nether. That'll also make more resources and make them more available. That type of setup has been used on both of the previous servers I've played on, and no one ever got confused about what was what. Admittedly, it helped that those servers each had a spawn/city portal building.

    It also allows for better community because people build lots of Nether tunnels between cities that newbies can later discover and explore.

    Fair enough. For the record, I didn't assume that charging was being done randomly or by accident. Part of my reason for mentioning that part of the suggestion was to feel out the reasoning behind charging. So, thank you for elaborating.

    That sounds like a fantastic idea, actually. Or maybe that and also make locking chests a free action for players newer than a certain number of days. Taking Rupees back out of circulation is only meaningful when dealing with players who keep coming back.

    If you viewed them as "overpowered" from the start, that might have contributed to perception of the outcome as negative. As a builder, I've always found Eff 6 to be incredibly helpful in saving me time so I can actually finish large builds. Although sometimes it can be a pisser because it eats through into complicated circuitry (lol) so I have to use a non-enchanted pickaxe for the delicate work.
    But if I might ask, in what ways did things not turn out well? (Just curious, mainly.)

    Yes, thank you for pointing this out. It honestly didn't even occur to me. I'll make sure to remember that feature is available in future posts. And Deano, the reason Shift+Enter isn't working for you is because you need to go up and click on the Ordered List button in the editor toolbar at the top of the New Post or Reply To Thread window.
  13. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    The suggestion was Grief Protection "instead of or alongside Towny". In my eyes, even in the case that both plugins are used, players won't bother with the hassle of having a town and opt for GP. I've not deeply looked into the plugin, so when Dean mentioned the ability to charge for protections, I left that suggestion alone. With that point, I think he can make a decent argument for using the plugin.

    I think it was a hard drive failure, but there should have been backups or external hosting for server code, so I hold him at least partially responsible.

    I really don't know how I've never run into that plugin... When I get some free time, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

    Money for mobs limited by world... That could actually work. I have some code that nerfs the living heck out of any kind of grinder, so if I applied it to mining, normal grinders wouldn't be affected and mob kills could give money. The mining grinder nerf would be a helping hand for staff.

    Personally, I'm going to despise grinders until the end of time, but your suggestion above easily covers this.

    Lol, I don't know either! I've never spent the time reading up on it or testing on a local server. Erik for badmin 2k15 :D

    The advantage with mcMMO anvils is the ability to use a diamond to repair a diamond pick, without charging do or risking the life of the anvil. It is also more efficient at repairing. It's not that it's more challenging or realistic, (though I loved the shots fired at teleportation xD) it just seems like a fair trade-off to me. You may be able to convince us to tweak the numbers, but I don't think enchantments will ever be 100% with an mcMMO anvil.

    As for worrying about being argumentative, hell no! If you have a idea, argue for it the best that you can. If I'm being a dumbass about something you typed, (not unlikely) tell me how I'm being a dumbass!

    I figured that's what you were talking about initially. The problem is we have 2 main worlds, and having a nether for both (and one for mining) is unreasonable. Our lone nether still has more than enough resources for players, that is not an issue. What appears to bother you about our current setup is a) portals are not two-way, and b) no permanent nether for fast travel and builds. (Correct me if I'm a dumb-dumb)

    Let's say we add a permanent nether. The temporary one would obviously be for mining, but how would the permanent one work with our separate pvp and pve maps? We can mark portals coming from pvp so they go back to pvp, that's not a huge issue. Where should portals made in this nether send you by default? Or should they fail until a target world is specified?

    LWC is quite nice with discounts (after I modified the source code -_-), as long as a player has fewer than X chests, the discount is applied. No need to worry about playtime or more complicated metrics.

    "Legendaries" were rarely given out as event prizes and in auction chests, and were initially thought to be harmless. Unfortunately, some enchant combos were extremely overpowered and gave their owners a large advantage over the rest of the server. Especially in the case of pickaxes, they were able to make money faster, which gave them a higher chance of winning the next auctions and receiving more legendaries. The "Dual Smith Pickaxe" was a good example, if anyone remembers the enchantments it had (sadly, I don't).

    At any rate, the enchantments (or attributes) would need to be thoroughly balanced, something that takes a decent amount of effort. That's part of the reason legendaries were discontinued.


    SilkSpawners and mob money only in mining. Goddamn dude, bravo on both of those! Stuff I actually never thought of and now feel silly for xD

    -Edit: added rest of reply, sorry for the wait-
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2015
  14. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    The thing that grabs it for me out of all the Grief prevention plugins, is the fact you can still manage it like a town, setting individual areas for people to build etc. The default ratio for Claim blocks is 1hr playtime = 100blocks Normally i don't imagine this needing too much tweaking as this only equates to a 25x25 square. Which later on really isn't anything 5-6 hours play time could equate to not being able to increase your area at all. The ratio i have seen for claim block buying is around 100,000[money] = 100-1000 blocks which seems pretty practical. Or equally every 25votes could equal the same amount for example.

    This does however offer free Protection on any chest within the area that is protected. I am not sure whether this can be changed easily and would nullify Lwc in this sense. I think Lwc would have to be disabled for chests unless you can see a way round this. Iv seen both run alongside once before with the only impracticalities coming when attempting to /trust or /cmodify someone to a chest, You have to do both actions for them to use the chest pretty annoying but can be dealt with. Also as an added bonus i know most of the in game commands for this. And you would not have to deal with towny again if it replaced it completely. We would still retain an easy way to create towns too.

    Im glad he knew the name for the spawner moving plugin i honestly didn't look for it but couldn't remember it regardless. However not sure if these can be set to auto-charge for moving. So if it were a Vip perk for example would probably lead to vip's just moving peoples spawners for a price etc.

    In regards to the rest of the list, i will review it in a few days see if theres anything else that can be added to the maybe pile.
  15. CheerLover21

    CheerLover21 New Member

    I'd honestly like to make a few suggestions to the server as certain things you've made responses to will never work in starting the server back up.

    Such as you're idea with perks, and how they should only be given out to donators. This isn't going to work well as it would require instant payment for perks and most people would not be interested in paying immediately. People would lose interest as they would realize there is nothing really to the server unless you pay for it.
    -My suggestion would be to give the donators the best perks and the not so good perks given to the players who perhaps vote the most and/or perhaps players who have been playing for a certain amount of time. This way there are perks that players can get without paying. It might sound bad that the players wouldn't pay, but they wouldn't pay at first. Once they start to play the server a lot, they'll become much more interested in paying for perks as they find that it would be well worth it. No one wants to pay for something they might not keep.

    The voting issue you have. I believe that what should be done about it is that it should be removed and replaced. Take out the old plugin and make a better one that all owners and the plugin maker should be able to have access to, therefore it can not be fully deleted as someone else who is trustworthy would have it. The rewards could be explained further if you like this idea.

    Also, some more worlds and minigames would definitely attract more people than you are attracting now as not every player is interested in the same games. So worlds like, prison, factions, vanilla, kitpvp, skyblock, sky 'grid?', and so on and so forth. Some good minigames would be hide n' seek, skywars, parkour, hunger games, capture the flag, etc.

    Also people don't seem to have the time or motivation to work on this server, which instantly puts everything down in the dumps. Finding people who have the time is pretty easy as I find people telling me that they just play because they have nothing better to do. Now, if the owner(s) of this server can't find the time or motivation to be running a server, then they just shouldn't since all they'd be doing is taking up a server Ip that someone else could be using.

    I've been on this server for more than 3 years and its such a great server. I'd hate to see it shut down because no one knew what to do. So now that I've rediscovered this after 2 years because of a computer reset, I plan to make this server stay alive. I will work on this all alone if no one is going to help me. All I hope is that my determination for this server motivates you to fix it up.

    I've been on more than a hundred servers throughout 2 years and can give such great ideas to you as I have gotten them from many servers. I have also asked people on other servers what they like most about the server they were on. As I said before I love this server a lot and I want to do everything I can to save it. Would you help me with what I can't do?
  16. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    Can I please reiterate, The Original List is not all me, over 5/6th of the list is from the community or in game the only things I have suggested from my own ideas is the grief prevention plugin. The reasons behind most of them are an attempt to try and promote some of them as good ideas based on my opinions or things i have been told when I queried the person who suggested it.

    Higher level perks would always be offered to donators first, And lesser Perks offered to most votes or highest play time ranks, Player of the month etc.

    It is clear Voting needs re-thinking, since the beginning of this list I have begun looking through the countless plugins available trying to find some to suggest. I will respond with a short list when I have found some worth mentioning for Admins to have a look at.

    Mini-games already exist just nobody turns up to play them. So they are currently suspended. If you want them to be on again tell your friends to come play or tell people to come online then they might resume.

    People are trying to work on the server, despite Erik leaving twice he is still here suggesting things and trying to see what might work. Many discussions have gone on between many people trying to find a way to revive the server. If we weren't trying we wouldn't be having this conversation. As far as an ip going to waste the owner owns the Ip and the company hosting the Ip so i doubt that matters.

    Glad to have you back, hope to see you in game at some point. Please add your suggestions to the list, If they're dumb I'm sure someone will tell you. [Looks at Erik] And if they're not then they might make the short list xD
  17. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    I think Cheer means servers dedicated to minigames like factions, kitpvp, skyblock etc not just minigames that last for an hour once a week.
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  18. CheerLover21

    CheerLover21 New Member

    Thats what I meant. Full time servers that contain minigames and other main world ideas.
  19. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    You want to disable LWC and remove Towny, replacing both with Grief Protection? Seriously dude, why? You're going to be hard pressed to justify this switch, especially when you are the only person who knows the GP's commands.

    What in the fuck, it's not going to be a VIP perk, how many ways do I need to write this? Player spawner moving is an admin convenience, not some special feature.

    Who is against rewarding active players? The only feature that was mentioned was hats, which is currently a VIP perk and should stay that way. Without even being advertised, it was directly responsible for at least $25 in donations over the past 4 months, which is impressive when you consider how few donations we usually get.

    ... Yes. That has been said. That needs to be done. Everyone already knows it. Nobody disagrees with this. You don't need to be the Nth person to tell us this. We get it.

    For most of these: Find someone who cares to set these servers up and convince players to play on them. We can't just "suddenly, a server" ten times, it takes a ton of work. This would also split our existing (small) playerbase.

    You're kidding, right? The difference between saying "I want to help run a server" and actually running a server is ENORMOUS. I'll go out on a limb here and say none of the players you've talked to are capable of running a server.

    As for "taking up a server Ip": BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    just no.

    There isn't a problem with people not knowing what to do, the issue is that nobody actually does anything. It's all big talk and nothing changes. I tried fixing this for over nine months and nothing happened.

    Then explain ideas instead of posting generic rhetoric? And yes, actually explain, including why we would make the change and what it would affect, as well as how it would be implemented if it's more complicated than adding a plugin. And for gods sake, none of you can "save" the server, this is as dead as it will ever get. Mix good hardware with a good connection and you will get a minimum number of players (which is about what we currently have).
  20. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    Hey! I only tried leaving once, and Cyber dragged me back. Most recently I retired as staff, in which I never said I was leaving the server, just that I would probably be less active. I've got plenty of time to textually abuse people on the forum!
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