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Discussion in 'Survival Server Suggestions' started by DeanoooO26, Aug 30, 2015.

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  1. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    Like I said, Lwc can work would need to talk with you about it. Its just a bit annoying to have both for players not so much the staff.
    Would probably need to go through it in game with staff to begin with as the tutorials are a bit Confusing and some people don't really get it. I have the IP of a server using both so i could show you how annoying both is. But it doesn't really affect the functionality of either perhaps a limit on individual areas that you are allowed to claim. 2 per player for example would mean LWC is still relevant outside of those areas or it may be possible to remove chest protection from the Grief prevention plugin making it just a building protection Plugin.

    I know you had suggested SilkSpawners for all players, I was just covering all bases.

    Iv got a list of two good vote plugins also will grab a few more then submit the list.

    And it wouldn't be Shadecrest without textual abuse xD
  2. CheerLover21

    CheerLover21 New Member

    Okay, first things first.
    Ow, >.<

    I'm only trying to help, im sorry that it pissed you off. This actually really hurt my feelings dude, it was totally uncalled for. I was only giving suggestions and ideas that could be put into action on the server. Yes, you're right. I've never run a server before but its never to late to try something new, huh? I really want to 'help' you guys. I didn't know that you're way of encouraging players to help is by making them feel bad about what they don't know.

    Sorry I tried to help. Maybe I'll go read some "running servers for dummies" books first, eh?
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  3. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    You implied we only wanted to give perks to donators, and I explained how you were wrong. Specifically that the only suggested perk for active players was an important VIP perk.

    You talked about replacing the vote plugin, which had already been universally agreed on, and I mocked you for agreeing with the already held consensus like it was some novel idea. Yes, I'm a dick.

    You suggested starting up at around 10 servers for various things, and I lightly explained why that was an unreasonable idea. Unfortunately, you also mentioned a vanilla server. Vanilla is my trigger.

    Going on to say nobody has the time or motivation to run the server is the bit where I actually got annoyed. I worked my ass off trying to get the rest of the staff motivated for many months, and nothing happened. And you know what? We tried looking for players we could make staff, and we promoted them. Things still did not change much. Like I said, all big talk and nothing gets done. And you deserve to get laughed at for the "Taking up a server IP" comment, rofl.

    You say you have suggestions, but the only new idea you actually posted was creating a bunch of new servers. No need for rhetoric, post ideas, preferably ones with pros/cons weighed out, as well as difficulty of implementation on our server.

    tl;dr Post new ideas and I will respond to them seriously. Post rhetoric or ideas already mentioned and you will be mocked.
  4. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    I've tried not suggesting stuff because I really really hate change but I saw something on another server that struck me as an idea that maybe can be put to use and that is, we already can ride pigs and horses but what about riding other mobs be it passive or hostile, I'll look into finding the plugin for it tomorrow, just something I thought was a neat thing

    follow the buzzards...Don't be afraid, let's go
  5. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    How about top voter gets to ride a dragon for the month :D
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  6. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    I know the plugin, will add it to the list when i get home.
  7. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    Cool cool

    follow the buzzards...Don't be afraid, let's go
  8. Beocca

    Beocca Member VIP

    Being able to activate the mini games as a player would be nice. I think a lot of ppl would like to compete against friends randomly, or host events for prizes.
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  9. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Fairy certain this was implemented at one point, or almost implemented. Worked great, loved playing mini games with the guys from creative. nice to hear from you beo :)
  10. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    Will also add this to the list
    and I'm updating the list with the possibles and the No chance at all in seperate sections
  11. CheerLover21

    CheerLover21 New Member

    I was just saying all of this so maybe if someone besides you looks at it, maybe they'll become more interested in helping and maybe motivate some other people.

    Also, no one deserves to be laughed at. Yeah, I said something that sounded stupid to you but you know what? I didn't know that the server Ip's are owned by the company. That does not give you the right to laugh at me. Laugh at my comment you may, but laughing at me is crossing the line.

    Sorry I ever tried helping you because I was actually motivated to help but now?
    Not so much.
  12. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Meh, I've had to wait several days to be able to respond to anything on here anyway.

    Needless but funny backstory: When I originally tried signing up, I never got sent a validation email, so I tried using a different address. When that didn't work either, I asked to be manually verified but forgot to change my address back to the one I actually wanted. So then once I did that, I needed to be manually re-validated all over again. Haha, what a pisser. But fixed now. Thanks to Cyber or whomever took care of it the second time.

    About the Survival rules, you said,
    Ok. Which parts need to be simplified, and simplified how? I'd be willing to take a look at them further but don't want to waste time by having an incomplete understanding of what you'd like done to them.

    Is there any way that I can assist with the evaluation or implementation process for this new plugin? Or does it pretty much just require more dedicated time and attention from you? (Hopefully it can be "attacked" in parallel.)

    As would I. That's just... bad. Failures happen. As coders (of any kind), we have to plan for them.

    My pleasure. It really is pretty slick. If you have a silk touch pickaxe, the spawner just breaks into a block item you can pick up, or if you use a pickaxe without silk touch, it breaks into a spawn egg of the appropriate type and 8 iron bars, which can then be reassembled into a spawner block. Its permissions code interface appears to be pretty flexibly granular.

    Glad to hear it! And that's great news, about the grinder-nerfing code. Never seen that anywhere else before. Kudos on that.

    LOL! Fair enough. That's open-minded of you to be ok with implementing something if others want it even though you dislike it personally.

    I'll take a look at it and see if I can be any help in summarizing any parts of it, although I have no idea what questions you might have by default.

    But it does charge to, in a different way. At the lower levels especially, which take forever to get past, you lose most or all of the enchantments on an item when you try to repair it. So really, instead of draining low to moderate amounts of XP like a vanilla anvil does, the McMMO anvil robs you of the equivalent of high amounts of XP levels, to replace all those lost enchantments, likely through the use of several different books and/or merged enchantments from multiple tools.

    By the time I have enchanted tools or armor that I actually care about, I typically have iron blocks coming out of my ears. Needing to occasionally replace a vanilla anvil is not an inconvenience at all, by that point, and I can make several at once, in advance. Having to replace arbitrarily lost enchantments IS an inconvenience, and a big one, depending on the enchantments.

    So in the majority of cases, like I said originally, the McMMO anvil is not worth using because it wastes more of your XP levels (or just about as many, as an average best case) and worse, it wastes more of your time because lost XP levels are much easier to replace (especially with a grinder) than having to work your way through a bunch of random useless enchantments to replace the ones you want that were lost. This is particularly poignant with Silk Touch, Looting, Fire Aspect, and Thorns. To get to a level of Repair that is worth the risk, versus just replacing the tool, requires so much time that no players on the server have yet accomplished it. (See below for supporting details.)

    Like I said, it appears from the evidence (of its increased efficacy at repairing unenchanted items without an XP cost) to have been intended to be a replacement for the vanilla anvil's repair capability. And as it currently stands,the McMMO anvil is only more efficient in terms of materials, and only at higher levels. It is not more efficient in terms of time or XP levels, when you take into full consideration what I mentioned above about lost enchantments. In those categories, it is significantly worse.

    Good to know that (that it's not about that, here).

    Honestly, I always thought I'd love teleportation if I found a good server that allowed it (because I have always had access to /home and loved that), but now that I'm faced with the full deal (/tpa and /warp), I find that it really breaks the game experience of journeying and needing to explore rail tunnels, use city portals at a spawn nexus, etc. Beware what you wish for, right?

    If a good spawn hub/city portal building were to be created (like with my help if you want), and a permanent Nether arrangement can be agreed upon, would it be likely that /tpa and /warp could be eliminated?

    At the very least, I think that every percentage at each "perk level" should be increased by 20%, so that at level 1000, you're guaranteed not to lose enchantments. That seems like something a grandmaster blacksmith would be capable of.

    As it is, no one may ever reach 1000 skill level anyway (with the current leveling curve). The person ranking highest in repair right now is Jasperli (whomever that is, lol) with 735 skill level. He's less than 3/4 of the way to 1000, and he's been a member since August 2011. Over 4 years and nowhere near 1000 skill level. Mega_Spud is second rank at less than 700 skill, and he's been a member since August 2013.

    7 of the 10 people on the /mctop repair list are well below 600 skill. So basically all of those stand a really good chance of losing all enchantments each time they try to repair (50-60%) and a good chance even if not losing all, to lose some enchantment levels (25-30%). That's simply awful, after all that time spent leveling up in Repair.

    So like I said, what's the point if almost no one is going to get much beneficial use out of it? It would be simpler and more effective to just remove the enchant loss chances. With the server population being as low as it has been lately, any negative impact is going to be minimal, economic or otherwise, and the time it will save builders (like me) will be tremendous.

    Does it still, after what I've said above?

    Good to know, truly. Although I always try my best to be kindly in my observations and reasoning. :)

    Unreasonable how, if PvP and PvE are very separate worlds with different inventories and game types, etc?

    Only because it gets reset semi-regularly. If there were to be a permanent Nether, we would want to keep the temp Nether too because resources in the main Nether will eventually start to become very thin, especially with things like glowstone, Netherwart, and blaze spawners.

    That's correct.

    I would think they should send you to the PvE world by default, to help avoid (probably unintentional) griefing by having someone go through an incorrect portal type and immediately get ganked by some bloodlusting PvPer.

    Very well, could this be implemented soon-ish, then? I've already had several different players steal stuff out of my chests because I can't afford to protect all the ones I care about. :-\

    I can see where some enchantment combos might be stupidly powerful, but the only one I've ever seen be universally popular and not overpowered if dispensed correctly, is an Eff 6 Silk Touch pickaxe. If including them as auction items worked out poorly, then don't do that again, of course. But what about just making them available for Rupee purchase? That way everyone can get one if they want. It ultimately just saves mining time (with stone mainly) and building time, the latter being something I would think would be to the server's benefit to encourage. If the Rupee cost is high enough, it will also encourage more voting.

    As mentioned above, I don't think these would be issues with just an Eff 6 Silk pickaxe. Or for that matter, a Fort 4 pickaxe. So long as everyone has eventual access to one, and they aren't treated like "legendary"/rare items.

    Thanks! :) I try to be of service when possible. No need to feel silly about the oversight, though. No one can know about everything relevant all the time. Two pairs of eyes are almost always better than one.

    Another suggestion that came to mind is some kind of horse protection plugin if there isn't already one (I got the impression there isn't). Like maybe HorseGuard (no link, sorry), MyHorse, or HorseKeep.
  13. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    I have the right to laugh at whomever I choose. Please note that I responded clearly to your ideas, explaining as best I could the immediate issues they would cause. This is even true with the ideas that I felt will never work. My hostility was a response to your rhetoric, not your ideas.
    As I mentioned before:
    I don't know how to make this more clear. If anons laughing at an uneducated comment is enough to discourage you from posting, then that's just too bad.
  14. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    LVXseeker I ended up scrambling the living crap out of your post in an attempt to preserve clarity and keep my reply relatively short. Hopefully I didn't miss anything or lose context.

    Rapid fire:
    • Rule simplification: There's a staff board thread that was last updated in May. If you'd like to help out with that, we can get something figured out over the weekend, and we can bring you up to speed on things.
    • Evaluating GP: This boils down to test servers mirroring survival and messing with configs; generally a one person job, unfortunately.
    • "Jobs" config: This may be a literal jobs plugin, or it could end up being a quest plugin. The key features we need are flexibility and ease of setup, and then things must be balanced for how we want the server to work. It's not that I have specific questions about the plugin, rather that I haven't put much thought into what kinds of jobs/quests would we want, and which plugin can best deliver.
    • The "unreasonable nether" comment: I was saying that having three nethers (pvp, pve, and mining) would be unreasonable, and likely confusing. Nothing to do with separate inventories, just the number of nethers.
    • Chest price tiers: Things can be tweaked this weekend, I might revive the economy thread in the staff board that held my original suggestion.
    Tpa is barely six months old, and was only added after many player requests. Warps have been a key part of our server since I can remember (over four years). If tpa was removed today, some players would be annoyed and everything else would continue as normal. Removing warps would require a massive refactor on how our server works. I'm not necessarily against that, but it would take more than a good hub to keep the server functioning without warps.
    I've previously drawn up plans for a single-world pvp/pve/spawn, which would very well with a permanent nether and no warps. The obvious problem with that plan is the practically required map reset for pvp and pve. Even then, players are quite attached to warps, so support for such a plan would be lacking. If you care to hear it, I can fully explain the plan in another post or pm.

    Fair point, but what about players sneaking through the nether to raid in pvp forgetting to modify their portals? By default, they would end up in pve, and likely end up in another player's portal. Also, our current nether has pvp enabled, is there a reason that this one would have pvp disabled?

    Quick point out of the way, mcMMO repair predates anvils and enchantments. They were not intended as a replacement for vanilla anvils, they simply filled a gap in vanilla mechanics at the time. Arcane forging was added after the fact with the goal of balancing enchantments with mcMMO's existing repair system.

    I've been replying to this post basically backwards (whoops), so I explain more below. In short, it's a trade-off. Vanilla anvils are better at keeping enchantments, mcMMO anvils are far cheaper with unenchanted items. The numbers may need tweaking, but in general I see this as fair. Over the weekend I can run some numbers to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the two methods (cost, risk, etc), and we can move on from there.

    Even at max level, due to the fact that the repair count is otherwise infinite, I think there should be the possibility of failure.
    As for leveling, your information is wrong. We've had mcMMO on-and-off over the life of the server, with the current data less than two years old and the current curve just over one. We had a player with max level repair and other skills, but he caused us so much trouble that we ended up banning him and removing his data from the server.

    At any rate, I see where you are coming from, I just disagree. Some values very well could use tweaking, but even at max level, vanilla anvils should have more of a use than just renaming and combining items. This is doubly true if your suggestion below about selling fortune IV is applied, because players would just repair that pick indefinitely rather than purchase a new one. The cost of repairing that pick would rang from purchasing a new one (at level 0) to one or two diamonds (level 1000, no enchantment loss). In my opinion, this would create too much of a disparity between old and new players, and would discourage newer players from trying to compete in a market (especially in the case of diamonds).

    Finally, as you said, the negative impact of such a change would not be felt with the current state of the server. What worries me is the point that it becomes a real issue. We would have trouble trying to undo "perfect repair", as there would be dedicated, active players fighting against the change. I think the harm caused down the road would outweigh any gains made by adding perfect repair. Again, this does not mean I'm against curve and skill tweaks in general.

    This all just boils down to someone making sure these tools aren't overpowered. With auctions, only one rich player could get rare items once a week. Opening up regular shops would mean all rich players have access at any time. It would boil down to a very similar issue, and the solution would still be careful balance.
    Slightly related: If chestshop supports attributes, I will be very happy :)

    Well I do end up feeling silly, but it's not a bad thing. Over the last year, was only 2-4 suggestions that I hadn't considered prior to players mentioning them. I'm very used to seeing ideas that I had talked, tested, or thought about in the past.

    As an example...
    This two year old thread, rofl! If horse theft is a large issue, we can definitely get one of those plugins, but a few extra admin tools would likely fix everything. Of course, many people would rather have preemptive protection than rollbacks.
  15. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    S'all good. Seems like you covered the parts that mattered.

    Sure, absolutely. Let me know what you work out. I'm fairly decent with proofreading stuff.

    I kinda figured. Well, let me know if anything comes up about that with which I could be of any help.

    Gotcha. Well, ok, I'll try to think of some ideas about different kinds of jobs or quests there could be.

    It actually seems like it would be the simplest, best way to handle it. Less work on the part of any admins. I don't think there will be any confusion. There never has been on previous servers I've played on where they also had a PvP world or Factions. Everybody just understood, you want to play PvP, go to the PvP world. It has its own Nether, to allow sneaky raids, etc. That's separate for good reason.

    If you want to build stuff and fight monsters, go to the PvE world. It has its own Nether, for building in, connecting communities, etc. Typically, the two world types don't mix, in terms of players' mentalities. People who enjoy PvP tend to stick to the PvP world, and vice versa. It eliminates any confusion because people don't hop back and forth, generally. And for those few players who might, they can just learn to keep it separate in their heads. There is always some degree of learning curve when joining any new Minecraft server. You can maybe even make a command like /where that outputs to the chat window which world the player is currently in, if you're really concerned about it.

    Then you have a temp Nether that is accessible by both world types, for gathering resources. It can be PvP-enabled or not, doesn't really matter all that much, except that PvP-on would increase the potential danger level a bit, which provides a bigger challenge for players. But whichever. Then, the only place you'd need a pair of portals that lead to different world types is at the origin of the temp Nether, and the admins can place or generate those. The players then wouldn't need to mess with building the two types. Can you think of any reason why the two world types would need to be mixed in such a way as to cause confusion about the Nethers? Or is this more a concern about server resources, that 3 Nethers would pose some kind of consumption problem?

    Ok, great. Sounds good.

    I see. Did not know that about /warp (either of those facts). I have to admit that I don't understand (yet) why it wouldn't solve the problem to have a traditional spawn portal room that goes to different cities, instead of /warp, and also goes to the PvP world, temp mining or temp Nether worlds. Is there something about /warp that I am unaware of, that makes it unable to be replaced by portals?

    Yes, please do explain further. My initial thought is that it depends on what you mean when you say "single-world." As in, PvP and PvE would be merged into one world together? That seems like it might not work so well in practice... Plus a world reset always sucks bigtime anyway, even when there is some compelling reason like new world resource types or biomes, etc.

    Or did you mean something else?

    That I did not know, although it makes sense, and it does cast the consideration in a different light. Hrmm.

    That would be cool, thanks. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

    I suppose that makes sense. (Sigh.) I think what this boils down to is a desire for selfish convenience (on my part) and what I'm used to, versus a desire to adhere to the vanilla mechanics and Mojang/McMMO-intended game experience (on your part). When I look at it that way, it's hard to argue further without feeling like a selfish ass. lol On the one hand, yes, what I'm suggesting would make Repair more desirable to use, but on the other hand, it would devalue the vanilla anvil, and I've been missing an additional challenge of having to eventually replace my tools.

    Now that I think about it, that has always resulted in me ending up with a surplus of diamonds that I never use for anything. So my way is probably the more broken way, I just didn't realize it til now. It's interesting sometimes what we can get accustomed to. With the caveat that I do still look forward to what favorable tweaks you might make, I withdraw the request to altogether eliminate enchantment loss chance. I'll do my best to wrap my mind around these new circumstances and adapt.

    Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying that for me.

    Yeah, I was wondering about if the stats had ever been reset within that time period. I knew the current curve is relatively new. It seems ok so far to me, but I only just started. I don't have the feeling that I am leveling up too quickly or too slowly in anything.

    Sounds like he got bored because he had already seen and done everything. Not that that excuses asshattery.

    On a related note, what are the general parameters here for perma-banning someone? And how quickly is that usually done? I've heard from one of the members here that a couple of different players were banned semi-recently, and their friends left the server as a result, which accounted for probably 10-15 players (maybe more) lost in one fell swoop. I don't pretend to know the circumstances surrounding that, but if anything, it seems like that might server as a cautionary tale about being too quick or eager to ban someone? (And on the other hand, I realize you can't just refuse to ban someone solely because you know they're popular with several other players.)

    Your thoughts?

    It would appear we no longer disagree. :) Although I still need time to adjust mentally to this new perspective. I tend to be someone who dislikes the whole "agree to disagree" thing. I prefer to identify whenever possible what the source of the disagreement is, and be willing to change my own perspective (when not unreasonable to do so). I tend to find that people secretly create most of their own problems and dramas by their inability or unwillingness to see things from other perspectives. This situation with Repair is a perfect example. So, thank you for taking the time to talk through this with me.

    That's very true.

    I still kind of like the idea of maybe giving them away as prizes in some kind of contest or as a quest reward that anyone can win, not just those players with enough Rupees. And no auctions, of course. How does that strike you?

    Yeah, that is a valid point. My cynical side wants to say, "well yeah, but what if the server never recovers enough for it to become a problem?" But we both know that you can't run a server that way. Best practices are called that for good reason. You have to plan long-term and think in "what ifs" at least sometimes, so you don't get screwed over later by conditions arising that seemed earlier to be unlikely.

    LOL! Yes, that would be good, although I won't be far enough along to take advantage of that for quite some time yet. But yeah, that will be cool for the server.

    And I'm used to being on the flip side of that interaction. lol So it was nice to be able to contribute new something for once.

    Eh, I've never yet really gotten into the whole horse/donkey/mule breeding thing, although I've known a couple of players who have gotten it down to a fine art. So I'm probably not the best person to advocate for a horse protection plugin. It's just something that popped in my head. I agree that people who care a lot about horses would probably prefer preemptive protection. But I understand that, as always, it requires a cost-benefit analysis.

    Something else that came to mind is, what about some kind of /unenchant <enchant-name> command, for removing specific (or all) enchantments from an item? That could be handy in certain cases. Admittedly, it's kind of niche functionality, but it came to mind and it's something I've seen implemented on both of my previous servers. Full disclosure: I know they did have to code the functionality themselves... there is no plugin out there to do that, that I know of.
  16. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    When players are in pvp or pve, they don't say "I'm in the overworld with pvp". Yet "I'm in the nether with pvp" is the only real way of saying which nether you're in. We're used to "the nether", so suddenly trying to distinguish between two or three is likely to confuse. In the long run, it's a vanishing issue and players will come up with suitable labels for these worlds. If we go down this route, I think we should start with just two nethers (permanent, temporary) and see how it works out.

    Players are able to buy 3 warps, as well as move them for a cost. Many players are comfortable with this kind of fast-travel, and wouldn't want to lose it. A portal room would suffice for just getting to worlds, but not for personal warps.

    Yes, pvp and pve would share a world, and yes, resets suck bigtime lol. That's why I'll leave it out of the thread and PM you instead.

    lol, I'll still have a look at numbers to make sure repair users aren't being screwed at the upper levels.

    Specifically with the player I mentioned, his behavior and attitude persisted for over six months. During the last two, I made repeated attempts at talking to him and made no progress. The short version is he did not trust staff at all, and would complain about how everything under the moon was caused by the staff persecuting him. With him around, doing our job became many times more difficult and much less rewarding.

    I don't know about the bans you are referring to, I've only been active on the forums. Honestly, I prefer using alternative methods of punishment except in the most extreme circumstances (like above). We've had staff in the past who were very trigger-happy with the perma-ban hammer, but the vast majority of perma-bans are justified. They are usually given when completely unacceptable behavior happens, and we need a promise of it never happening again before allowing the player back (ban appeal for perma -> temp).

    If the stats are balanced, sure!

    Not so much "what if's", more "We want to reach goal X, what are the consequences of Y if we reach X?". You pretty much have the right idea, though :)

    If it becomes a big enough issue, feel free to mention it again. Until then, I'll see what tools could help with horse rollbacks.

    Freely removing specific enchantments... We'd have to make sure there wasn't a way to abuse that, I have a strange feeling about it. From the implementation side, it's trivial. It's just one function call from CommandHelper (API link).
  17. msladydeath

    msladydeath Member

    I personally feel like the server in general isn't as friendly as it used to be. How to fix that? I don't really know, I've been gone for a while because I didn't really feel like it was a community. The towns gave a sense of community, and like, we were moving towards a common goal, and it don't feel like there are any game goals right now.

    IMHO: The plugin's are fine, other than I think it would be great if someone had to seage the castle or whatever before they could just kill you in your home on pvp, but whatever. Just my 2 cents.
  18. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    Lol if the server was half as active as this thread we'd more than triple our player base
  19. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    TL: DR Shadecrest is ded
  20. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Do you have any ideas about how to revitalize/improve the server, Rem? Or are unhelpful TL;DR summaries the extent of your abilities?

    Just curious.
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