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Discussion in 'Survival Server Suggestions' started by DeanoooO26, Aug 30, 2015.

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  1. oiShocKWavesv

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    ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT
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    However it's implemented, we should probably aim to get it right the first time, instead of "see how it works", otherwise we'll be looking at a good chance of an unnecessary, extra world reset. In the past, people in PvP have never really cared which PvE world you're in (main or nether), and vice versa for PvE players about PvP players. In those rare situations where it actually matters, it's not difficult or confusing to say, "I'm in pvp nether." /shrug

    But for the sake of increasing the feeling of community, you may be onto something with your idea of having one world with half of it devoted to PvE and half to PvP... It's not something I've ever heard of anyone doing before, but hrrmm, it could work. It might be worth it just for the way it would merge the player base into one world, instead of dividing it according to game type. PvP and PvE are essentially compatible game types, in terms of world physics, geography, survival limitations, and travel methods.

    For the sake of maintaining a similar degree of biome diversity as exists now per world, you would likely need to increase the total world size by at least 50%, if not double. Otherwise, players will be frustrated that they can't find a good biome of whichever type in their half of the world.

    City/town portals can be moved as well (and the admin re-linking can be made to cost something also). Shops and malls can have portals too, without having to satisfy the minimum requirements for a city portal. I don't see how such a portal is really any different from a warp location. It's just a different way of thinking about the same thing. And I suppose placing or moving the portal takes a bit more forethought if you want it to look halfway decent. But big deal.

    Well, that's always going to be a thing, with almost anything you try to change. Once players get used to taking a city portal to the spawn area, then a nearby city portal to the place they would otherwise have /warp'ed to, they'll see it's about the same thing. Not as immediate, sure, but still very fast, and feels more like an interconnected world.

    A portal room can also contain city and shop portals around the periphery (ideally), and those are basically like more formalized personal warps. Building easier, faster ways to travel between smaller bases without city portals is a big part of the whole survival experience, and it's an incentive for people to build cities to get a portal approved. Right now, that's a big chunk of the game experience that's missing. The transition might be a bit awkward or inconveniencing for some, but if convenience was what we cared about most, we'd all just go play in the creative-mode world.

    I don't know any more details about those bans than that, either. I just mentioned it because when I was told about them, it raised a red flag in my brain as to something that might need to be fixed, in terms of retraining existing staff, and ensuring more consistent standards in future staff training. It seemed like I should at least mention it once, to help raise awareness about a potential blindspot that could be running off players needlessly. But there could be no substance to it, who knows? I wasn't there.

    What parameters would you say would be involved in qualifying an enchanted item as balanced?

    Yeah, I think we're basically saying the same thing in different ways here. Although, I suppose it does make a more beneficial suggestion to subconsciousness to put explicit emphasis on having a goal, rather than simply developing contingency plans to avoid generalized problems like I made it sound. But to be clear, what I wrote was written with the implicit assumption that we do have a goal X here of improving the server, which would produce the what-ifs as and from whatever actions Y.

    Works for me. No need to get saddled with that unless people start going hoarse with complaints.

    From what I've seen in the past, it's not incredibly abusable. No one ever used it to grief anybody, at any rate. I can't think of how else it could be abused.

    You could turn it into another way to pull Rupees back out of the economy, by charging a nominal fee to use it, 100-200 Rupees, something like that. Or maybe that same amount per enchant removed (like if they try to do "/unenchant all"), so if they want to remove all enchants from an item at once, it'll cost a lot more. That should help eliminate any abuse. People won't want to spend the money unless they mean business.

    That's good to know. Although, charging for each unenchant will complexify the code a little bit, and also you should have some kind of confirmation required that mentions which item type will be affected. This will help prevent those facepalm situations where you /unenchant all, and then realize you had your Eff 5 Silk pickaxe selected instead of that chestplate you found. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience... no, not at all.
  3. LVXseeker

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    Incidentally, I was surprised to note that the server machine apparently has only a 10/100 connection, instead of Gb? The former type shouldn't cause problems in a client, but it seems like it would for a server sometimes...
  4. DeanoooO26

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    First of all i would like to comment, that this thread is a complete sensory overload. So much said about so many things.

    In regard to the GP plugin, I'm happy to start sorting any plan which would work toward its implementation, with some sort of help I could get this done within a few days i think. I'd Like an Admin to take charge in terms of what we need to start working toward from this list or the Trello boards. Show us how or what and we will get to it. Definitely some over-all functionality Plugins which could give us a larger appeal for newer players, Or old players to return. Things like the vote system would be first on my own list of things to get done. Then after that somebody needs to take charge to get things done.

    Its nice to see how engaged people are with this thread and some players want to help, I agree if we all played instead of writing this our player base is automatically increased :D. Hopefully we all will.

    There were other things I wanted to include within this but didn't leave enough time to reply so will return and add them in.

    The 2 People LVX spoke of being banned, 1 was genuinely breaking as many rules as they could. Finally being banned for admitting to X-raying which is unfortunate as all of their friends left simultaneously, i had muted and temp banned the same player once before. I don't see a way this could have been avoided they were building Mcmmo afk machines cheating game mechanics, Swearing excessively, Refusing to accept being reprimanded for such behaviours and openly in chat speaking about a staff members incapabilities as a moderator because they had told them off for something, i muted them for this as the mod wasn't there to fight their own corner and the statement was totally un-needed and un-just. Losing them and their 6-8friends was really an unfortunate side effect but they could not be allowed to carry on in this manner.

    The second Person we all know who it is, And yes he was annoying for staff, Sometimes just to upset them but other times because they felt unfairly treated or has a genuine reason to make a comment. I hate the fact I never became staff in time to hopefully act as a 'Middle man' to try and resolve this. I think this all Boils down to They Pissed Erik off for the last time, I agree he was baiting a ban and if he appealed I would be inclined to accept it for a change in behaviour although I know others would straight up deny. I know he would never Appeal regardless without some sort of written apology etc which is a step too far. The 10ish players that no-longer Play or have reduced activity on this server due to this is another big loss especially since a few of those are also the people I play with on SC, These are definitely not things that will be solved in this thread and would be better solved by any of the parties involved with the Bans. Ie Appeals etc.

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  5. ezeiger92

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    Fair point with the reset. I'm still not fond of having so many worlds with our current player base.

    Well, if we wiped out two worlds, there'd definitely be room to expand the remaining one. If it's a case of searching for resources, the mining world would still be a thing.

    The number of portals and man-power, Jesus. Linking portals in such a fashion requires custom portal behavior. Also, the ability players have to move warps without admin help is REALLY nice, I'd prefer not falling back into the dark ages of manual boiler-plate work for fast travel. Finally, private "warps" would no longer be private. I can think of many interesting solutions, but the most simple is remove warps altogether. In any case, I don't think my plan would attract enough supporters to worry about it.

    "Consistent standards in future staff training" How long have you been here again? I mean, this has been a problem since the server started, but I didn't think it was that obvious rofl. Even if there aren't issues with our current staff, training should be more consistent.

    "Not overpowered". Lol, that's about all I've got.

    Charging money is just another function, with a check to make sure you have enough money. Confirmation is more annoying, although I've effectively done it for the tutorial.
  6. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Are you sure?

    Nah, I figure the mining world would be plenty for that. I just know that for me, and for many other people I've played alongside, we prefer to find a specific biome to build in for geographical effect, completely aside from any resource considerations.

    Well, agreed. That has always been the rub about this way of doing it. It does require more effort on the part of the admins, although more at first than later on. Once most of the people who want to build cities or shops have done so, it can be months in between making new portals. And in my experience, players rarely choose to request a portal relocation once they get their city set up.

    Is it really a matter of "the dark ages"? Or is it just an older way that happens to work really well for preserving game immersion and challenge? What I've seen done on other servers is that they'll appoint one person to be "the portal admin", and that's pretty much all he or she is allowed or expected to do, is perform this tedious aspect of admin'ing. The rule is that they only take action after a portal has been approved by a majority of the active staff. (They don't have authority to grant or approve portals on their own.)

    That way, it doesn't have to be all on you.

    Well, if the plan is to "remove all warps" without any replacement functionality to approximate it, then I would not support that plan, either. The server needs some mechanism in place to connect the player base together more tightly than default overworld geography allows for. If that means /warp, then so be it. I just don't think that's the best way to go about it, in survival mode, anyway.

    LOL! For what it's worth, I don't think it's necessarily obvious. I've just spent a bit of time as a mod on another server, so I've seen what a difference a change in training regimen can make. It also enables me to recognize more easily the red flags and telltales. /shrug

    So... would that mean no enchantments +1 above what can be achieved by players naturally using an anvil? Or do you mean combinations of such +1 higher enchantments that simply become ridiculous in various ways?

    Yeah, I figured the money aspect wouldn't be much harder. The confirmation thing does generally require more effort, though. Not surprised. But it's a very good thing to have.
  7. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    LOL! I know, right?

    Thanks for providing clarification/elaboration about this. As for not being solved in this thread, I agree. As said before, it was only mentioned because I wanted to hopefully raise admin awareness, not to try to "fix" it.
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    Oh I remember these, except the posts were a lot shorter and there were more people posting...
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    who's this guy
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    Moving my thoughts to this thread cause it wasn't relevant in the other thread.

    Short answer yes. Long answer I don't care about towny, more so force towns, it can be any plugin. Force people to play together and make friends/enemies that make them want to keep coming back. Side effects like we've seen so many times is that when these friends leave they leave and when these enemies leave one side gets bored and leaves. So we need to keep things interesting so nobody leaves and keep rotating things around.
    Yes I'm essentially suggesting turning the server into an mmorpg because we need to give players things to do and that's what mmorpgs do. Minecraft has no objective and for the longest time the server has never forced one and so here we are. I guess a lot of the people that stayed like hermiting so it will be highly opposed, but what do you remember about the golden days? The hermits or the towns?

    Oh yeah and I haven't read shit in this thread past the OP.
  11. oiShocKWavesv

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    Aren't you the one who tried to force us to combine with another server and subsequently get kicked out?
    I'm guessing you fucked up there too, and are trying to come back to SC?

    You haven't even posted on the forums in over a year, don't fully read and understand a post and try and make suggestions on things that will almost inevitably effect the future of the server out of nowhere?
  12. sharqman

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    This isn't the thread to discuss that so I won't ;)
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  13. moonheart08

    moonheart08 New Member

  14. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    ... Yes, more players playing will attract more players. We're already playing "together" by interacting with each other daily on the server, forcing players to interact more than they want to is not a good thing. I'm guessing you mean people should be working together towards a goal, but that's something you can't just force.

    Assuming that the current state of the server was caused solely by the perceived lack of objective is just silly. The main issue was lack of support from staff. Nothing was getting done on the server, the server wasn't being advertised, and players stopped showing up.
    As for the golden days? Well I remember my hermit tree that got bulldozed by imaxorz for the marketplace, my hermit dome that got bulldozed by 04blatca for Uber's town, and the three times I tried to join a town, only to have it die. The worst enemy of ShadeCrest is nostalgia.

    Thank you for your contribution.
  15. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    Rem doesn't help, he just sticks random smartass comments in whenever he feels like it
  16. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Below is the PvP section from the Survival rules on the wiki, after some of the revisions ezeiger and I discussed in-game. I wasn't able to work on this right away, so hopefully none of the needed changes got omitted. If nothing else, this is a start in the right direction.

    Any items that we decided can be removed (simply by tweaking the world or respawn mechanics) are listed separately at the bottom for review convenience and have also been reworded for brevity and correctness.
    (NB: Being engaged in PvP also includes being caught in a PvP trap or running away from other players.)
    1. Nonlethal traps must have a way of escape.
    2. No abusive rushing -- Do not lock an enemy in a protected room and then rush them repeatedly.
    3. Absolutely no /home, /warp, /town spawn, or any other teleporting while engaged in PvP.
      This means:
      • After raiding a town you must leave it (by portal, Ender pearl, or on foot) before teleporting.
      • If there is a chance someone is chasing you, check for any local chat messages.
    4. You must be a member of a PvP town to group-raid with other members of that town.
      • Raiding PvP towns alone is fine.
      • Peaceful town members can raid with PvP members of the same nation.
    5. Harming or killing players in a non-PvP zone is never permitted.
    6. Do not lock yourself inside Towny blocks to hide from raiders. (If you're a coward, don't play PvP.)
    7. PvP towns must have PvP enabled on town grounds! (/town toggle pvp)
    8. Do not run into a non-PvP zone after engaging in PvP.
    9. No nested bulleting of items in PvP rules, lest evil befall you.

    Can anything else be removed? Should something else be added?

    Incidentally, the server rules (not just the PvP ones) are important enough that there should be a very prominent link to them somewhere on the main page. People shouldn't have to hunt for them in the wiki. It would also be nice to have a section called, "Tips for Beginners." I'm working to put together some examples of things that could be shown there. I'll post them under a separate message.

    EDIT: Actually, it looks like most of the things I was thinking of mentioning are already contained here. So really, what needs to happen is that that page needs to have a prominent link on the main SC page as well, and my suggestions for Beginner Tips can be added to that (if the admins approve them).
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  17. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    These are things that should probably be added, maybe under a new section called Tips, in the Survival Guide:

    1. List the color and formatting codes (&1, &2, &3, &l, &r, etc), and mention that formatting codes must come after the color codes they are desired to be used with.

      A nice addition would also be having a /colors command in-game, that displays the color codes all in one line, for easy reference when setting a /prefix or colored sign text. The output could look something like this:
      &f is white, of course, although it doesn't show up here very well, and &m is strike-through.

    2. Say that the voting page offers multiple different voting sites aside from the first one shown in the iFrame Viewer mode. Mention that it can be helpful to switch the Mode pulldown to Link List. I think this whole thing throws off a lot of newbies, depriving them of much-needed startup Rupees, and loses the server a lot of potential votes.

    3. Under Server Chat, mention the address and port for SC's official TeamSpeak server ( I realize this is also listed on the main page, if you know to put your cursor over the "ShadeCrest" title inside the TSViewer pane and then look down at the browser's status bar to find the address and port number. But it should be listed less obscurely than that.

    4. Under Server Chat -> Channels, make mention of the difference between [gc] and [g][C], etc. That was confusing to me at first, and I was already aware of basic HeroChat stuff from other servers, so I can't be the only one who that might confuse.

    5. Mention /prism i and /prism pg <#>. These two commands alone have been incredibly useful to me, compared to all the other stuff that can be done with Prism that's more complicated or requires staff privs. I know "/prism i" is already listed under the Plugins page, but it's useful enough that it deserves to be in general tips too.

    6. Under Warping/Teleportion, make sure it's clear that the list of Homes and Warps actually means /home and /warp for each.

    7. Mention /seen and /ontime. Very useful commands for community connectedness.

    8. Explain the cool options like the gold block Lava Furnace and small-region protection via diamond block + sign.
    I'll add more stuff later if I think of anything else. If the admin(s) like these ideas, I'd be happy to add them to the wiki, but I'll need a login. Thanks.
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  18. DeanoooO26

    DeanoooO26 Member VIP

    Agreed, we need the rules and tips written somewhere easy to find.

    I like the colour formatting message, perhaps something that follows the "X has Bought a rank Y " message?

    Yet again on my way to work so will sort all of this once i return.
  19. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    I thought I also mentioned I was in the process of cleaning up that section. I posted it in the staff board "rules" thread, but I'll repost here.

    Original: Pvp

    Implementation changes with proposal:
    • 30s - 1m cooldown after being killed in pvp before being able to enter pvp worlds
    • Better borders on pvp/pve regions
    • Pvp towns cannot disable pvp
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  20. LVXseeker

    LVXseeker New Member

    Your proposal looks much cleaner.

    No, I didn't see you mention that, but maybe you did and I saw a squirrel right at that moment. The original impression I had gotten was that you were wanting someone else to bother with revising it, since you had already revised so much else. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

    I'll be quiet going forward, unless you or another staff member ask me for help or feedback on something.
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