SarcasticSoph's Mod Application v2

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    What is your IGN?
    Have you ever been banned from this server? If so, explain.
    Yes, mob arena abuse and minor griefing 2+ years ago.
    Are you 14 or older?
    I'm 16
    Are you mature enough to be considered?
    I feel that I do believe that I am mature enough. Some people might not think so, but I have matured since my last mod application. Within the time span of myself playing as a regular player, I was hired as a Lead at a local waterpark to supervise other people in my restaurant.
    Do you have any past staff experiences in Minecraft ?
    When were you first seen on the server?
    August 23rd, 2013
    How much playtime do you have? (AFK time subtracted)
    43 days
    Do you have TeamSpeak/smartphone with TapaTalk?
    TeamSpeak: Yes
    TapaTalk: No
    What time zone do live in?
    Central Standard
    With respect to your timezone, what times do you play?
    M-F 4-6pm Saturday-Sunday 12-4
    Do you actively vote? If no why not?
    Yes, I have started to vote more.
    Is there any time in the foreseeable future that you will be gone for a week or more?
    Probably not, unless a freak accident happens.
    What sets you apart? Why should you be picked?
    What sets me apart is that I try to build a relationship with everyone on the server. I have been trying to work on my patience with people because it's very difficult.
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    Hello? Good Luck!
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    It's me.
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