Golden age: Powerhouse - Tales of ShadeCrest

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    Back in mid 2012, ShadeCrest had an interaction with a griefer. He was nothing special, but the circumstances caused the formation of a strike team and an all-out manhunt across thousands of blocks in pve. This is the Griefing of the Powerhouse.

    I was online earlier than usual, likely out of spite. I had just been demoted from admin to non-staff for "inactivity". While everything started out peaceful, the golden age was ripe with griefers and we had no staff online. What we did have, however, was a set of players that had already sunk a year into ShadeCrest. They all had either been staff in the past or considered for staff, and had a full command of the rules and mechanics of our server. ZPWR22, Flagellum, Alan321, junglecommando, and myself, as well as others that I cannot remember. At the time I did not know them particularly well, but I did call them friends.

    ZP announces he's been griefed with lava. We tell him to pull out hawkeye to survey the damage and modreq it.
    "No, I'm BEING griefed with lava. Gcupcake's still at it, /warp Powerhouse"​
    That's a new one. I warp in and sure enough, the entire place is coated in lava. There was barely enough room to spawn in without being burnt. Because it's in pve, there's nothing we can do but wait for staff. We had no choice but to let the griefer continue.

    Except he didn't have fire resistance.
    "Get lava buckets, I'll brew fire resistance. Somebody keep an eye on dynmap. We're going to bend the rules, just a little bit!"

    The griefer blocked his escape path with lava in Powerhouse. He either had to stop and warp away, or wait for some of the lava to clear and continue griefing. He chose to wait. He chose wrong. In his face were 4 veteran pvpers with diamond gear, lava buckets, and fire resistance. He didn't stand a chance, and we had successfully stopped the grief. But he was still online, and as far as we knew he still had the tools to grief other places. As long as he was on ShadeCrest, our job was not done.

    We scoured the dynmap, waiting for his name to pop up. Most griefers hide their bases underground, so we figured he'd be invisible until he came out to cause more trouble. We start jumping around to public warps, homes, and towns in an effort to catch him before he starts. Suddenly his name appears on the map, right next to "Crystal Bluffs", a pve town. Bingo. We descend on the town. He took off along the edge of the town trying to escape molten death. That was fine though, if he was running, he was not griefing. And with five players on his ass, he had no breathing room. Sprint or die. He took a dive into a pool of water after dipping his foot in our lava. That did not help him, we covered the pool in lava, nearly trapping him in a stone coffin. But at the last minute, he sprang from the water and made a bee line towards the town. Due to build permissions, he could not grief, but he would at least be safe from our wrath and have some time to plan revenge.

    I'll admit it, that was about the best thing he could have done. In that situation, it's what I would have done. We were trying our best to keep him surrounded for the moment he made a break for it or warped away. Unfortunately he forgot to factor 1 thing in. Nifix.

    Nifix, our "head of maple leaves" admin, logged in. He knew us all for a long time, and still considered most of us staff. With any other admin, he may have got a few more blocks broken. With any other admin, he may have poured another lava bucket. But this was not another admin.
    "Nifix, ban this sick filth!"​
    And without question or hesitation, the banhammer smote him. It was over.

    Within 2 days, all of the damage was reverted. None of us were punished for killing and attempting to kill a player in pve, but we also got little recognition for stopping him. I suppose that's fair. We came to find out later that the griefer was another admin's younger brother, and had uploaded the grief to youtube. In it, he was blatantly furious after being killed, and so we mocked him in the comment section. The video has since been taken down.

    Original grief report.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed this tale of ShadeCrest.
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    Is this going to be a new series on the forums? "Fireside reminiscing with EZ?" I really hope you have a pipe while you type these up, and a smoking jacket.
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    I've wanted to write down a bunch of ShadeCrest history for a while, this seemed like the best format given the shortage of records. I hope this becomes a regular thing, but that's going to depend on how many old players I can get input from.
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    I need more of this in my life
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    Nice. Missed all the cool shit in Survival, back when I first joined I only knew about the creative server :/
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    Ahh the good ol days I remember when this went down xD It was ndv's brother I believe
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    Indeed lol
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    I have no words over how happy this makes me. My heart is filled.
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    One day our glorious mayor of Dragonforge, Darknoodle decided It would be ok to use town funds to pay for an auction that Awastedlife was hosting. DarkNoodle used 30,000 Rupees to win a chicken egg, and upon winning it he tried to resell it in a chest shop in our town spawn. When I saw the chest I knew I had to say something. I let the admins know what had happened and requested to be made mayor of Dragonforge. Darknoodle was removed as mayor and I was put in his place. What followed was a series of raids by the now deposed DarkNoodle. He posed no issue for me, as he was sporting leather armor.
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    While we're doing the whole nostalgia thing, I found a few shitty videos I recorded a while ago. Not quite DragonForge/Powerhouse old, but still.

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    Random0ne I actually saw the team deathmatch one a week ago when browsing old staff threads xD