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Discussion in 'Minecraft Help' started by gene brecht, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. gene brecht

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    I'd like to donate to the server but i was wondering where i need to place my name when i donate with paypal?

    (also i'd like to know how to set the "35 x 35 (1225sq blocks) protected area anywhere on the map"
    and can i remove it if i place it wrong or better yet how do i make sure i place it propperly the first time? ) DX Lean Diet Forskolin
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  2. waterpower1

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    I'm afraid that I don't understand your name question, would you mind rephrasing it? (a box asking for you name should be the first thing that comes up when you click the VIP shop icon, I presume you're not talking about that?)

    Not sure where you're getting the 35x35 protection area from. If you're referring to towny, we don't use it anymore. You were also able to lock a diamond or emerald block (using /lock), which would protect an area around the block; I thought this was only 7x7 or 15x15 though.

    This forum isn't really active any more, our discord (link near the top left of the page) would be better in this regard.

    PS: pretty please don't be trolling me, you put some details down on your profile, so I hope I'm not fooled
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