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    The Spawn Map
    The artificial hub world where you first spawn. Special server events are run here, like treasure hunts and spleef. And, if you are lucky enough, you can find a hidden admin shop selling... special goods.

    You can find player shops in /warp mall, and claim your own using /shopeditor. At /warp bank, you can exchange gold for rupees, our server currency. The /warp museum contains information and demos of special server features and handy redstone. Finally there's a /warp casino, if you feel like wasting money. Gambling is bad, kids.


    The Overworld
    Our build map, filled with towns, homes, and locked chests. This is where you want to make a home.
    When you use /warp Overworld, you'll land in a 500x500 community zone. No monsters spawn there, but only green names are able to build. Feel free to right click any crops there to harvest them before starting on your journey.

    Beyond 500 blocks, any empty land is free to use. We only ask that you don't build eyesores and get permission before building close to someone else. Griefing is not allowed here, so don't break placed blocks or mess with entities (especially armor stands).
    Taking things from unlocked chests is allowed if you keep or use the items. If you empty a chest onto the floor "because you can", prepare for a ban under "don't be a dick".


    Mining Dimension
    Don't build in Mining. Do not build in Mining. Don't. Inside the Mining world, nothing is sacred, nothing is safe, and anything you place will become a resource for someone else. However, if you are looking for a massive supply of resources you can pillage without being punished for making an eyesore, this is the place!

    Using /warp Mining will land you in a small, protected watch tower. Anything beyond the tower can be destroyed, including with tnt. Have fun.


    The Nether
    Don't build in the Nether Do not... Okay we aren't doing this gag a second time. The nether has the same rules as mining, or lack thereof. Explosions from beds have been dramatically limited, so use tnt if you want to blast-mine for netherrite. I recommend using the mcmmo blast mining skill.

    You can only reach the nether by using nether portals, either from Mining or the Overworld. Note that portals in the Nether will only send you back to Mining, never the Overworld.


    The End
    Just like Mining and the Nether, the End is a resource world. There is nothing particularly special about it, either use an end portal or throw an eye of ender while in the nether to travel there. Just be careful of the world border when flying with an elytra, you'll have a really bad day if you crash over the void.
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