Teamspeak!! Arcadia??!!

Discussion in 'Towns' started by mrtreefingers, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. mrtreefingers

    mrtreefingers Active Member VIP

    [size=18pt]Arcadia's channel is now a PUBLIC teamspeak channel!!

    Feel free to come and meet/greet your fellow Shadecrest players!!

    No yelling or spamming. Use common sense and use teamspeak as intended!!

    Ask manglor to sing!! He has the voice of an ANGEL!!!!! Its true!
  2. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    I've heard it, and wake up every morning hoping that today will be the day I hear it again. xD
  3. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    ^just don't look at the bright Angle text or you may go blind from its golden yellow shine :p.

    Also, I am usually on team speak all night, "I live in the USA" so start using team speak people :D.
  4. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    What angle? Right or obtuse?
    ...acute? :O
  5. Manglor

    Manglor Active Member

    I sing in the channel every day you all don't hear?
  6. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    I like right angles. so I'l go with that. so now that you are all looking for a right angle that is golden yellow, also look out for the ANGEL that is golden yellow so you don't go blind. :p
  7. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    It's the right angle!
  8. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    Unfortunately, ndvenckus1 recently spilled Mountain Dew all over his mic and it has been rendered completely useless. Fortunately, he is getting a new one soon and you can all hear his angelic voice!

    On a totally unrelated note, anyone here who's 13/14, did the work "angelic" bring back memories of that old Nickelodeon show "Rugrats"? Because I know it did for me XD
  9. Manglor

    Manglor Active Member

    your not the only one, i tripped on my mic cord today and completely ripped it out of the jack, had to take a re solder the wires back onto the jack to get it to work again.

    also, her name was angelica and that show is a lot older then you even know. may be even older then you :p