Another Goodbye

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ace5511, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. ace5511

    ace5511 Member VIP Creative Architect

    Well, most days I would spend hours upon Hours playing on ShadeCrest. I've also been playing minecraft for more than a year now and it's growing a bit old for me. It's time I spend my extra hours to benefit my future. I need to find a part-time Job and work a lot harder in school.

    You may catch me on the creative server to build a small project and check out other people builds. But other than that it's been nice playing online with some of you and hopefully I'll see some of y'all in the future.

    I'll try and remember to vote for the server whenever it crosses my mind. But other than that. Farewell my peeps
  2. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    Noo ace! We'll all miss you :'(
  3. uberdarkninja

    uberdarkninja Member VIP

    Good Luck! Hopefully Aldea will continue on and grow larger! Always remember school comes first! C: We'll miss you and I hope to catch you on the creative server!
  4. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    Good luck with your studies and finding a job!
  5. Thomasdd13

    Thomasdd13 Active Member VIP

    work at publix, best benifits ever! and good luck!
  6. ace5511

    ace5511 Member VIP Creative Architect

    I haven't seen a publix for a couple years lol
  7. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    Bye Ace. We had some good times together, we'll all miss you :'(
  8. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    bye ace it was fun having you on the survival server :)
  9. DastardlyWhale

    DastardlyWhale Well-Known Member

    Bye Ace! its been pretty cool :p
  10. iiDreamzzHD

    iiDreamzzHD Active Member VIP

    See ya bud
  11. bkoch5

    bkoch5 Active Member VIP

    Far well and good luck with finding a job :D
  12. dragonewt

    dragonewt Member

    Good luck, and you will be missed.
  13. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Adios Ace. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with you. I wish you the best of luck in your studies and in finding employment. Take care, man.