Massive Greifing inncident!

Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by Tremour, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    Everytime me and my friend IGN's Tremour04 and Dappersage log into the server we are killed by alan321 - IGN. We were building in the PVP area and he killed us. it was ok the 4th or 5th time but them we didn't like it so we tried to move. Every-time we try to move he kills us and takes our stuff. We even told him "we are trying to move but you keep fing killing us! Please STOP!" (his response) "not my problem" we continuously try to move but get killed and sent back to our home! The server is starting to become very undesirable to me and my friend because of this one person and all we want to do is play together with others not die 24/7! Please help and Thanks, again sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
  2. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    Sorry I was a bit raged and forgot to post correctly but still i cannot play on this server

    What is your IGN?


    Coordinates of the location (use /getpos to display the coordinates X Y and Z)

    2089 64 -424

    Is this on PvP or Peaceful side of the map?

    PvP but we were trying to move to the peacful side after 4-5 times

    What exactly got griefed? Please be specific.

    Me and my friend Dappersage got greifed a lot!

    About how many blocks were broken/replaced?


    Who did the griefing?


    Did you talk to the player who did the griefing?


    What did they say?

    " not my problem, i did nothing wrong"

    Do you think they should be banned for this?

    Although he is correct it wasn't against the rules to kill us but staying at our house and waiting to kill us, saying that he wasn't going to stop because he did nothing wrong and is doing nothing wrong that doesnt change the fact that he is still greifing at least two people on this server and making it very hard for use to even play for a little while. on-top of all that he just takes our stuff and leaves so we have to keep restarting over and over again.

    Do you need an admin to come and rollback the damage?

    Although it ould be nice to have our stuff back its the fack that we cant keep our stuff that we get anyway so NO.
  3. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    not anymore because we were angry and got off for the night but i dont want this to repeat tommorow
  4. Dappersage

    Dappersage New Member

    I can vouch for him, I was the other person.
  5. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    I'm sorry it only happened about a half-hour ago and for like 2 hours we just kept dying so I git pissed. I didn't mean anything by it. :'(
  6. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    OK here is what happened, i griefed into our base (replaced the blocks with the same material i used to greif in which was dirt) I killed them and started to run away. Then tremolour fist rushed me and killed me. I them proceed to go back a second time to get back m iron sword, and i killed him and got him stuff and my sword back. Then he fist rushed me 4 times while i was running away. That is what happened. i Attacked them twice, and tyhey fist rushed me everytime. ( i didnt get the other times but the one time he killed me is logged every other time i killed him he was fist rushing me)
  7. Dappersage

    Dappersage New Member

    First off I never killed anyone second don't say it was "our base" you had nothing to do with mine and tremour's house, third he rushed you once because he wanted his stuff back. that still doesnt explain killing me like 5 times. _-_ :mad:

    also you could at least let us move instead of being an a-hole and keeping us from doing anything.
    Hope your happy with your fake pride and lies
  8. EpicMineCrafteer

    EpicMineCrafteer New Member

    I think he meant "your", fist rushing is not allowed no matter what, and spam killing is not allowed either. From the sound of this, it's sounds like a 2 way temp ban. 3 way if dapper has a log of fist rushing Alan.
  9. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    Sorry for double post, but yes i did say not my problem. You had a base set up, and were there with your stuff. I had no idea you were moving until after i had killed you and gotten away. You then said dude we were moving and i stopped attacking you. I would like to know what rules i broke since i didn't spawn kill him since he repeatedly fist rushed me. I walked from my own town to kill them. So i would like to know what i have done wrong is this situation and i am open for anything i might have done wrong. I want to hear if i did something wrong but from my perspective i don't see any rules i broke and trem broke the rule of no fist rushing.
  10. Dappersage

    Dappersage New Member

    please check, I have no log of fist rushing.
  11. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    First off i live in Arcadia the town which happens to be about 150 blocks away from your house and has been there for many months. Still fist rushing is illegal even if you want your stuff back. If you thought i said you fist rushed im sorry for being unclear, but you didn't. Trem did, he fist rushed me repeatedly which is against the rules. Also i killed you twice and there was a 2 minute time period between those killings so its legal.
  12. Dappersage

    Dappersage New Member

    Also if your could check tremour's log, he should only have 1 fist rush. And yes we told you after you killed us because 1. we wanted our stuff back 2. you had no way of knowing and 3. you still killed me after we had said that and they can check that so i would like my stuff back so at least i can move if tremour gets banned

    Easiest way i see to solve this is a 2-way temp ban so at least i can move me and trem to a non-pvp area
  13. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    Well, i did not kill you after you told me you guys were moving. And yes he did fist rush me like 5 times (every time i killed him except the first one.) I will admit the only proof i have of him fist rushing is the one time he killed me but he did fist rush e multiple times. I know i have no way of proving this, but it is what happened believe me or not its your choice on that fact. Also your building on the PVP side of the map where everyone has the right to kill you from a PVP town. You did nothing wrong Dappersage, it was your friend who broke the rules.
  14. Dappersage

    Dappersage New Member

    Explained in my earlier message i still think at least a 2-way 1 day ban is appropriate for this issue as it give me 24 hours to move me and tremour away from any pvp towns or areas. we also have no proof that tremour first rushed you or not 5 times but we have no proof that your not lieing also so its basically a tie either way you look at it. You both did somthing presumably wrong so you both should have a punishment. actions have consiquences
  15. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    I'll agree to this plan, i just want to f***ing move -_-
  16. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    I know your tired of this and i will accept any consequence given to me, but name 1 rule i broke. Trem fist rushed me, and Dapp you didnt do anything.
  17. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    - Spawn killing

    Still against the rules.
    Didn't do it you say? Show proof you didn't and i'll drop it
  18. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    I didt spawn kill you, there was Multiple seconds between each death, (as seen in the death logs) In those seconds you attacked me and i was forced to defend myself.
  19. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    Also you may not know this so im telling you now and all others who read this. I've played on this server 30 minutes tops 25minutes proboaly exploring in what i now know is the pvp area and i still had no chests so what was i supposed to kill you with?
  20. Tremour

    Tremour New Member

    And we know that you didn't just kill me each time how? You still spawned killed me and thats not proof otherwise.
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