Hi! I'm AnnodynS. :)

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    [​IMG]Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself here. I have to say that I really love your creative server!

    My family got me started on Minecraft in February of this year, and once I started.. it didn't take long to figure out I could build and design my own houses. :) So while hubby and the four kids, ages 18-23 were having a good time surviving.. I was building houses. To day, I have 17 houses. The latest one was modeled after Grimshaw Hall in England and was mostly done in survival ( as a challenge to me) .

    Realistic building is my love.. I'm not too good at abstract.. though I'm getting there. I'm very good at interior design but have also built two spawns and three cities: Atlantis (30 residents), Dockstar (a 17th century port city 17 residents) and Cheateau du Moulin (no residents..just a sandcastle town). When I'm not admining..I'm building. :)
    I currently help run a survival one and we have several very good builders.. but my exposure to good building has been very limited. One of our owner's is architect level and most of our admins are probably Builder II level. However, you guys are the most talented and astonishing builders I've ever seen. My mind is reeling from the little bit I've seen so far. :D

    As I am extremely busy on the server.. especially in the evenings, I rarely get a break and uninterrupted building is an unheard of pleasure. I don't get the time to really focus on building.. so I'm here for a vacation, at least during the mornings. :)
    (Built with my building buddy, Atavon. )
    I've only been on the one server the whole year I've been playing MC. I have to say yours is truly wonderful! I know I will learn so much from all of you. :) You are amazing!! I've never seen such astonishing builds and thank you for letting me join your talented community.


    PS. Here's a sneak peek of my Plotworld build... just getting started--day three.
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    Welcome! Be sure to read the rules on the wiki, and have a good time :D
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    Welcome! your builds are phenomenal!! If you can build that good from the start, you will really like this server and fit in great!
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    Welcome to the server! I really enjoy your build style, so I hope to see some great things in the future. :)
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    I spent an HOUR reading everything on your forums I could find and all the rules and everything you had on Minecraft Forums before I ever got on the server. :) I've memorized the rules at this point lol. You guys are amazing.. and a welcome break from my dear 9yr old-14yrold griefing, pvping, trolling crowd of friends. :) It's quite an adjustment.. I must say. :D
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    Welcome AnnodynS. Your builds are lovely. And I'm especially impressed that you were able to do some while in survival mode, as I know that is not an easy thing. Thanks for joining us and may you enjoy your stay here.:)

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    Welcome to the server, AnnodynS! Glad to hear you've enjoyed your time here so far. Always nice to have yet another skilled builder with a nice personality. :)
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    Woah, we've got another BA over here! Awesome! Welcome, and I hope you have a great time on Shadecrest! :D
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    What's a BA? (Hope that's not too noob of a question to ask. :)
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    Welcome aboard! I'm QuietSea :)
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    he's a pengiun ^ and i cant figure out how he plays the game with those flaps
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    ?? lol ok fine