Croffesional's application, finally again! :D

Discussion in 'Architect Applications' started by Croffesional, Dec 28, 2012.


Do you think Croff would be a good and helpful Architect?

  1. Yeah, Im sure he would!

  2. No, I dont think so.

  3. I dont know, I dont know him that well.

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  1. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Hey guys,
    Ive been playing on Shadecrest for a loong loong time (not excatly sure but a few months). I would like to become Architect because I would like to help people in some way, like for example rank builds (wich I do already). Also I think the whole place would become more interessting with more stuff to do and more responsibility. Ive done a lot of improvements to my builds and I really hope ive done what it takes to become an Architect. Im not sure if it matters but I really think that Ive become a lot more mature since my last application. I like helping new players "settle" on the server, Im not lazy, Im active, I find myself friendly (I hope you do, too) and I have a lot of friends on the server. Also a lot of people told me to apply because they think my builds (especially /warp Cro) are great. So here they are:

    /warp Airborne


    /warp CroVille (Big thanks to Creeperkiller for making the big ship, its awesome :D)


    And finally the big reason why I applied again, /warp Cro

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I know I have to work on the roof and inside of /warp Cro and I will no matter do I get Architect or not. I really worked hard on this so I hope that will change something.

    Please comment everything that is on your mind, what you dont like about me or my builds. I am always looking for improvements. Thanks for checking out my apply :D

    Ok I added a picture with stuff I added to the roof of Cro :)

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  2. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Oh yeah I forgot, also a big thanks to sioutdoors for making the awesome island below /warp Cro, it helped a lot :D
  3. ZPWR22

    ZPWR22 Active Member VIP

    Is /warp cro a brothel? Lol
  4. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    tbh I have no idea what a brothel is xD
  5. TheKillorX

    TheKillorX Active Member Creative Architect

    yes from me :p
    i like /warp cro very much :D
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  6. To repeat what i said in game, i'd like to see you get Architect and it's a yes from me.
    You have been exceptionally persistent and have clearly improved with each build that you do.
    I hope that with we can continue to see your building skill improve and evolve.

    Nice work Croffy :).
  7. Lionfish12

    Lionfish12 Active Member Creative Architect

    When going through your builds, I see a lot of improvement from your first build to your last. I like /warp cro, I think it shows good architecture and great details. But, I really don't like the top half of that build. The roof looks really out of place, with the giant heart, swirls, and the red wool on the back of the house. I feel like it takes away from the build and makes it seem like someone made a really nice sophisticated build, then someone else came in and decided to add a roof really quick.
    But the roof is the only thing I'm really seeing wrong. You are active in the server and I can see you as a really good help as an architect, so i'm saying yes,
    Just try to fix the roof. xD
  8. creeperkiller132

    creeperkiller132 Active Member Creative Architect

    dictionary ^^^^^

    translation: yes i like your build

    counts for me as well :D
  9. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Although I would like to see you get architect as you are an active member of the server and community, it is a no from me.I like the exterior of the build but the interior feels very cramped and a bit rushed, which is a shame. I know that I often say that large open spaces are a crime, but there are ways around that, and this was a case when you should have explored your options a bit more. Also, the build feels very unfinished when you go round the back imo, the way you opened up the building in the tree room thingy (why is there a tree there BTW?) just lends itself to an expansion, although I understand that this would be overkill at this stage but my point is that the opening doesn't quite fit with the building as a whole. And please lop off the roof tendrils and heart, please please please.

    On a lighter note, the colour pallet is nice, the use of depth is good and I can tell that you took care to add more detail to this build and put lots of time in, which I appreciate. I just wish that the interior matched the exterior (I am seriously ignoring those roof add-ons). Anyways good luck with your app, and I hope to see you get arch soon :)
  10. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Okay, thanks, Ill try to fix it, but like I said in the application, I am going to work more at the interior and the roof so I hope that once Im finished you will change your mind. Also can you please tell me whats wrong with the heart and tendrils? You just said you dont like them. Dont think Im trying to fight or anything, I just want to know how to get better and better :)
  11. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    Why do I feel like your build copies /warp cake... LOL i just think it's weird both of you have a giant heart on their build -_-
    Although your most recent arch build is big...the inside is really empty. I feel like parts of the build are really redundant. The roof looks really awkward and jagged.

    I'm sorry if I'm being a little hard on you, but it's a no. The architect rank is supposed to be considered something that REALLY good builders receive.
  12. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    I know /res but I wasnt online while making the apply, sorry.
  13. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    I see what you mean but I swear I made the heart before I even saw warp cake, Im not copying it at all
  14. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    lol i know, it's not really a part of the reason why I still think it's a no :p
  15. slappywhitee

    slappywhitee Active Member Creative Architect

    You really have come a long way Croff. And your determination is to be admired. I've always loved Airborne. Now with the Cro builds I'm even more impressed. And although some may dislike the "tendrils", they are actually one of my favorite parts of the build and the first things that drew my attention. I think the entire build is quite lovely and interesting. I'm giving you a great big YES. Good luck.

  16. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Thanks everyone! :D
  17. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    hmm, im a bit unsure of this, i really like the walls of your new build and the interior looks okay too, but what i dont like is the roof, it looks like it has potential to look good but its not finished. looks like u rushed it a bit, making the roof compared to the walls.

    i like to see that u have improved alot and your builds are getting really good, so thats why i give u a "yes" , tho i would like to see you continueing on your last build, maybe adding some more to the roof.
  18. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Of course I will :D, thanks!
  19. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    Oh right :/ I didnt do it for a while
  20. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    I'll just be judging /warp cro as I've already judged the others in the past and my opinions for those remain the same.

    To echo what everyone else is saying, the roof needs serious work. Beginning at the light blue wool up does not match everything below it. On the building exterior you have some great details and lots of depth; very nice job there. However once you hit the roof section, the front of the build is completely flat. The heart and the tendrils are on the same plane as the front of the roof, and both the heart and the tendrils feel very out of place. The middle section of the roof is at a crude 45 degree angle with no slabs or stairs to add a curve.

    I'm also a bit underwhelmed by the interior. I remember you saying you were going to go for a hotel type of build, but you only made 4 rooms in the entrance hall and then did a painting gallery and a tree. I would have liked to see you build with more purpose and continue with a set theme. It almost seems like you did the gallery and the tree to just fill space.

    Also with the interior, I would say less than 1/4 of the interior space is used. While it's fine to have some dead space in between rooms, I feel the size difference between the interior and exterior is quite significant on this build.

    I think this build started out on pace for architect, but some of the things added took away from that. I know I'm a bit of a stickler, but it's still currently a no from me.
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