What do you like better? Mac VS PC

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    So before I start this thread I just want to say that I know 99% of you prefer PCs over Macs. I don't intend this topic to become a console battle one (arguing and killing) I just want to hear your over all opinions on why you think which brand is better. I know that there are about 10 brands that make PC computers. Please feel free which brand (toshiba, alienware, etc)

    I prefer macs because of there build quality. I find that the macbook pro/air line is the best quality laptop out there (magazines claimed it is the laptop of 2010-2012). I know PCs are more accessible. You can access the hard drives, RAM, and graphics (some times). Most people think you can't change anything what-so-ever with macs... I changed out my hard-drive for a ssd (512GB). I got my RAM upgraded (by myself). I also find that things like Word on PCs cost 200$ 0_0

    Last year I was considering a PC. I saw that with the whole package (computer+wires) the total was around 1.6 grand. I had too take school into my list as well. I looked at word and it was 200$ for the starter package 0_0 I also needed powerpoint and better movie editors than windows movie maker. I then was way way too deep into my budget. I started looking at macs. The mac I was considering was 1.7-2k A lot I know... I got a discount via work situations. I also bought keynote and pages which are better than word. And the amazing this was that both of the things combined were 35$ instead of 200$.

    For youtubers PCs are the way to go. Not all youtubers run on PCs, but the majority do because they can use fraps. Fraps is 40$ if I recall correctly. The decent screen recorders on mac start at 30$. I use screenflow and it goes for 100$, but it comes with an advanced movie editor.

    PC pros-
    - slightly better accesibility for a pre built computer
    - cheaper
    - More hardware for it
    - make your own
    - more brands to choose from (duh)
    -Usually more ports

    - A new model comes out every month so inding the correct model gets tricky (personal experience)
    - laptops are 90% of the time made of plastic
    - usually have bad screens (laptops)
    - internet explorer -_-
    - Toshiba and Acer laptops are crap (always)
    - too many flashing lights

    Mac pros
    - great build quality
    - cheap word processing stuff
    - amazing displays (15'' mcb best display in the world)
    - good keyboards
    - A lot more built in free software (iMovie, text edit, Quicktime, etc)
    - Safari :)
    - got laptop and desktop of the year for many years (imac and Macbook Pro)
    - has simple design and no useless features
    - has a WAY better charging cable (magnetic)

    Mac cons
    - expensive
    - can get better specs for cheaper (usually) for PCs
    -doesn't play all games
    -Can be a nusense for installing video game mods

    Please leave your opinion and NO hate on macs or PCs. Do not start any unwanted arguments. This is just too see the differences. Please base your info on fact..
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    Detailed argument as to which is better with a reason as to why? Oh god what do I do I only know how to trash talk about macs. Uhh....... Gaming! Yeah take that macs!
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    It's really like an automobile arguement. One is flashy while the other is practical.
    One has appeal with sleek lines and a price tag to match.
    The other has all of the features that you need to go about your day to day life.
    One has onboard mp3
    The other has the space for your own customisations.
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    Idk where you're getting your stuff from but the Microsoft store has Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote for ~$140 USD and if you want to hand in assignments digitally you'll have no problems with world as you can convert the files and most people use world anyway

    Nobody really uses ie on PCs, Chrome and Mozilla are free and better (for macs too)

    Again idk where you're getting your stuff from windows movie maker came free with my desktop, we also have notepad and wordpad which comes with windows

    PCs have so much more compatibility, there are dozens of free software you there that you can use in place of the free software macs come with, but you're paying much more for a mac.

    The rest of your points are pretty solid to me except the stuff about laptops as I don't really use one, or newer ones.
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    Don't matter WHAT kind of computer you're using if it is too old. I have a mac a can occasionally see the refresh rate (About once every minute or so). I'd love a PC so I can game, but if I wanted a computer and didn't want to play games on it, I'd go with a mac.
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    Too many flashing lights, bad screens and internet explorer? This thread is locked. This is going to get nowhere.
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    thread unlocked it's for giggles :p
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    I don't care what type, I have used PCs a ton but have only used macs for music classes. But I still have to say that I prefer pacs
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    It's an off topic thread lol it's fine let it go nowhere
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    WARNING vulgar language!
    Click video at your own risk ....
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    I own a HP Entertainment Pavillion and it gives me no lag what-so-ever. Minecraft runs perfectly on it and it is LEGEND!
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    omg i have one of those from 2006 XD
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    I'm still trying to figure out the flashing lights bit.

    It's either referring to the power button or the fact that our monitors light up; which is something Macs don't do apparently?

    On a side note, there are like 2 more lights if you're going off of a laptop (The battery and wifi).
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    no no no. On the average (Toshiba or Acer or whatever) they usually have small lights indicating the hard drive and other symbols I don't care to learn about. They usually flash for reasons I don't know. Not the screen.
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    I do realize I didn't add in all of the specific stuff. I don't know much about the software you guys use like paint.
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    And that's probably the main point that we're all bringing up.

    The information we have is from using it, whereas with your information, well, it's more like the stuff from the back of the packaging.

    Not saying that you're ignorant or anything, I'm much the same with Macs, but the point remains that points brought up are ones that are more or less irrelevant.
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    PC's usually have bad laptops eh?

    'Nuff said (yes the packaging is crap xD but the pc itself is awesome)
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