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  1. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    Music Sharing and Music Interests.
    -The idea behind this would be to share the music and music groups that you are particularly into, it doesn't have to be a certain type of genre or type of music. If you have any ideas of music that you are into and would like to share with everyone else on the server you would be posting here basically. This is a way of getting new music out and just in general getting to know each others interests in music genres and titles. Please participate in this responsibly and have fun with everything :D. I hope to see some good things on this forum post ;).

    -If there are any things you would like to see put into this type of topic or forum post, message me and I will be sure to improve everything as the messages come in :).
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  2. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    Well I can play 2 instruments......
    French horn and Piano........
  3. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    Awesome :D, in a school band?
  4. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    Well sort of. A band outside of school. I am doing a piano grade 6 exam in 6 weeks ):. I HATE exams xD.
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  5. silverflame01

    silverflame01 Member

    I play clarinet in a, err brass and woodwind band? I'm not exactly sure what to call it......
    Do you play an instrument or anything like that?
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  6. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    I have played guitar, did not get far with it though. I am hoping I can pick back up on it in the future :).
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  7. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    I love bass as well Haha.
  8. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    I gave you a like in thanks for the like! My official 15th like! :D :D
  9. treyman77

    treyman77 Active Member

    I play the piano mostly, but I want to start getting into drums.
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  10. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    Drums are difficult, Rockband can teach you that XD
  11. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    I play the drums :p

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  12. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    Piano, guitar, and saxophone.
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  13. thodazarexrt

    thodazarexrt Member

    Awesome how long have you been playing guitar?
  14. kmpurplekat

    kmpurplekat Active Member VIP

    played the cello but quit after my first year xD I'm more into singing I guess, not that I'm any good at it
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  15. QuietSea

    QuietSea Well-Known Member VIP

    Since i was about 12 years old. Started saxophone in like 4th grade. Started piano like 4 months ago.
  16. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    I started piano when I was 4. :D I started horn this year.
  17. kmpurplekat

    kmpurplekat Active Member VIP

    oh ya I also played piano... xD
  18. Padaun

    Padaun Well-Known Member VIP

    I played piano, played (but still want to) the guitar, and I play the trombone, and have since 5th grade
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  19. Flamestar00

    Flamestar00 Active Member VIP

    We brass must fight the other instruments!
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  20. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    Did someone say brass?

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