Shade Crest League of Legends Team!

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by North_Korean, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. North_Korean

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    Dyno and myself are running a ranked team for the Shade Crest Community. If you would like to practice and be on the team with us just leave your minecraft name, league name, your preferred position, and your lvl if under 30.

    We tend to play together a few times per night during the week. On the weekends a bit more. Once I get everyone added and into a chat we will start sorting out an actual team.
  2. Pieman_Is_God

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    Please click here for the SC dota team :)
  3. PieSquared761

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  4. QuietSea

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  5. North_Korean

    North_Korean Active Member VIP

    I was actually being serious anyone who wants to play with us.

    Minecraft name- North_Korean
    League Name- IImplodedAllOver
    Lvl- 30
    Preferred Position- Jungle
  6. bluud2

    bluud2 Member VIP

    Will you guys get mad if I feed cause bad?

    ign- Bluud2
    league-GunGrave QQ
    level- 30 unranked
    pref- fill
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  7. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    You kidding we love feeders! How are we suppose to eat if no one feeds us?
  8. DeeeezNutz

    DeeeezNutz Member

    IGN- DeeeezNutz
    League- Predater
    Lvl- 7
    Prefer- adc or fill, I use tristana and malzahar
  9. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    IGN- magetime
    League Name- Taldath
    Lvl- 30
    Prefer- Mid,Adc
    Rank- Silver I
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  10. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    I know this thread it pretty dead... but if this is still going on:
    IGN: oiShocKWavesv
    League: DarkonialNA
    Lvl: 10
    Prefer: Pretty much anywhere but haven't had any experience jungle yet.
  11. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Lvl 30
    Prefer: Support or AP mid. Soraka, Karma, Ali, Kayle, Morgana, Nid, Viktor, many others
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  12. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    I'm still up for this, I main Adc now
  13. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    At the moment I usually play Ashe, Nidalee, Master Yi or Udyr. Although after a recent ARAM with NMB I found I rather like Vi and will be buying her next.
  14. Dynodamon

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  15. Alan321

    Alan321 Member VIP

    When summer starts ill be back on playing league and would love to play some :).
  16. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    So will this team be ranked or just us crushing in norms and Arams and if it is ranked which team will we use? Also we should get a list of possible roles for everyone that they are best at/would like to play.
  17. aarondang

    aarondang Active Member

    Ign: aarondang
    League: DFangBlade1
    Well, I play every role but I am better at top or jungler.
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  18. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Roles I don't like are support and jungler.
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  19. aarondang

    aarondang Active Member

    So LoL has released a couple of new songs pertaining to Pentakill( group of champions that have skins pertaining to a rockband). They released around 4 songs today in fact. I took it upon myself to make a playlist of the 7 songs so I can listen to them while playing LoL. The playlist link is down below.
    You could also make your own playlist because that will be easier for you to access quickly but if you don't know how or are too lazy to, Enjoy!
  20. Zarek Aello

    Zarek Aello New Member


    Im interested in your ranked teams for League as I play a lot of league of legends.

    LoL name: Zarek Aello
    Preferred roll: Mid/support.
    Lvl 30
    Rank: Gold Division 4