This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/05

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    • Survival/Creative - Voting Improvements Galore
    • Survival/Creative - Update to 1.7.9
    • Survival/Creative - FirstLastSeen -> OntimePlayers
    • Creative - Staff Changes
    • Survival - Miscellaneous
    • Space Engineers - Advertising on
    Survival/Creative - Voting Improvements Galore
    Lots of updates all-around this week! The majority of the voting improvements highlighted in this thread have been carried out, and those that haven't are on their way. On both creative and survival, one VotePoint is earned from each vote. In the future, you'll be able to spend these at the vote shop on cool in-game perks and items using the "/voteshop" command, and in the case of survival, you can already directly convert them to rupies. 1 VotePoint = 100 rupies. Items in the vote shop will only be obtainable from the vote shop.

    Additionally, on survival, as promised, a vote lottery has been implemented. Each time you vote, you'll have a certain chance of getting any of the items specified in the "/votelottery" command.

    The new vote webpage is complete. Now it's up to imaxorz and CyberVic to get it on the web server for you all to use. It's summer, and now more than ever it's important for everyone to get voting.

    Survival/Creative - Update 1.7.9
    For those of you who didn't see the update earlier this week, we're finally on version 1.7.9 on both survival and creative! Along with Spigot, we've updated a lot of our plugins, so if you notice any bugs, please let us know and we'll get them resolved in a timely manner. We're another step closer to the big name-changing update.

    Survival/Creative - FirstLastSeen -> OntimePlayers
    We've converted all the data from our old plugin, FirstLastSeen, to a newer plugin, Ontime, which supports UUIDs and is better in almost every way imaginable. This means we can effectively remove FirstLastSeen. We've even read all the FirstLastSeen data for creative. We don't have OntimePlayers on the creative server quite yet, but once we do we'll be able to easily move the data over so everyone's first and last seen dates on the server are accurate.

    Creative - Staff Changes
    A360P has decided to move on, and Pieman_Is_God had been demoted and discouraged from returning. Their contributions will be missed. Please wish them well in their journies. Who knows, we might see A360P a bit in the future once he takes care of some IRL stuff. In the spirit of moving things forward and after discussion with the active creative staff, Navarog has been made the new lead admin of creative.

    Survival - Miscellaneous
    ezeiger92 has been working hard on a few projects for the survival server. One of these includes a new, in-depth announcement system made with CommandHelper that allows for individual and group-assigned announcements as well as the ability to run announcements randomly or sequentially. This is just one project among many others.

    Space Engineers - Advertising on
    First off, we are advertising our Space Engineers servers on This is bringing in a lot of transient new members to the Space Engineers server and hopefully more permanent members. Also there was a big patch this week that's worth mentioning. They have implemented full ownership of ships, objects, medbays, change of ownership systems, and facts so things are "locked" from other's factions and defense systems attack non faction members. Overall the system is pretty in depth and it is just another "Alpha" feature that shows how mature this game will be once it's released. There have been a lot of netcode updates as well to fix various lag issues.
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    Not how it works Ginger. He will always be Pieman, as that's what we've been calling him for years. Your alt account will be known as "Ginger's alt account", we'll still know it's you on the other end.

    Unless you completely abandon the Ginger account and use the alt account for a period of at least a half year (As happened with Epic_Poke).

    On another more positive note. I'll try and get more active on creative again. I did say that I would return as a more permanent player again, and I'll do my best to vote everyday to boost numbers.
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    LOL why was my commented deleted?
    You can cover up my messages but you can never cover up the truth

    I will reiterate; I did not decide to move on, i was demoted because cyber got butthurt
  5. oiShocKWavesv

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    No one gives a damn about whatever "truth" was revealed in your post, it was deleted because it was unnecessary and frankly made you look bad.
  6. Pieman_Is_God

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    Ah yes. I forgot about the leak in the staff boards.
    Also it is totally necessary, there is a lie in the OP :)
  7. oiShocKWavesv

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    Actually, no one has said shit to me. I haven't spoken to anyone or gotten any information apart from the fact that you were demoted for gifs.
    It's clear to anyone that you are acting extremely childish and need to grow up.
    But I forgot you think I'm a rude little half-wit. So you probably don't care for what I have to say.
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    Children. Please.

    Pieman is upset because he didn't decide to move on. He was demoted then we spent a few days figuring out why, and are now in the process of reversing said demotion. I think he has the right to feel a wee bit salty. That is in stark contrast to a3 making a nice detailed post about his intentions to step down, then being demoted several days later.

    Man I love dramacrest. :D
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    Pie don't lie to yourself, you told me you were leaving weeks ago. Your immature actions only made me ask max to have you demoted earlier. I didn't go to cyber for the exact reason that people might see it as him getting back at you. You said to not make you look like the bad guy, but your already doing that yourself.
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    Uh, the head plugin on survival is busted, all are steve heads, and no heads drop. Also, microblocks on creative.
  11. ndvenckus1

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    It should be fixed on the next server restart.
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    Since alts are being discussed, how will name changing work here? I plan to change mine so it's just epic_poke, but how will you staff handle people changing names entirely?
  14. Rem

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    UUIDS son
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    Can u guys unban mah alt when name changes are added? I'll change the name to NawsRegnig
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    Hello, Sorry if this question does not belong here, but I was curious about the public server for Space Engineers and when it would come back online?
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    We will need to wait for CyberVic to come on, as he is currently incharge of those servers,
    and for further reference, this is where this should be posted :p
  18. Zarek Aello

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    Thank you for the heads up :) I'll favorite the page as to not make the same mistake.

    Thanks again.
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    Can I change my name to "the greatest builder in all the land, even better than a3 and the rest of Deep Academy excluding ptich"?
  20. SkittlesQueen

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    Hahaha no but you can be one of the best builders:p
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