This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/18

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    • General - Voting Improvements
    • General - New Hub under Construction
    My apologies for such a late weekly update. There wasn't much going on this week besides the vote consolidation, and I wanted to wait on the other staff members for their input before posting.

    General - Voting Improvements
    The bulk of the voting improvements are complete. and the link in the site's navigation bar now forwards you to the new voting page thanks to imaxorz. More importantly, we've consolidated the survival and creative voting pages so you only have to vote on 1 page for each site, and so that all votes benefit both of our servers. Likewise, VotePoint balances are now shared between survival and creative. has been modified to include more features and accommodate for the consolidation. We should start seeing a lot of new players on both survival and creative provided that you guys keep voting as much as you are! Expect items to fill the VoteShop within the next week or so.

    General - New Hub under Construction
    qb10panther has begun work on a new hub. Our goal is to simplify it for new players while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. We'd like to get the process down to "join the server -> enter the portal to survival or creative" and cut away at unnecessary info boards or features. This will hopefully be implemented in coming days.
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