50% Off Auction Coupon

Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussions' started by crackerbomb12, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. crackerbomb12

    crackerbomb12 New Member

    Hi, my user is crackerbomb12
    recently i obtained the 50% Off Auction Coupon while voting
    I'm not really interested in winning an auction since they are pretty expensive even with a -50%
    so I'm gonna give it to whoever is willing to pay the most
    i don't really know how much this is worth so... just tell me how much money you're willing to pay
    I'll decide who gets in after 48hours

    if you're wondering how ill give it to you... either i can meet you online directly, but i live in china so we might be unable to find a time, or i will leave it in a locked chest which that person has access to in my base(i will invite he/she to my home for a few hours)
  2. Derbias

    Derbias New Member

    Hi crackbom12,
    I will take it :)