This Week in ShadeCrest - Jan 14 to Jan 20

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    I've been busy off-server, so this is a small update BUT I'M MAKING IT ANYWAY.


    • General - Hacked account
    • Survival - QuestWorld bug fixes
    • Survival - January auctions announcement
    • Wiki - Added McMMO treasures

    General - Hacked account
    Yesterday we had an issue where someone got access to CyberVic's account, and tried to mess with the site. We caught it within 2 hours and were able to fix the damage without too much effort. There is no reason to believe that any passwords were compromised, though it's possible the hacker was able to view some email addresses. Not the end of the world.

    It's a good idea to periodically change your passwords (and not use the same one across multiple sites,) so if you haven't done that recently I'd recommend it.

    Survival - QuestWorld bug fixes
    A number of players (well, at least two) have complained about quest books not updating when you submit items, which is super annoying. The plugin has been fixed, and will be updated on the server later today :)
    A number of other things that don't currently affect our server were also fixed, but that just means we have more flexibility to do fun stuff with quests later.

    Survival - January auctions announcement
    Next Saturday (January 27th) we will be running events with auctions! We'll start around 3pm PST / 6pm EST. That's around midnight for our eurofriends and 8am for aussies.

    Wiki - Added McMMO treasures
    All of the custom excavation loot is now listed on the wiki! This includes where the loot drops from, the level required, the percent chance, and the exp reward.
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    Added McMMO treasures to the wiki, updated OP.
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    Updated OP with auction time!
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