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    MineCraft is swiftly approaching its next release, so we need to talk about changes to ShadeCrest with this update. As with all threads in the suggestions board, please leave any feedback below.

    Removal of pvp
    We have not seen benefits from pvp over the past 2 years. Pvp needs many active fighters to be engaging; we don't have that.

    Only arenas in spawn will allow pvp.
    This change has already been applied because we have zero players using pvp.

    Enchantments and durability
    With very few exceptions, more enchantments means a better item. Unfortunately this also means players make the best gear once and use it forever due to mending. But the issue extends beyond mending; enchantments increase the power of a tool at a zero or negative cost to the tool.

    Enchantments will take more durability from items when used. Damage will vary depending on enchantment type and level, and numbers have not been finalized. This change applies to existing and future items with enchantments.​

    Removal of Towny
    If any readers have had the pleasure of listening to my Towny rants in voice chat, the only surprise here is that it took so long. Towny has been the source of countless obscure bugs and has required more upkeep than every other plugin combined. Its focus is spread too thin across hundreds of features, giving a distinct "prototype" feel that no longer fits with ShadeCrest.

    There are no plans for a Towny replacement because it is unclear what features would be required.​

    LWC limits and vaults
    Our price tiers aren't immediately clear to new players, and they require custom changes to LWC to function. Our LWC will break in 1.13, and the quickest fix is to use an active fork without price tiers. Unlimited locks was only tolerated due to these tiers.

    Instead there will be two tiers: locks and vaults. Locks work like normal at a fixed price, and will be limited somewhere between 8 and 20. A vault can be purchased at the bank, and will be a physical room in spawn with a number of chests. Payment will either be one-time or a rental, and actual cost has not been decided.

    It seems very likely that we will need to patch LWC for 1.13 anyway, so price tiers will remain.​

    Marketplace takeover
    The mall and marketplace in spawn have been great places to set up shops. Only problem: they're a complete mess. Finding specific items is nearly impossible for new players, and the marketplace always has unfinished or empty plots.

    Solution: we will remove the marketplace and create a larger, more ordered mall. Most sections will be dedicated to specific groups of resources, while a few will remain open to all items. We will likely replace the ChestShop plugin itself for easier shop creation and maintenance.​

    Home restrictions
    We use a cooldown on moving homes to reduce the chance of players using them to raid. In the past, this cooldown was up to 4 hours long; it's currently 40 minutes. This is not very effective, as players need access to multiple homes for effective abuse.

    The "home update" cooldown will be set between 10 and 30 minutes. A new "visiting" cooldown will be added, which prevents players from visiting your home and your use of other player homes. This will be in the range of 20 to 60 minutes, strictly longer than the other cooldown.​

    More major changes are in planning, but they are not refined enough to present here.
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    Added "LWC limits and vaults" to the OP
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    Vaults? I remember something like that when I first joined, but don't recall anyone using them. How will these be more viable than a bunch of locks?
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    Way back in the day we had vaults for VIP's.

    Buying a vault would be the only way to expand your storage once you run out of locks. They would be located in spawn, providing storage that isn't tied to a base in the event that you relocate. Vaults would be protected with worldguard or similar, making them impervious to lock picks.
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    Added "Marketplace takeover" and "Home restrictions" to the OP
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    This all seems like good progress and I am sad that I am unable to indulge in it for at best a month.
    + Did you... did you just limit visiting other players? :D (don't answer xd)
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    Gotta hand it to you Erik, keeping this place going takes a lot of dedication on your part.
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    Updated OP, LWC price tiers will remain.
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    Sort of related

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    Small update: I coded the plugin enchantment durability changes, but it's not configured or on the server. I may make another thread trying to pick fair values.

    LWC and ChestShop have been theoretically patched for 1.13, though I need to test them against spigot 1.13
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    What is that? Looks like a slot machine. Can it be used like a glass item frame?
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    It is exactly a slot machine :)
    It can only be made by staff and works on any block (including air). Kinda excludes it from being an item frame.
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