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    1. I_am_dropbear
      I just got apprentice yesturday on the creative server, so i went to /warp apprentice and clicked on the sign to get a plot, but it told me "Permission Denied". i also tried /plotme auto, /plotme home and /plotme claim, but they all told me the same thing (except /plotme home which told me i do not have a home). i asked siout on vanilla what to do and told me to msg you on this website. what do i do?
    2. sharqman
      Do you want plot for the whole redstone world or just half? I'm not going to reset it, we can just //stack out the plot layout.
      1. Z_Millla
        Would probably be simplest to have only half the world plots, then expand the plot section later on if it is needed. That way there is still an area for larger projects where people can build without having to ask an admin to clear space.
        Nov 2, 2013
    3. thodazarexrt
      I've been trying to get my original skin back, but i've looked everywhere and can't find it XD. if you have any ideas for skins just message me.
    4. thodazarexrt
      Hey how's it going, if you are ever on survival i'm working on something that you could possibly help with ;). Been a while since i've been on, I just started playing not to long ago with monkeysee. we're working on something nice and homely for anyone to come and have fun at.
    5. _Keldt_
      I have redstone questions for you for when we're next on the server at the same time. I can't remember what I think was called a memory cell. Circular type thingy- I think you used it in your drawing/printing screen build. I dunno if you left them up from when you showed me the first time so I may go check for that.
      1. Z_Millla
        There are a few memory cells, but I think you are referring to an RS NOR latch. Not sure if the old stuff is still around but if you search for that term I'm sure you'll find quite a few designs.
        Aug 29, 2013
    6. iMCaddict
      <---- O em G! It's a munchkin :D
    7. sharqman
      removed disguise craft, new disguise plugin is called Lib's Disguises, updated the doc
      1. Z_Millla
        Alright cool. Thanks for updating.
        Jul 21, 2013
    8. LeafGreen877
      Tinfoil hats don't work against aliens--they only make it easier to target you
    9. Pieman_Is_God
      Get that picture sorted lol
    10. kirederf60
      Where do you live now? I've got chicken eggs and I'm itching to toss 'em :3
      1. Z_Millla
        D= He lives.
        Mar 8, 2013
    11. stlnaturals
      How's get going Z
    12. Abdullahj
      Z_Milla, For the debt I promised to repay, go to /home abdullahj
    13. Abdullahj
      ZMilla, Please come to the survival server at 8:00pm est. I will repay the debt
    14. xxduberxx
      He said that he hopes he can have it running maybe within an hour or so.
    15. xxduberxx
      Hey Z is the creative server down?
      1. Z_Millla
        Looks like it. If max is unaware, you can send him a pm and he can likely restart it.
        Dec 4, 2012
    16. VictoriousCheese
      Herro Z_millla how u doin??
      1. Z_Millla
        I'm doing quite well, thanks! And how are you on this fine day?
        Nov 16, 2012
    17. Abdullahj
      Please accept my apology and the return of your property next time I go on the survival server. (When I get unbanned)
      Very Sorrily,
      1. Z_Millla
        You should do two things. First, go read the rules and make sure you're familiar with them, especially the rules regarding griefing. Second, go post a proper ban appeal and point out that you have reread the rules and know why you got banned. If you take the time to do this, I'm sure your ban will be lifted.
        Oct 23, 2012
    18. Abdullahj
      Z_Milla! I am sorry for griefing your store. I would wish to replace the diamond blocks I stole plus some rupies.
    19. oat82997
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