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Discussion in 'Survival Server Suggestions' started by iiDreamzzHD, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. iiDreamzzHD

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    Ok so I was at marketplace 3 today and I looked at the SC monument there. This game me an idea for a monument building.

    How we could do this is make a big building with a bunch of warp signs, each warping to a different monument.

    So we could have one sign to the first land cleared, and another to the first spawn, and another to the first this and first that, or basically anything else that's cool/unique.

    This would be super cool, especially to new player that are just getting a feel for ShadeCrest.

    It would be a little bit of work, but in the end, it would be worth it in my opinion. I think a lot of people would use it and it wouldn't ever get old to see something super cool.
  2. ndvenckus1

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    This is pretty a really cool idea, but I somehow doubt that the schematic of the old spawn was saved (maybe I'm wrong). This wouldn't be only for new players, but old alike. I don't know about the other 'oldies', but I just can't help occasionally walking back to my old peaceful home, just a few blocks from SnowHaven and old spawn :) Brings back some really interesting memories ;)
  3. iiDreamzzHD

    iiDreamzzHD Active Member VIP

    Same here
  4. nrayf

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    As much work as this would be, I fully support it. Make a poll.
  5. iiDreamzzHD

    iiDreamzzHD Active Member VIP

  6. NMBr2d2

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    Ahhh, i remember the old spawn, with the 2 paths, 1 to PvP, and the other to peaceful, the warp things, and especially the old secret shop... under the stairs...
  7. iiDreamzzHD

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  8. sharqman

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    and the noob cage!
  9. Hihihihi9100

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    That wasn't the old spawn :p The old spawn had no Path to Peaceful because there was no Peaceful xD.
  10. Padaun

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    ^ was the original spawn. A lot of us oldies remember that (I only saw that for a day or so), and also the large Shadecrest City with all those cool buildings, a huge wall, all that good stuff. It sucks how we got rid of it, and if max has it in some world backups somewhere, I say he brings it back and we initiate the idea.