uberdarkavark and uberdarkninja extream inmatureity

Discussion in 'Finger Pointing' started by littlehutt14, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    1: uberdarkavark and uberdarkninja
    2:not breaking a rule, but abusing there power of vip rank
    3:witnesses: pyrotyguy, thechooosen1, and warhammer2060
    4:yes in agravated conversation to where i just cant talk to them anylonger.
    5:no, no punishment, just a quick talk about abusing resposibility
    6:i do not have a screenshot of the conversation, but its not worth looking at
    7:i do not belive there were any mods or admins
    8:im sure they have done this to others, as uberdarkavark told me he has gotten people banned before because of personal reasons

    other notes:
    so far, uberdarkavark has threatend me 3 times now with practicaly the same quote, "i can get people banned, so lay off or you will to, and ive done it before." his sister, uberdarkninja, acts as though she is abusing the rank and responsibility of vip also, but telling her brother "unture facts about me."
    to conclude, i do not wish to be enemys with these two, in fact i would like to put this behind us and move along as friends and possibly forget completely what happend

  2. Champcar2

    Champcar2 Member

    I've actually never had any issues with these two. Did you do anything to annoy them in the first place?
  3. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    no, i dont recall even meeting ether of them before 4 days ago :/
  4. uberdarkninja

    uberdarkninja Member VIP

    How did I abuse VIP rank? ???
  5. UberDarkAardvark

    UberDarkAardvark Member VIP

    No? You tricked ninja into going to a /home in pvp then killed her. And what do you mean abuse of vip? I have talked to you 2 times. both for bothering ninja. Both times i ended up /ignoring you. and i never said "i can get people banned" Thats pushing it a little. and if you dont wanna be enemies, why post this? Seriously.
  6. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    you implaied in the server chat that i spawn killed her at pyros home, this is not true for the combat tag said that thechoosen1 killed uberdarkninja, futhermore, i wish NOT to be enemys for agression and negisim lead nowhere in life. also, ninja died about 3 minutes after she spawn, and from looking a a recently posted artical about how killing at spawn is okay as long as its not repetitive. so no, you are pushing it to far, and i hope you undersatand what im saying and forget this happend.

    thank you,
  7. pyrotyguy

    pyrotyguy New Member

    if anything i invited her and some other people to see my new restaurant. I was working on and was showing her around i neglected to tell her it was pvp. compensated for the stuff she lost with speed potions i am sorry that this happened and would love to have you at the restaurant and give you access to the VIP section i will make
  8. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    thank you pyro, that is most thoughtful of you and i will to comphensate for lost items as well, for i do know what its like to be stolen from, all minecraft players do.

  9. UberDarkAardvark

    UberDarkAardvark Member VIP

    Ok well have fun with this post. It lacks proof and it looks like you threw together a bunch of random reasons we are "Immature".

  10. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    very well vark, have it your way, i dont wish to enteract with this thread anylonger.

    good bye,
  11. littlehutt14

    littlehutt14 New Member

    sorry max, its just a friendly little argument :D
  12. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    Aww max, don't cry. Here's a cookie.
  13. dragonewt

    dragonewt Member

    From what I hear, not enough evidence from Littlehutt, there is another side of the story, and just forget about, please.
  14. Greene78

    Greene78 New Member VIP

    I am crying of laughter from this post G_G
  15. 04blatca

    04blatca Member Lead Admin VIP

    Next time you try and get someone banned for no good reason aardvark, I'm going to ban you. You have tried to get too many people banned in the last few days.