what are you eating!?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by subwayis666, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. sharqman

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    why are you eating cereal at 3 pm D:
  2. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    I stayed home sick today. And cereal has no time constraints!
  3. epic_poke8

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  4. TheTechGeek245

    TheTechGeek245 Well-Known Member VIP

    now tats food
  5. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

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  6. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    What country is this? Every mayo has a distinct and unique flavor, like cheese, and I am curious as to what this mayo's flavor is.

    I am a mayo connoisseur!
  7. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    It is a thick, creamy, mayonnaise tasting mayonnaise with a hint of obesity, manufactured in the motherland (`murica).

    Also, ive eaten more stuff over the past few days.






  8. Sophiiiiiiier

    Sophiiiiiiier Active Member VIP

    Ferrero Rocher. yumm
    I relate this forum to white girls on instagram taking pictures of their food to gain likes and to show how fat they are. :)
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  9. Legend9468

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    That's because we're all actually white girls on the internet taking #NoFilter pictures of our food.
  10. majestic_moose

    majestic_moose Well-Known Member VIP

    Weekend away at a music festival

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  11. kizzyfazzle

    kizzyfazzle Active Member VIP

    Aussie barbie moose :D had one of them yesterday xD.

    Also im eating Easter eggs because it's Easter....
  12. NMBr2d2

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  13. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    Where's the milk? I'm disappointed.
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    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

  15. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    One pound of skittles, half a.sandwich and fries.from sonic

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  16. Mm! Yummy lol.. especially the skittles.
  17. [​IMG]

    Lasagna, my husband, Tim's favorite..(also a very inactive Shadecrest member - Trodgers), actually.. all my college kids adore this too.
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  18. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    Burger on a Bagel, with Jalapeño Havarti cheese

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  19. BurningIce2

    BurningIce2 Active Member VIP

    Sounds... uhm... interesting.