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  1. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    When? Every Sunday!​
    Where? /warp events​
    What time?
    Pacific: 2pm​
    Mountain: 3pm​
    Central: 4pm​
    Eastern: 5pm​

    Folowing the events we host a chest auction and then pvp games!​

    The Games

    Floating Ocean
    Objective: Everyone starts on the bottom and jumps from block to block to try and make it to the top. At the top the water is held by an invisible block which can be broken as soon as you can reach it. After breaking this block you can easily swim up to the chest on top to claim the loot! (Fall damage is off)​
    Rules: No trying to place blocks to "glitch" up​

    Glass Cage
    Objective: A massive cube is made that is made up of 1% chests and 99% glass. Players must tunnel through the glass towards chests. Some of the chests will contain prizes, some will be empty.​
    Rules: None really! You can even bring your best enchanted pick. The faster you can break the glass, the more chests you can get to.​

    Objective: Players use a bucket to get lava from the edges, and use it to kill the other players. Hitting players with the bucket or empty hand is also ok. Last one alive wins.​
    Rules: Not allowed to bring anything but a bucket (or ten if you want). No food either. Everyone will be healed before each match starts.​

    Objective: Players try to destroy snow blocks under other players. Last player on top and bottom wins.​
    Rules: No secluding yourself by making an island. You must be active, and not just run away from where the action is. Use of any shovel is allowed.​

    Objective: Players enter the arena and try to survive as the sand randomly falls from the top trying to suffocate them. The last player left wins!​
    Rules: None, just try to stay alive.​
    If you need to eat during the events, over priced stadium food can be bought near /warp events
  2. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    I think its great, but getting people to play is the hard part.
    I've tried to get people to play spleef, trowing in full set of iron armor to the victor, or diamond chestplate if there were 5 or more people playing, but only 3 others came.
  3. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    The problem is that to start out only a few players will probably show up. So I will have games that are fun with only a few players. Games like spleef and the other team games will be later on when people realize that the game is going to happen, so they may as well show up. Basicly, have games that go well with the number of players. Worst case happens I can have a game of HUNT. IF only one player shows up then It looks like they win :D.
  4. Thomasdd13

    Thomasdd13 Active Member VIP

    with the forests, i think that if there was a way to make our name banners disappear, a PVP bow and arrow only competition would be paramount!!! for those who read the lightning theif it sould be just like it!! if in the new spawn we made the now park into a possible hunting forest, or a place with the forest closed off it would be great!!! the only problem is the name banner though. ;D
  5. nrayf

    nrayf Active Member VIP

    I'm in.
  6. DastardlyWhale

    DastardlyWhale Well-Known Member

    I'm diggin' the pvp competition > : )
  7. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    Sounds good to me.

    Fyi, Just because I want to have semi-weekly events doesn't mean that I know everything about it or what people want. For the pvp competitions I ask myself do you guys want it where you only have 1 life? 2 lives? more? should there be weapon restrictions? potion restrictions? no restrictions at all?

    Please realize that you will not always have the rules and restrictions exactly how you would prefer, but if I get the same request from every participant then I will definitely change the rules... unless I want to try something new that week.

    SO... for the first big event I was thinking of either Friday or Saturday evening/night. "Central standard time"
    I am planing on having it on Friday, but can push it back a day if everybody will be off.

    Currently I see 3 possible votes for a pvp battle. Give me an idea on how do you guys want it set up so I can get things ready.

    PS. There WILL be a prize of some sort. Even if everybody forgets and only 2 random ppl show up I WILL have a contest of some kind. with a prize at the end.
  8. kirederf60

    kirederf60 Active Member

    MC: StandFree
    This, it's a special event we came up with and have every now and then on my other server.
    (I'm in the video :p)
  9. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    That looks awesome :D. I can actually see another way to play it. have players on top of the leaves/sand/gravel and the last one still up there wins. We could have 2 layers of leaves, and we could choose to give players two or three leave blocks so they can go to a larger section if they reach... Or we could just play it how it is in the video :D

    I'l add it to the list as "let the leaves decide your fate" ;D
  10. Cherle

    Cherle New Member VIP

    Doom Diving (no idea what the actualy name is)

    Ok. A bunch of players jump off a diving board into a 5 x 7 pool. the pool is 4 deep. When you hit the water you have to put a wool block on the ground of the pool wherever you landed. Eventually, after many turns, the wool will build up and you'll have to start dodging the built up wool that if landed on will kill you. Last one alive wins.
  11. Thomasdd13

    Thomasdd13 Active Member VIP

    i really like the sand ideas, standing on top and bottom!! they olnly require the players to participate, and not set it up!! great idea!
  12. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    I was told that stand free is the proper name for the game where you doge falling sand/gravel. so from here on out that is what I will be calling it, and I am updating the list of games to reflect this change.

    Due to the lack of input from players who want pvp, I am currently planing on having several rounds of stand free and a few rounds of platform "which is what I am naming the game where you stand on top of a crumbling platform of leaves".

    These events will happen sometime tomorrow evening between 6:00 and 8:00 PM Central standard time. I want to start close to 6:00 FYI, so try to get on when you can :D "Check the post date to find out when tomorrow is. :p"

    I may also have a different game afterwards if I get enough people interested. So if you know of a few other players that want to do something else after platform and stand free then tell me in game or send me a pm. :)

    PS again: There will be a prize. So if you are the only player that shows up then you are guaranteed to get the prize :D. This is so people know the event will happen. Also, I may start another game later in the evening for those who missed the first, but I don't know for sure if I will do this :).
  13. Thomasdd13

    Thomasdd13 Active Member VIP

    yay!! sounds great! ;D
  14. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    Count me in, im itching to kill people!
  15. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    Im glad your ready to kill people, but read my last post again. I can have another game after stand free and platform, but those 2 games are not pvp. I am willing to have something pvp related, but it will not be the main event. I was debating on having several rounds of these games with the winner getting a small prize each time, then have the winners compete for a grand prize. Still not sure though.

    If you want pvp then tell me your idea idea and we can see if enough people are willing to participate after the other games.
  16. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    pvp snowball/egg match, surrounded by lava! the chickens push you in >:)
  17. Padaun

    Padaun Well-Known Member VIP

    I like this idea, I'm all in, Hizeron :D

    How about anti-spleef? Where people stand on the spleef platform, but people dig the stuff out from under them rather than from each other.
  18. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    That could be a great team event. We could have half of each team under the arena trying to knock out the snow under the other team...

    Oohooh... for extra large events we could have 2 or 3 layers, with each layer needing to watch out for the players on their lvl and under them... sooo evil >:D. That could require quite a few players, but may be interesting.

    As for the egg idea... could you not just hold shift and be fine? I like the idea, but am not sure how well it would work. I will keep thinking on it and see what I come up with.

    other event ideas...

    ... cross a pool of lava by jumping on pre-placed blocks...
    ...have a room/course set up with traps, and you can only use fists or traps can kill.. no armor or weapons allowed...
    ...give players one or more buckets of lava and maybe water. You must kill everybody else and survive...
    ...have players on a field and using world edit set the ground to 5% lava "or more" until only one player remains...
    ...have a walled off area and have a bunch of mobs inside. last one standing wins. "pvp enabled is optional"
    ...have a walled off area and have a bunch of mobs inside. The player with the most loot wins. "pvp enabled is optional"
    ...have a maze set up and let everybody in at the same time. first one through wins...

    There are more ideas. post them :D. even if they wont work well they give other players ideas or build off yours.
  19. Cheez99

    Cheez99 New Member

    The last four in the list sound crazy fun.
  20. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    I just googled them. Great stuff :D. you also also reminded me of a youtube video that had sticky pistons pushing blocks out of the floor, out of the wals, and there was lava in a few spots that you could be pushed into.

    Also, what prizes are you guys interested in? I am thinking of making a list of prizes where the value of each prize is as close as possible to the others, but will give you what you want so you dont get useless stuff. I can always use diamonds as prizes, but I would like a list. for this I will need the current average price of an item, and I can go from there... or I can just wing it and forget the fine details :p.

    prize ideas "quantity depends on the size of the event. small short contests will have smaller prizes, but you will have more chances of winning"

    iron? "I know some have more than enough, but others could need some"
    some spawn eggs = "why not :D. up to max" NO DRAGON
    building materials

    Really, If stated before hand that the prize is up to the winner It could be just about anything. I want everybody to be able to play and when they win be happy with their prize.

    Note: If I or max say no to your prize request accept the decision and find another prize :)