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Discussion in 'Contests/Events' started by Hizeron, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. dragonewt

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    Hizeron, I would think it would be awesome if there was an arena that was built for these weekly events. Whoever wants can come and help build/make the next avent's things (leaves,sand,gravel,obstacles, etc etc) and then everyone can go to a arena warp if they want to participate in that event. The events sound awesome!
  2. Hizeron

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    I was actually thinking the same thing. I want one area for these events, but some of them will require pvp and others will not. I am currently thinking of somewhere in one of our large ocean biomes; they are not good for much else.

    I will talk to max about it to see where the best spot would be.
  3. Padaun

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    Possibly you could give players a set amount of various materials, such as netherrack, redstone, levers, buttons, pressure plates, tnt, pistons, and a pick and they make their own traps to kill eachother using traps of their own invention?
  4. dragonewt

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    I'm so excited! This all sounds so awesome!
  5. Hizeron

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    I like it. :)

    I have decided to make the event arena in pvp world. We will have a warp to get there and we will have pvp disabled within the walls and enable pvp on the course as needed. I am actually going to the area now to get the initial walls set up so players don't start building under it lol
  6. Hizeron

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    OK. The event games last night were a hit :D. Quite a few people showed up and had fun. If you did not come then you missed some fun times, but that is OK, because we are going to do it again :D :D. Here should be some of the pics I took from last night
    I am currently planing to have something on Wednsday 2-8-2012 "maybe pvp maybe not," and have a large event with pvp games the following weekend. I have a few games I want to try first.

    I want to try the climb, politics, a version of build off, and the pvp game I thought of where you must kill each other using lava buckets.

    The version of build off I want to play is where each team start with the same exact materials, and they must have a chest with a diamond sword in it that is possible to get to, but they can place traps on the way to it. "specific rules will be made as needed and will keep the game flowing; the goal of each team is to switch sides when the dividing wall comes down and kill the other team. Each team can only have 1 diamond sword at a time, so if both teams decide to get the sword and the sword holder dies, the enemy team is not allowed to pick it up and must drop it if they do.

    It may be to complicated to work the way I want it to, so I will give it more thought before I actually try this version of build off. What games do you guys want to try next? use the list in the first post for names, and if the game is not there then just describe it :D. I will host at least one event from the suggestions that follow, unless they are all impossible. So tell me what you guys want to do next.. or not. :)

    EDIT: fixed the link to the pics
  7. sharqman

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    the link doesn't work D: and build off sounds a lot like one of those war hub games :D i loved those games lol
  8. nrayf

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    hizeron, it was really fun. this is a great idea :D
  9. dragonewt

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    I love it all, I just wish there was more of a regular schedule that the events were based on.
  10. Ciulerson2

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    To thomasdd: there is a plugin requiring spoutcraft that lets you transform into a ninja (your skin just gets changed) and your name banner dissapears

    Great ideas btw
  11. NMBr2d2

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    Put a bunch of people in a glass maze filled with zombies. Do this after 1.2 is updated, and whoever comes out alive first wins :D
  12. Alan321

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    How about an obstacle course? I might of missed it in the suggestions, but i was building one in creative, before creative got wiped D:. Ill help with the obstacle course if you want. Also, in #10, politics, Why would the king reveal himself? There was no indication of an advantage given to the king, just a disadvantage.
  13. nrayf

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  14. subwayis666

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    i wonder how the zombie map will be after 1.2.. it'd be so much harder!
  15. NMBr2d2

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    The spiders don't have smart AI...

    It will be HORRIBLE if they do, they can climb walls AND path around them if they have a spider proof lip D:
  16. Hizeron

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    Ok guys, today is Friday about 6:30 central. I plan on having some events tomorrow "Saturday" around this time. I have nothing planed yet, so I will accept requests. What do you guys want to do? pvp, chance, something stupid? Post your requests and I will try to make it happen.

    PS. Realistic requests will have a higher chance of being accepted, And if I don't have enough time to do your request this time then I will try to get it another time :D.
  17. sharqman

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    Politics, survive that course, glass cage :D
  18. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    well last night's games were fun :D even though i was only there for 1 round of stand free and survive that course.
    I think the two teams should build further away from each other next time, maybe far enough away each team can safely chat in local :D
    I think both teams attempted to use MCmmo party chat, but only a few joined on the team I was on until we were about finished
  19. Hizeron

    Hizeron Active Member VIP

    ^^Yea...I wanted to create a chat chanel for each team, but was having technical dificulties. This was also the first time we tried something like this, and we are still learning how to play the game. I updated my first post in this topic explaining some of the game rules. We will try this again, but hopefully next time it will go smoother :).

    Just so you guys know, I am trying to host events on either Friday or Saturday, and if I do something during the week I do it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I know it is not the schedule some of you are wanting, but this is the "schedule" I have been using.

    I am currently planing on having some events on Friday the 17th at 6 PM central. I want to try survive that course again and glass cage, but I may wait another week on survive that course. What do you guys want to do next? Last time I used two of the three suggestions given, so tell me what you guys want :).
  20. Hizeron

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    Heads up!

    After the events on friday there will be a chest auction at main spawn inside the theater.

    There are currently four chests that will be auctioned off, and there are some nice ones :D.