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    What is your IGN?:
    What is the IGN of the offenders?:
    Which rules did they break?:
    No bullying, either in chat, over teamspeak, with signs, on the forums, or ANY OTHER WAY. The admins actively look to block this, and you will be banned.
    Are there any witnesses? What are their IGN's?:
    Did you talk to the people who were doing the rule-breaking? What did they say?:
    Moderator Padaun called him out on the language, but he continued to do so afterwards
    Do you think they should be given a punishment for this?:
    After the previous bans he has, ill ask for a perma.
    Do you have screenshot(s) or video(s) of the incident (example: chat logs)? Post them at the end of the post:
    Were any mods or admins on at the time this happened? Who were they?:
    Manglor and Cerburus were on
    Have they broke a rule(s) before? Which ones?:
    a Recent Pvp rule broken, warping to my previous town to fight and loot using a /home, advertising for another server.
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    I left part of one out.

    Here was a joke beast told me in /tell when I said don't tell it after I approved a joke in /o.

    'How do you fit 50 jews into a car? 2 in the front, 2 in the back, and 46 in the ashtray.'
    That was the full "joke".
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    Why has this not been taken care of.
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    I thought the admins online at the time had taken care of it. It's sort of old though, now.