Our First War Narrated and Directed by ZPWR22

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    So, the long battle all started when the genius ZPWR22 said in Ts, lets go raid DF! Nrayf overheard this since he was in the channel, and the War had begun! I came in protection 3, and nray whooped my butt back to Erathia. Then I came with more people, and then nray came with more people, untill a 2 hour long battle started.
    As Alan321 recalls "We were scared out of our pants!" Awastedlife said "Say my name in this post" Along with _Flagellum, They all town spawned and started rushing towards the DF. The two forces met halfway in a snow biome and started a fierce fight. Athos got their butt handed to them.


    Not quite sure what DF did. But Athos spent there time cramped in _Flagellum's tiny potion room brewing up complete crap like insta damage and poison potions. In ZPWR22's fury, the potions were complete. And the raid would start again. We camped out in the tunnel for several minutes saying things like, "when are they coming down" "Ahhhh! Lava!" And "Wouldn't it be hilarious to t spawn and walk around?" So we ended up doing just that, the Atho's force t spawned and ran around as Nrayf, bloodthirsty rushed the tunnel only to find no one there.They traveled down the long tunnel, to find themselves blocked in. They had to t spawn to get back, and they met the Athos force just outside the DF docks, proud and organised. And fought a fierce fight. The badly outnumbered Athos forces had men dropping like flys, until ZPWR22 took down nrayf in one of the most epic fights in SC history. From there the battle took a turn and Athos was finally winning. They pushed back to the walls. And Athos ran away like little girls, afraid to lose their loot. From there, there was one last battle that ended in a DF defeat. So that's what happened. Some of the stars of the show were the Atho's
    Generals Alan321, ZPWR22, and awastedlife. From DF a couple stars shined bright such as Nrayf, SPK, and glep.

    Here's some epic pics, if you have your own feel free to post them.
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    I was there offering moral support. lololol
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    I think a couple of those sets were mine. :eek:

    I have to say that was a fun battle. That was the first time I pvp'd and was nervous as hell! I raise a mug and toast ALL combatants in this battle.
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    Wow alan, those are more diamond armor sets than I have ever had total, including ones that I've lost lolol
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    lol, this was one of my first time's going to any type of pvp event! i didnt do too well with my first emder pearl, i ended up on top of some huge netherbrick building, then was able to get onto the wall again. after being hailed by arrows i wanted to go to the other side of town, but got as wobbly as snooki and fell off the wall. i tried to ender pearl back up but someone had already found and killed me XD

    i did learn nhow intense it gets in TS with this stuff, and that alan can talk dang fast!!!
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    On a scale of 1 to 10 that is freaking crazy ;)
    Badass level over 9000! I'm sad I joined Erathia right after that.
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    I found some interesting stats to look at, and I wrote up a summary from the DarkFire point of view, too. Overall, it was a great fight, with no clear winner or loser, though it was nice that everyone was civil and there wasn't any hard feelings, even after 2 hours of death.
    Erathians (13)
    Alan321; ZPWR22; magetime; _Flagellum; wizard333; awastedlife; PieSquared761; junglecommando; dhutch9702; thomasdd13; GhostFig; DarkAlex0613; Cashkid32;
    DarkFirites (11)
    nrayf; The_mexicans; shannonhorse; quietsea; spacecadetkevin; sharqman; glepet1962; bigtimerduckyxxx; bpsoccer28; supertoitle2001; Nicholas2438;
    Players who got kills (listed by who killed first:)
    nrayf 12/3
    glepet1962 1/3
    sharqman 3/2
    The_Mexicans 2/2
    GhostFig 1/1
    Lighning_Crash 1/2
    ZPWR22 4/1
    Alan321 11/0
    SpaceCadetKevin 1/1
    awastedlife 2/1
    _Flagellum 1/4

    Total Battle time: 1 hour, 45 minutes, 57 seconds from the first kill to the last.

    A look past the numbers:
    Well when ZPWR22 asked in TS if anyone wanted to raid DF, I immediately volunteered, thinking it would be fun. If I could look ahead then, and foresee the bloodshed and horror that awaited us, I never would have signed up. Due to a mix up in the coordination department, I was made to fight alongside DF, the enemy of the TS group I had volunteered for. Luckily, when I asked in nation chat if I could get some reinforcements to rebuff a small raiding party, I found nearly every hand in the nation reaching for a sword. I led my men west, towards Erathia, and towards a conveniently located tunnel between our two cities. Before we reached the tunnel though, we found a group of Erathians already there and armed to the teeth. My group of probably 4-6 men and women charged, killing some instantly and sending others scattering. I killed ZPW in a battle that covered hundreds of meters, between the two of us using ender pearls to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. My nation's forces followed us as best they could, but it was a battle that was not for them. After trapping zpwr against a hill and killing him, I then went after magetime, using the enderpearls from ZPWR to catch up to him. All the while, the DarkFire army was scouring the forest for any stragglers. Unbeknownst to them, alan321 and his group of raiders had cut off the path back to DF, and without nrayf to lead them, nearly all of the soldiers were slaughtered trying to face down his relentless blade.

    After this, the fighting simmered down to a sporadic level, with tiny 2 man raids, but without any turn of momentum either way. The battles were actually pretty even, as our side had the numbers, while the enemy had the experience and the career PVPers. While the Erathians were brewing potions, the DarkFire army was going home, putting away their loot, rearming, and attempting to find a moment of peace in the middle of the war. Ominous threats from ZPWR22 kept them on their toes, and ready for a new battle. When DarkFire decided to take the fight to Erathia, they grouped up, headed for the tunnel, and were met with a legion of Erathians below, ready to fight. Because a direct charge would be suicide, our forces created improvised tools, and flooded the tunnel with lava while mining a side tunnel to access the Erathians. When we saw all of them fleeing the lava and our mining crews, we charged the tunnel, killing one person while the rest warped away to take a different route. Later, at DF, we created a few search parties and combed the area, looking for alan and his gang. Finding them at the docks, we began our final battle, in which I died for the first time, our forces were bloodied, and our morale was shattered. I could tell my loyal soldiers were fighting reluctantly, and I was leading them into battle just to watch them be slaughtered, so I called a truce. And ZPW, flagellum, and Alan, the only living Erathians from the battle at the sea, agreed to a truce, promising more violence, but promising peace for now. Well Erathia/Athos, I can promise you that we'll come in twos and threes this week, but next Saturday or Sunday, all of DarkFire will come out and fight until there is no more blood to spill.
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    damn i always miss the fun :p
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    same :(
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    The thing is.... War. War never changes -Niffy
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    he's a brony, your point is invalid
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    All to true :'(