bpsoccer28 combat warping/possible potion bombing

Discussion in 'Finger Pointing' started by Griffsbrown, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Griffsbrown

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    What is your IGN?: Griffsbrown

    What is the IGN of the offenders?: Bpsoccer28

    Which rules did they break?: They teleported in combat

    Are there any witnesses? What are their IGN's?: There was no witnesses.

    Did you talk to the people who were doing the rule-breaking? What did they say?: They claimed they never saw me so it was ok to teleport away.

    Do you think they should be given a punishment for this?: I dont really know. I mean they did break a rule so I guess I would say yes.
    Were any mods or admins on at the time this happened? Who were they?: modlist sayed there was none.

    Have they broke a rule(s) before? Which ones?: I have no idea.

    Basically here is what happened, I received a message from Bpsoccer saying I should defend the town more. So I went into town and he was at the t spawn of erathia. He threw some sort of potion. He jumped back and threw another and I died. I was not going to accept death easily so I grabed another set of diamond armor and went after him. I could see his nametag down in the tunnel (the one that connects to dragonforge) So I new the only way to get to him was if was to beat him to the end of the tunnel. So I started running on land and I kept looking down at his nametag and it was still there. At one point I looked down and noticed his nametag was gone. I suspected teleporting and went and looking at the live logs and this is what I see:
    After to talking to him he claimed he ran 500 blocks so it was ok for him to teleport because he never saw my name. So he still claimed he did nothing wrong.
  2. nrayf

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    You never let him know you were following him? it makes sense if he's in a tunnel, and he's ran a long way, and he sees no one on either side. Doesn't sound like he was in combat
  3. Griffsbrown

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    Lol, So who goes to someone elses town, kills someone, and then assumes they are not being followed by someone.
  4. Griffsbrown

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    If he was not sure he should have gone into local chat and said something to see if it said "no one hears you"
    Thats what I do.

    Also what about the potion bombing?
  5. Manglor

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    obviously since there is no set rules about using potion bombs it will have to be added to the wiki.

    Some people seem think that since it doesnt specifically say a rule in the wiki they can exploit and abuse it.

    I agree on the combat warping though, if he was in the tunnel alone there is no way to tell if he was being followed, if you we in the tunnel and chasing him, unfortunately I don't feel you have a case because of that