Cool City I want to Renovate

Discussion in 'Demolition Request' started by Flagellum, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Flagellum

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    Which map? (peaceful or pvp)


    What are the coordinates? (use /getpos)

    x: -668 y:68 z: 1142

    Does HawkEye show any data?


    Do you see any locked chests or furnaces?

    Nope, but I found a couple of signs near some houses. One belongs to kisu999 and the other belongs to blitzblitzblitz

    What does /seen [playername] show?

    Kisu99 has not been seen since July 20th, 2011 and Blitzblitzblitz has not been seen since July 25th, 2011.

    Any other information that you can provide?

    I'm getting rather bored lately and want something to do. I remembered running through this city when I was first a noob trying to get to a friend's base. I had kept it in the back of my mind, hoping one day to return and rejuvenate it. I would hate to see this demolished and want to bring it back. Once finished with it, I would most likely make it into a warp or a town.

    Here are some screenies of the city. I would hope to gain ownership to everything within the cobble walls.
  2. Flagellum

    Flagellum Member VIP

    Anyone there?
  3. strangecow1

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  4. sharqman

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    you have to wait in line :p
  5. Flagellum

    Flagellum Member VIP

    Lol, ok. I was just confused on what was happening.
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