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Discussion in 'Demolition Request' started by the_valeyard6, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. the_valeyard6

    the_valeyard6 New Member

    i found an abondent dirt bulding near my house extenions and i want to build there here is a picture
  2. DastardlyWhale

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  3. the_valeyard6

    the_valeyard6 New Member

    Which map? peaceful

    What are the coordinates? (use /getpos)
    lacation: [129.4568, 63.0000, -1284.9135]

    Does HawkEye show any data?

    Do you see any locked chests or furnaces?

    If so, who do they belong to?

    What does /seen [playername] show?

    Any other information that you can provide?
    very very old i have never seen anyone there if someone did live there they would have moved because it looks like a very basic shelter

    Please include a picture if you can!
  4. the_valeyard6

    the_valeyard6 New Member

    no one has responed can i do it my self