Unexplained Absence

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  1. AidanZokia

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    Hi all this is written from my iPad so sorry for autocorrect mistakes! A couple of weeks back my computer literally exploded so I haven't been on the server for a while I'm just explaining my absence and that I have not left the server and my builds still good to go (but I'm now a few weeks behind schedule :( ) so dont worry once I've got a new computer u will be seeing slot of me online!!! P.S I'm not sure where I was should have posted this apologies in advance.
  2. PieSquared761

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    I'm not sure who you are, but it's great that you'll be able to get on again! I'll be happy to see you in game.
  3. sioutdoors

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    dont worry i remember ya lol
  4. pyro5050

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    i dont know who you are, but i want to see the pictures of your computer that litterally exploded! i have seen three computers that litterally exploded. one was mine when my water coolant sprung a leak and shorted out the fan on the cpu bu but didnt trigger off the fail safes, CPU overheat and shot right into the side of my case. it sucked....
  5. QuietSea

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    i miss you!
  6. creeperkiller132

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    yeeeey aidan is back i was wondering where you went

    P.S. i think its an natural habbit of computers to explode mine actually exploded one time to
  7. Dmcnally1

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    It's what they do.
  9. Edomien

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    Hmm... It seems as though many of our community member's computers are exploding. Good thing I have a HP laptop! *hahahaha!* *house suddenly explodes*
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