Salmon's desert oasis build

Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by salmon_flavour, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. So I have been working on this for the majority of time I have been on this server. Progress is slow. I get on a roll for a while, then get bored and stop for a week. Suddenly I get another idea and I get back to it. Plenty of time spent just flying around it trying to decide what to do so its a miracle in itself that it has actually come together so far.

    I wanted to try something different. Aka not a castle, and in a non-conventional biome with a non-conventional main material. This is what I ended up with., did I pull it off?

    At /warp salmon
    and /warp salmonview
  2. Dmcnally1

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    Image doesn't work :(
  3. Work now? Imgur is being weird. Tried logging into my profile and it says I have 0 photos (which is a lie). So i tried the generic uploader and it says some photos "don't exist"... when well of course they do, it just uploaded them. Oh well
  4. sioutdoors

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    looks very nice. havent seen it in person in a while
  5. sioutdoors

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    Max hates iron blocks or so i have noticed lol
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  6. PieSquared761

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    Iron blocks are basically shiny doubleslabs without the crevice in the middle :p
  7. Liasha

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    Looks like you had a mind to build the Burj Dubai, then tore down the top 70% of it and made it into something else. Still, not bad.

    I used to like iron blocks more when they were all smooth and shiny and didn't have ridges.
  8. PieSquared761

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    Is that the one where they do the thing with the stuff and it changes whether you're on the top or bottom of the building?
  9. QuietSea

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    lol it's exactly that. nice guess
  10. PieSquared761

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    It's a sentence, it just doesn't make as much grammatical sense as
    "Bison bison bison bison bison."
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    cool build! it does look like the burj!
  12. Yes I took my initial inspiration from the Burj Dubai. Liasha is right in saying I actually built the entire thing, then decided it wasn't quite right and took it down. Left it for a couple of months while I worked on the bottom floors, then rebuilt it again with a different style this past week.

    I ended up changing the 3-point equilateral base to more of an isosceles triangle shape so I could have larger rooms with a single and more intuitive point of entry.

    I agree with what people say about the iron, i'm not a huge fan of it myself either. But the thing is I wanted the build to be silver/grey. Snow is too bright, and wool is well...wool. There wasn't really much else I could use.
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