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Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by AidanZokia, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    hi all ,aidan here and ive come up with a cool idea for some builders on the server ,i was thinking of about 14 or so good builders to help me with a new project!!!

    Admin Wars,a arena type thing kinda like castle wars for all of you who play runescape it will be a cool idea and i want some of the servers more skilled builders to help im not sure on the theme yet so i could also use some input on that in the comments!!

    If you want to help please put your name down below, Cheers xx

    P.S builder I and up
  2. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    but you have to build whilst being riddin
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  3. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    lol good idea
  4. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    we control the builders with the carrot on fishing rod
  5. adam_mills

    adam_mills Member

    im not a pig, i am a whale
  6. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    I would be more than happy to help you, that is if my help is wanted :D. Sounds like it would be a fun project (I think i need to build with other people to learn).
  7. Gledhill98

    Gledhill98 Member

    I would love to help send me a pm when you need it
  8. creeperkiller132

    creeperkiller132 Active Member Creative Architect

    ADMIN WARS yeah why not but it needs to be more epic than the castle wars of runescape
  9. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    i was thinking we could do it in redstone world (dunno if its allowed) and if its really good then max can upload it to the survival server as an arena type things and sometimes instead of having admin v admin we could do survival vs creative wars!!
    P.S if we do it in redstone world the rank limit will have to go up to rank 2 and up
  10. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Sounds like the best idea to design it in the redstone world, if that's OK with max of course. And I love the idea of doing something that involves the whole ShadeCrest community :D. Is there a plan at all, like will it be an arena or will there be themed zones?? Would be cool if we were allowed to incorporate command blocks too, again if max allows it/if there is a way for them to be allowed??

    Anyways, let me know if you want me to help :D
  11. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    i dont really understand this, is it an arena for admins to pvp in? how many are actually interested in that?
  12. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Haha, that is actually quite a good point. My understanding was that it was an arena for PvP, which is created on the creative server and then moved to the survival server somewhere where we can do a creative server vs. survival server match. Anyway, it sounds like it would be a fun project to work on anyway, the only problem i can see is that a project of that scale would probably involve quite a bit of voxel sniper and world edit? So it should probably be limited to arch and admins T_T but like I said i am still happy to provide some design ideas or whatever :)
  13. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    basically its team pvp with the theme of fighting for your favourite admin and the arena so to speak will be quite large
    you can see the start of it at warp adminwars
  14. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    Idk about fighting for your favourite admin, what if there is an admin who is no ones favourite.
  15. Dmcnally1

    Dmcnally1 Member VIP Creative Architect

    "Whispers" gurras catching on to us.... Quick pretend we love him
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  16. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    well better start being nicer
  17. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    Im builder II but i really wanna help, is that possible?
  18. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

  19. alek_leduc

    alek_leduc New Member

    its alek_leduc
  20. AidanZokia

    AidanZokia Member

    ok so these are the people atm who i know are helping:
    GledHill98 (not sure what your IGN is)
    sorry if ive forgotten you could u just post to show that u do wanna help