Kingdom of the Fraternal Twins

Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by Edomien, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Hello folks! This is my first build on the server in Plot World. I've moved up to Builder I for the right half of the kingdom being done and then to Builder II for the second half of the kingdom, which finished things off. Mind that I have used the WHOLE plot and I even built underground. This build took me about 9 days, not counting all the hours within each 24 hour period, and not consecutively. I hope you guys/girls enjoy! :D

    (Note: The texture pack I am using is Default Textures Improved (DTI). If you would like to download the texture pack, go ahead and click the link below!)

    2012-11-12_13.29.49.png 2012-11-12_13.30.02.png 2012-11-12_13.30.25.png 2012-11-12_13.31.37.png 2012-11-12_13.33.40.png 2012-11-12_13.34.28.png 2012-11-12_13.35.22.png 2012-11-12_13.38.50.png 2012-11-12_13.39.17.png 2012-11-12_13.40.48.png

    Edit: Hello folks! I just managed to get this plotbuild to the builder world! :D I would like to thank Killor for moving it here, sioutdoors for massive terraforming and elevating, and xenii and Baker3g for helping me terraform before siout came along and did everything! :p Below is the picture of where it is now! You can visit and run around my build at the following warp. Enjoy!

    /warp KOTFT

  2. sioutdoors

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    Its really nice and glad you found the forums
  3. Edomien

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    Thanks! Of course I couldn't include all the images I took because of the nasty 10 picture limit, and because there's a lot more than just the exterior. Oh, I plan to post all of my builds on the forums, so that'll nice neat. :)
  4. Thomasdd13

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    i'm an actual fraternal twin :D wish that was my house
  5. Edomien

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    That's cool! I've only known identical twins so far in my life. Thanks for the comment! :)
  6. Magetime

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    It's a great build and I love the storyline and detail I will definitely be checking this out.
  7. Edomien

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    Thanks much! :) I'm not sure you guys/gals will be able to visit it forever though because my plot expires on November 25th, 2012. D: But, it's still nice to have built it. :) I'll be creating warps to all my other builds once they are complete.
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    I'm pretty sure you can request your plot to be moved over if you are promoted
  9. The_Mexicans

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    When I saw fraternal twins I thought of fraternities on college
  10. Edomien

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    Oh! I did ask if it could be moved before, but I got no answer. :l Looks like I'm paying a visit to the request section.
  11. Edomien

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    "Toga, toga, toga!" Hmm... :p