Palanquin Ship

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by Imosa, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I recently started work on the soul reason why I came to Shadecrest. To build my vision of the Palanquin Ship from the game Touhou: Unbelievable Fantastic Object. There's not much to see right now but it's slowly coming together. The full ship will be as wide as what it is now, about twice as tall and maybe as long as the elevated town next to it. The hull and sails will hopefully be in the style of a Chinese Junk, a design which I'm surprised I don't see a lot, including in normal interpretations of this distinctly Eastern ship.
    What you see right now is the temple held on its stern. My biggest issue so far is trying to get two towers on the back to fit comfortably while also letting the stern tapper to the end of the boat.

    A special thanks to KurkoBoltsi's drawing on DeviantArt for giving me my starting point.

    You can find this build at /warp PalanquinShip, or 1180, 65, 3920 in the Builder World.
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    can't wait to see it finished :)
  3. Imosa

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    Did some updating. I could really use help with figuring out what to do with the mast. Keep in mind that ship sails have length. and right now it looks like I would hit my temple. Anyone here good at making ships?
    Also more details in the album: Pictures
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    looking good :)