my updated plot build

Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by sioutdoors, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    since the wipe I always wanted to go back and do a plot build for old times sake. Well I had no idea the road it would lead me down. It seems this server has become far to girly. It has taken over my mind and im out of controll. So here it is purple and pink vommit GIRLY vommit. :)
    PS here is the purple for yeah NMBr
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  2. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    :cool: lol might be too girly for me lmfao
  3. adam_mills

    adam_mills Member

    -5 manhood
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  4. k9katz

    k9katz Member

    nice design and use of colors :)
  5. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    im gonna have to go build some flames or something now lol
  6. Imosa

    Imosa New Member

    I dunno, I'm not 100% on it. The purple and grey make an interesting combination and the second picture has me curious; however I don't like the combination in the first picture. Maybe because the darker stone doesn't work as well with the magenta and pink as it does with the purple.
    Also, add the BlockFlex, it'll man the build right up.
  7. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    It's all MINE!!! Don't disparage it. :mad: Ps. at least I'm planing to steal it if no one is looking. :D
  8. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    :'( It's not vomit..
  9. waterpower1

    waterpower1 Active Member

    This reminds me of a flower...