How to report a griefing.

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    Note: This is an almost exact grief report tutorial imaxorz made for survival server
    Please do not report something that is a waste of time for me to look at. Yes, it's annoying when someone breaks something of yours, but if it's something very easy to fix or 1-2 blocks please talk to the person who did it first to try and resolve it. Talk to them in game, or message them on the forum. If you can't contact them and they haven't done anything again please don't write here about it. It takes a lot of my free time to run the server, and I have other responsibilities too, so it really sucks to waste my time on very minor things.

    Make sure you read this thread thoroughly before starting a new thread. Follow the format I ask you to if you want any help. Also, please ONLY report if YOUR structure/house got griefed not someone else's, they can do it themselves.

    Please use or any other free services to upload the screen shots.

    To report a griefing incident you can use the /prism i to check who made edits on a block.

    How to use /prism i
    1: Type in /prism i in chat.
    2: Now you can left click a block or right click where a block should be, make sure you arenot holding anything. If you are trying to see who placed a certain block click it with the/prism i. If you got griefed and there is a block missing, left click where the block should be with /prism i.
    3: When done type /prism i again to exit the prism tool

    Include screenshots in your thread! To get a screenshot, resize Minecraft window so it's not full screen. (screen shots will be the same size as your Minecraft window) To get a screenshot while in game press "F2" on your keyboard. The screenshots are saved inside a "screenshots" folder that is located inside your Minecraft fodlder, by default that location is C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots

    To report a a griefing incident please start a new thread then copy, paste, and answer the form below.

    [b]What is your IGN?[/b]
    [b]Coordinates of the location (use /getpos to display the coordinates X,Y,Z)[/b]
    [b]What would was the griefing on?[/b]
    [b]What exactly got griefed?  Please be specific.[/b]
    [b]About how many blocks were broken/replaced?[/b]
    [b]Who did the griefing?[/b]
    [b]Did you talk to the player who did the griefing?[/b]
    [b]What did they say?[/b]
    [b]Do you think they should be banned for this?[/b]
    [b]Did you include screen shots? (You must)[/b]
    [b]Do you need an admin to come and rollback the damage?[/b]
    If you answered yes to the last questions DO NOT rebuild anything yourself.

    Don't forget to include screenshots of what the Super Sticks say, and an over all screen shot so I can tell what the griefed structure looks like.


    What is your IGN?

    Coordinates of the location (use /getpos to display the coordinates X Y and Z)
    200 80 -350

    What exactly got griefed? Please be specific.
    Window and dirt blocks.

    About how many blocks were broken/replaced?

    Who did the griefing?

    Did you talk to the player who did the griefing?

    What did they say?

    Do you think they should be banned for this?

    Did you include screen shots? (You must)
    Yes, because I actually want some one to look at this.

    Do you need an admin to come and rollback the damage?
    No, I fixed it myself.

    Please follow same format!
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