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  1. Pieman_Is_God

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    Please can you remove Pie's Pieces off, business is slow and its time to shut up shop :(
  2. InvaderZar

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    IGN: InvaderZar

    Name: Zar's Zymurgy.

    Warp: /home InvaderZar

    Thread: N/A

    Noun. The study or practice of fermentation in brewing, winemaking, or distilling.
    And that's just what we plan to do here! We've got every kind of potion you could ever need! I even try to steadily keep regeneration stocked! So pop by whenever you need to and put away your old brewing stand, and lend this poor gal some money and attention!
  3. sharqman

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    added, summarized the discription
  4. Legend9468

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    Legend9468 - Ailtire

    No warp yet, will post in the future.

    Thread is here.

    An Architectural firm, from which you may hire out my services as a Creative Architect to better your build or create an entirely new one for you!
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  6. devilfish281

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    IGN: Devilfish281
    Shop Name: Devilfish281 Shop
    Shop Warp: /warp NoNameCity
    Shop Thread(optional):
    Short Description:We sell Armor, Food, Tools, Building Blocks and 16 colors of Wool
  7. majestic_moose

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    Probably time to clean up
    /home InvarderZar and /home Williamtu4 is no longer a shop
    /home mightymcc has about 4ish things stocked, used once in the last 2 months, /home kingofall2 is now just a mob arena (any plans for this @Kingofall2?) , /warp imaxorz still has some food.

    Are there any other player shops that people know of?
    edit: Jasperli has a shop
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  8. TheTechGeek245

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    Um thetech mall is coming in soon right now the only thing stocked is some enchanted books but it will be a full blown shop by the end of the month with warp best way to get to it /t spawn Siliconia and follow the signs Mose is right about those shops
  9. SpaceCadetKevin

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    Warp spaceshop doesn't get much action and I've long since stopped stocking items. Will probably use the warp for something else in the future.

    From the Space phone.
  10. TheTechGeek245

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    IGN: TheTechGeek245
    Shop Name: TechMall
    Shop Warp: /warp techmall
    Shop Thread(optional):
    Short Description: selling a wide range of products since 2014
    Also is it possible to advertise it at spawn
  11. MyEternalPassion

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    IGN: MyEternalPassion
    Shop Name: PotionShop
    Shop Warp: /warp potionshop
    Short description: Sells potions of all kinds, an exclusive item of the week, and ores.

    Shop thread:
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  12. dochalfday

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    IGN: dochalfday (and robot9ninja)
    Shop Name:
    Shop Warp:
    /warp random
    Shop Thread(optional):
    Short Description:
    Selling a random selection of surplus items
  13. ndvenckus1

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    I've added your shop and removed all the inactive ones, but I have a feeling we won't be using the wiki directory much longer. It's in an obscure location and can't be altered from in-game, which creates more annoying maintenance for us. I'd like to incorporate something like this into the new plugin/webpage that Erik and Cyber are working on, so we can maintain a simple list of active shops that can be viewed and maintained in-game or from the webpage.