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    As Shade Crest Creative has grown Max is looking for new admins, and he asked me to make the post for him. If you are signing up please remember with all the fun of being an admin comes all the responsibilities as well. As an admin you will have to check modreq, approve or deny build apps and help clean all the maps. Also as an admin of Shade Crest you will need to present your self as a leader and help others while protecting the server. You will need to be respectful and courteous at all times and act as an ambassador to the server, as well as keeping a regular presence on the forums. If this sounds like the kind of player you are or want to be then please fill out this short app. Not all that apply will be accepted. If you have any question feel free to contact me via pm.

    limitations on applying
    1: you must be at least 17
    2: creative rank must be builder II or higher

    please fill this out in your response here
    Current Rank:
    Why do you want to be an Admin:
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin:
    How will you contribute:
    When are you usually online:
    What timezone are you in:
  2. A360P

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    IGN: A360P
    Current Rank: Architect
    Why do you want to be an Admin:I have loved being an architect on this server to no end, it is nice to have the respect of some of the new players as well as some of the current admins. I would like to be an admin simply because I enjoy helping others out, and this is my best route. I don't care about the perks, as I already have VS which is the only perk i would want aside from promoting people.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I feel that all I have done on this server has only ever seen me progressing my skillset, I have never been an admin before and am keen to learn. I am loyal to this server, and as soon as I have time, fully intend to be more active on the server and in promoting the server too.
    How will you contribute: I will be more active in giving direct advice to guests and lower ranks, and also want to run my own 'lessons' on the server (I have tried this once and enjoyed it lots:D). I also have a little youtube channel, which I record on whenever I have time (should be pretty regular after my exams are over) and this could be a gateway to further advertisment. I have also contributed to the shadecrest community by putting lots of time and effort into building one of the hunger games maps which Teg led (hopefully she can vouch for that) and intend to blitz out a few more shortly :)
    When are you usually online: It varies really, usually; mornings, evenings and the early hours :p (student life)
    What timezone are you in: GMT

    thank you for considering my app :)

    Also AnnodynS you should apply IMO, as you are well respected on the server even though you have only been on the server for a short time
  3. AnnodynS

    AnnodynS Guest

    IGN: AnnodynS
    Age: 40+
    Current Rank: VIP(red) Builder II

    Why do you want to be an Admin: Mostly, I have seen the increased need for Admins while I've been here and knowing what it's like to be shorthanded and the additional pressure it puts on the admins already in place, I want to help so as to make Shadecrest a better place and experience for both the players and the staff. I would so love to put my heart and energies in to making Shadecrest creative a great place to be and to know that the new players needs for reviews, teaching, and oversight would be met, the rules would be taught and the players encouraged to follow those rules. I would also love to help make it possible for the admins to have time to build and create as well as serve the community. All work and no play is not fun for anyone.

    After a year on one other server, I have retired from a severe survival, trolling, stealing, greifing, pvping environment ( the first server we happened upon) to find a server that promoted the MC values I believe in most. As a result, Shadecrest is my new server home. Recently, I stepped down from my leadership role at my former server this month after helping them get new staff in place. Whereever I am I want to contribute and believe working as admin is the best way to do that. I have always loved helping players and in fact cannot do anything else. To do that on a creative server where building is the main focus is like a bit of Minecraft heaven to me. :)

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: First and foremost, I love helping players of all ages.. I love to see them succeed whether in building, getting along, or just enjoying MC. It is second nature to me to help first and build 2nd. I also feel very strongly about protecting the server and players from those who would detract from that experience. I have no problem dealing with spammers, hackers, griefers, etc but do not lose my cool just because they are trolling or abusive. You will NEVER see me lose my temper. I am always respectful and courteous even if the other party is not. I don't take that sort of thing personally.

    I have been admining for over a year and have used W. E. for most of that time to maintain spawn and the server map. I am very good at learning new plugins and am self-teaching going straight to google to see how they work. I'm also very careful with W.E. so as not to cause undue lag. I am used to removing plots and dealing with grief and am hard worker.. and feel it my responsibility to help make the server successful. I truly love and believe in Shadecrest as a server. Already, my whole family has moved from our former server (where we are still well loved) to your servers. I play regularly on all three of your servers Creative, FTB, and Survival and know your website and rules very well too. I am already (I believe) :) known and loved by most players.. so they would not feel odd about me being ranked to that. ( I feel this is important as a total stranger would not be well received as admin.)

    Most of the staff, architects, builders, and VIPs know me very well and I think would all give their approval. If they didn't I wouldn't want to be in this role. They are my friends and have taught me so much in the last two months in terms of building. Sioutdoors, Killor, A360, Pie, Trukklob, QuietSea, Archenemy, Legend, Cano, Chronos, Creeper and Gurra are just a few of my closest friends on the server that I visit with often or help. I have been building on Si's city Aire, have assisted Killor building on his big build. Pie and I built a shopping center together, and four of these players are part of the FTB team I am a part of. We play FTB very late at night. I only mention this as I know I am newer than most who will be applying. :)

    Also, as much as I love socializing with and working with staff and experienced builders, I have a real soft spot for new players. :) I take the time to show them other plots where they can learn how to improve their builds and the new players often visit me just to hang out at my own build the Parthenon. I play games with the younger players just to help build community and because it can be very entertaining lol. New players need to be welcomed and treated with respect regardless of age and I've not outgrown that. :) I still love to 'play' MC. Kindness, diligence, patience, self-control, and respect for others are my strongest qualities.

    How will you contribute: I love teaching players whether it's new builders, experienced ones, or even VIP's learning to use W.E. for the first time. I also am very serious about trouble makers and have gotten very good at dealing with them over the last year. (Admittedly .. a year ago this was not my strongest quality--but I sure learned in a hurry. :) ) I may be 'nice' in most peoples eyes (even too nice Nav would say) but when it comes to dealing with troublemakers, I'm very comfortable dealing with that decisively.

    My only weekness is that I am still learning to gauge the differences between the lower ranks ie. Builder I and II. Recently, I asked you SI, permission to hang out when you do reviews, so I can get a better feel for this. I have also taken to visiting the travel room to help me with that.

    I am learning how to be as straightforward and specific as possible in plot reviews :D and have done many in the last two months. I am comfortable with managing forums, websites, posting, W.E. (not voxel), can and am already helping new users of W. E. on Shadecrest. Because it is second nature to maintain the server map, you could expect a lot of help from me with that. My heart is to build community amongst the players, encourage good building and help make the server successful in whatever way is necessary including advertising.

    Another way I could contribute is helping any new admins who are not used to W.E. or perhaps the commands usually used by admins. I do know that you use something besides bukkit so there would be a lot of new things for me to learn too of course. :)

    When are you usually online: I am on ( off and on) in the morning from 8-12 and in the evenings from 8pm-12am I can easily change these hours as I am a stay-at-home mom with flexible hours. Whatever you need most, I can change to.

    What timezone are you in: CST (Texas)
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  4. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    I'll teach you voxel if you get the promo :) (I hope you do GOOD LUCK (caps were necessary)).
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  5. iamenrique123

    iamenrique123 Active Member VIP

    Good Luck all of you! I'm not applying but I'm excited to see a new admin
  6. sioutdoors

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    anno take a breath dang lol
  7. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    LOL :p, trademark Ann
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    Lol yeah guys, can we keep this thread to just applications posts please? They may have to get deleted if this gets out of hand.

    Thank you :)
  9. Pelle_Sudden

    Pelle_Sudden Member Creative Architect

    IGN: Pelle_Sudden
    Age: 21
    Current Rank: Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I really like to see what different things other builders are building and I like to help them out as much as I can. As admin I would get the chance to help players more efficient and I'd hope to ease the burden of the other admins.
    I don't really care about the perks of being an admin because I rarely use those tools anyway.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin:You should pick me cause I'm dedicated to the things that i apply for. I'm always calm and I allways try to be encouraging and nice to whom I ever talks to .
    How will you contribute: I have noticed that there often is very few admins online during the time when i play. So I figured that it would be better to have someone who could keep the chat clean, answering simple questions and modreq:s during that time. Than having none at all. Sadly I think my chances of being an admin is quite limited since I'm not used to voxel and because my english gramar is quite bad and because I've never been an admin before...
    What Im trying to say is I'd be happy to help out if you are in need of more people, but I think players such as A360 and AnnodynS are more fitting for the job.
    When are you usually online:
    When I have the time, that is mostly somewhere between 13:00 and 01:00 (CET).
    What timezone are you in:
  10. Abdullahj

    Abdullahj Active Member

    Age 17? I am not applying for admin, but I am curious as to why this is a requirement. This is the first misstep I have seen in this server because age should not matter. As long as you can be trusted, and you are nice, you should have a chance. I understand that you would prefer people with more life experience but by the time that I am 17, I may not have any interest in Minecraft. That would be about three years from now. Minecraft seems like a fad to most people. A lot of people in my school say that they only play minecraft so they do not feel left out of conversations concerning the game. These kind of people will not be playing the game after a year. They will lose their interest. I love this game, but I probably will not still be playing it when I am 17. If grammar is an issue, than test that. You should not just cut an entire age group out of the equation. Minecraft is a videogame, And on every videogame, (even if they are not for children), there will still be children playing it. Some will be obnoxious, some will be dull, some might be downright mean, but occasionally, there will be one 12 year old who cares for classic novels, who loves giving more than getting, and who really deserve that rank up. I am not one of those people, but I am sure that there is a person out there on shadecrest below the proper age, who really should be an admin. In case you all have forgotten, Admins have another job: Make people happy. To make someone happy, it is much easier if you can relate to them. I have lost my mother, and it was easier to talk about it to other people who have lost a parent. The same applies to many things. Please, consider some kind of rule change.
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  11. A360P

    A360P Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Firstly, I understand where you are coming from I really do. But, quiet has asked to keep this thread to applications only as our conversations were getting out of hand (I know i'm becoming a repeat offender by replying to this, but i feel that things need to be said). Also, the age limit is not necessarily meant to be a patronizing rule, but rather a case of maturity. Based on what you have said, you seem to believe that maturity comes from acting like an adult but this is not the case. Maturity comes from experience in life and from understanding what to say and or not to say in reaction to others as well as much more. Also, no matter what you say that a younger child may behave more maturely than an older admin does not make them any less of a child and children a prone to many things that can reflect badly on their judgement. For example; mood swings, prejudice etc.

    I could go on, but I don't want to make a thing out of this. If you want to continue this discussion post a new thread (don't just reply here) and add me by placing an @ before my IGN e.g. @ A360P (without the space).
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  12. Pieman_Is_God

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    Damn you Siout! :p
    IGN: Pieman_Is_God
    Age: 16 (turn 17 early feb)
    Current Rank: II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I like to help out on the server in general( infact all servers) wether it be replying to a guests question or giving someone a helping hand I can be willing to do it. I work as a football coach with ages such as 8 - 13 and have a good understanding of people skills. I feel i can contribute ideas and suggestions to everyone and the server and try to make things fun and enjoyable. I have helped sioutdoors out with a server contest for Builder I and up, it has been going fairly well and I am often trying to push it in game, on here and on the mcforums. I take part in all things I can e.g Mount Aerie community build, the contest, survival games server. I think this role would be handy for me as I can help out with more things and support other people in their activities :)
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I have a good knowledge of behavior and the rules, I understand when to use common sense and when people are crossing the line. Once again with the coaching I understand how to discipline correctly. I have a good knowledge of commands for all tools (I used to help out on a very old server). I have been on the server a fair while (./seen jul 29 ) now and have gotten to know the community and have also seen many different situations happen giving me a wider variety of knowledge of how to deal with certain stuff.
    How will you contribute: I am from england(I think there aren't many english admins) so I can be on at times when there are fewer admins and I am often finding ways to push the server on, wether it be voting, bumping threads or pushing people onto the forums. I am happy to help with modreqs and all the nitty gritty problems guests often throw out
    When are you usually online: I am often on all the time xD I am in 6th form so school times vary but I am almost always on 4 onwards into the evening(aside from when football + coaching pop up typically on fridays, saturdays and sundays)
    What timezone are you in: GMT
    Thanks for reading :)
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  13. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Abdullahj, your asking the policy to be based around a small minority rather than the vast majority. Max is looking for mature admins. There is undeniable correlation between age and maturity level even with a rare exception. The age restriction is nothing more than a logical step to reduce the number of unqualified applications.

    If this needs any further discussion, create a new thread or private conversation. Any posts beyond this that are not applications will be removed.
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  14. Croffesional

    Croffesional Member

    IGN: Croffesional
    Age: 17, but I know a lot of you think Im 13 but Im not, Im sorry for lying before, I did it because on other servers some people dont like guys a bit older then them.
    Current rank: Builder II but my Architect apply is going well for now ;)
    Why do I want to be admin: I have always said and am saying now that I like helping people, judging builds, and Im sure doing modreqs will be fun (at least for a while lol)
    Why should you pick me to be an admin: I beleve I can contribute a lot to the community by helping people and doing modreqs, I already have a lot of friends and I would always like to make new ones. Since I joined I wanted to be an admin and this is probably my one and only chance, and Ive joined a long time ago. I would always like to help by giving guests and lower ranks advices. I have been an admin before so I am familiar with the commands (at least most of them) and I would like to have a vote on the Architect applications. I know everything about the server, I know the rules and everyone can ask me what ever they want. I would say Im friendly, Im dedicated to the server and I know elnglish very well lol.
    How will I contribute: I think I said everything in the previous question.
    When are you usually online: Well, tbh I havent been online too much in the previous time but thats about to change back. Before some time Ive been online for 2 - 5 hours a day, sometimes even up to 10 (I know Im addicted -.-'). I havent been online so often in the past 2 weeks because there was a lot of work to do for high school. Like I said thats about to change very soon :)
    What timezone am I in: My timezone is UTC+01:00 (CET) according to the Wiki.
  15. Lionfish12

    Lionfish12 Active Member Creative Architect

    Oh gosh, Ann, you are most definitely getting admin, why do you even need to apply? xD

    IGN: Lionfish12

    Age: 18

    Current Rank: Architect

    Why do you want to be an Admin: I really want to be become an admin mainly because I love helping out people on the server. I love going to others builds and giving advice, helping them out with world edit, and just helping anyone out that needs it. I want to be able to help with the upkeep of this server, be able to enforce the laws and also be able to input more of my ideas to benefit the server. I also want to be an admin because I notice that a lot of the admin on the server only come on occasionally when they have time, and I am usually always on the server because honestly, I have no life, haha. My time schedule is really flexible so I will be able to be on at time when no one else is.
    The last reason I want to become an admin is because they are an authority figure, someone who is looked up to on the server and who everyone goes to for advice. I'm not saying I want to be admin because they are the top rank and head of the server, but because they're like a leader in the server, and I want to be someone that others look up to in respect and as an example.

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I've been on this server for awhile and I know all the rules, how things run, and I have a basic idea on how being an admin on a server works because I have ran a server and been an admin on a couple servers before. I also love to help others in what ever ways possible. I know the admins always complain about how they have to do mod requests, but honestly I think that would be really fun to see what others are building and being able to help them improve and become a better builder, and get to watch them improve and grow as a builder.
    I think another reason I should be admin is because I get along well with others and I feel like it's really important to have a nice admin as a face for your server. I don't easily get mad, I can take a joke, and I know how to handle arguments without raging out on the forums. Although I'm barely 18, I feel like I can be fairly sophisticated so I won't be abusing the admin powers or not take my job seriously. I understand all the responsibility that comes with being an admin and I tread things like this as if it were a real paying job.

    How will you contribute: Like I said above, I feel like the biggest thing I can contribute is my time. I am very active on the server and I have a flexible schedule so I will be able to get on and stay on for as long as needed most of the time. Also, I will contribute to the server on the forums, I am on the forums every day checking the posts and giving my opinion and suggestions when I can (Although, I could be better at it, haha)
    I think just overall being an admin will be contributing (Which sounds cheesy) just by being able to be on the server monitoring the posts, enforcing the rules, doing mod requests, and just being an extra hand to help whenever it is needed. I am always willing to help, even if I am busy, and I will do anything that is asked of me. :)

    When are you usually online: On weekdays I'm on after school, and it really depends on my amount of homework how much I will be on. Typically, I will be on for about 3-5 hours or more on weekdays, and you can find me popping in and out of the server all day on the weekends. Like I said, I have a flexible schedule.

    What timezone are you in: I'm in pacific timezone.

    Thank you so much for reading, I'm not sure if I have a very good shot at this, but I may as well give it a shot. :)
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  16. TheOnlyGurra

    TheOnlyGurra Active Member Creative Architect

    strange how u are 17 now Croffesional, since last time that u could apply for admin the limit was 15, and u where complaining and begging for us to make an exception
  17. Pieman_Is_God

    Pieman_Is_God Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Not to poop on anyones parade but I am just going to regurgitate what milla said lol
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  18. ECompany101

    ECompany101 New Member Creative Architect

    Current Rank:Architect
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I would like to be admin because I would like to help this server in any way possible I also like to have a laugh with everyone on the server, and yes I do correct grammar and spelling but this is good. I would love a new challenge to help the server grow and input ideas into the server.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: You should pick me to be admin as I am well respected and mature person. I have also been coming on this server for almost a year now. I always contibute well balanced and helpful ideas to peoples builds when they ask me to help as I am often who they look up to when there are no othe Arches/Admins online at the time. This seems to be the times I am on such as weekend mornings in the UK (So during the night in the US area.) I think this prevents some good builder getting promoted.
    How will you contribute: I will contibute to the server by helping all players. Wether it is with being promoted, building ideas, rule enforcement or World Editing help. I will be there. I will try and be on most nights during the week and weekend during the day.
    When are you usually online: Mon-Fri: 17:00 - 22:00 Sat-Sun 10:00 - 22:00 (though not continuously xD)
    What timezone are you in: GMT (UTC+O)

    I have updated and edited my post now. :)
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  19. Mcdonaldman56

    Mcdonaldman56 New Member

    Age: 17
    Current Rank: Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I'm on this server just about everyday anyway, so I might as well help out with any problems people might have or just help complete modreqs.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I do my best to help out as much as possible as my current rank, even though sometimes i may not be able to do as much as I'd like. I'd be online alot throughout the week, and would be able to contribute to just about anything going on with the server.
    How will you contribute: I will contribute by helping anybody on the server who needs a hand. Whatever kind of help is needed, I will do my best to try and get it sorted and to make sure everyone in need is being helped.
    When are you usually online:
    Weekdays anytime from 3:30-11:00. (Usually for a few hours)
    Weekends anytime throughout the day. Again, usually on for a few hours at a time, check in every couple hours too.
    What timezone are you in: Eastern Standard Time
  20. Chronos

    Chronos Active Member

    Current Rank:Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: To help the community grow and help others, keep things organized and keep people happy all tho you cannot make everyone happy.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I am a very trustworthy person I have ran multiple high end raiding guild's on WoW as the Guild leader and Assistant in numerous guilds. I have a great personality i don't rage over things i just find a way to solve them.
    How will you contribute: Helping out new players and anyone that needs help i like helping people and i am a very generous person.
    When are you usually online:During day hours and some time late at night
    What timezone are you in: CST

    I deleted my first post and Remade it.
    Best luck to all who get Admin Status !
    Grats anno, pie, lion, and A360P