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  1. QuietSea

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    It's even possible to get admin even if you don't make the age limit...we've had it happen before only because they showed a lot more maturity than their peers.
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  2. TehRawB

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    would be alot of admins running around otherwise :p
  3. Warlordofnotch

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    IGN: Warlordofnotch
    Age: 11 [12 in July] [Please give me a chance and read the app]

    Current Rank: Builder [II]
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to be an admin so i can help people out and so they have an admin to look up to as a friend and a superior, I will also Help people out by telling them ways to improve there builds like i always have, I am also very nice and I will not shove a big no in there face i will tell them that they have to improve it a bit then try again. I am also really fun and i like to help out all the time, I am never mean on your server no matter what because I enjoy the server so much.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: You should pick me to be an admin so more people enjoy the server and they tell there friends about it i will bring joy to The shadecrest server.
    How will you contribute: I will contribute by helping guests and getting more people to enjoy the server.
    When are you usually online: I am usually on at 4:00 pm on Week days but on weekends i am usually on all the time, i am also on the server all the time.
    What timezone are you in: Cst
  4. sioutdoors

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    While this is a good app, you must realize that we have a minimum age for a valid reason. Thanks for applying, while I have to say no I'm certainly not the final answer for applicants.
  5. Snarferman

    Snarferman Member

    IGN: Snarferman
    Age: 17
    Current Rank: Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to become admin because I love the people on this server and I love the server its self, and I feel its my duty to help this server grow and expand. Not to mention, I'm on at a time when most admins aren't, so that can help.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: You should pick me because I am very nice and mature.
    How will you contribute: My main focus will be in issues with players, such as new people needing help figuring out what is expected of them for Builder I.
    When are you usually online: All day on weekends and about 3:00pm to 7:00pm on weekdays.
    What timezone are you in: Eastern Coast Time
  6. Xoobang

    Xoobang New Member

    Current Rank:Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to be an admin because I want to help. From giving advice to looking at applications and needs of help i don't. Applications from people will increase as the server grows.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: You should pick me for a admin because I enjoy being on all the time. Plus all be able to get on before 6:00am to take a peak at the server.
    How will you contribute: I will contribute by being able to get on the server at weird intervals of time to calm down any fighting or give advice to the people that need it. From the Builder II to the Guest and Noob. I will help them all.
    When are you usually online: 6:30pm-8:30pm(weekdays) 7:00am-10:00pm weekends
    What timezone are you in:pST
  7. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    IGN: Navarog
    Age: 15 and a half
    Current Rank: VIP II (Builder II before)
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I badly want to help the server in more than the menial way that it's possible for me to do so at my current rank.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: I've been frequenting Shadecrest almost daily for nearly a year now, I'm maturer.
    How will you contribute: Doing modreqs, moderating chat, participating on the forums in a more meaningful way, cleaing plotworld, helping people out.
    When are you usually online: Most times after about 3:30 to 4:00 on weekdays during school (I'll be online much more during the Summer). On the weekends I'm online on and off most of the day.
    What timezone are you in: Eastern-Standard Time
  8. trukklob

    trukklob Active Member Creative Architect

    IGN: trukklob

    Age: 27 (*cough- so old...)
    Current Rank: Architect
    Why do you want to be an Admin:
    I would like to be an "admin" for Shadecrest in order to promote the server, and to continue to help maintain the high standards I have come to enjoy as a frequent visitor/ player of the various Shadecrest maps. I still believe that this is the most well run Minecraft server I have yet to play on, and I would enjoy the chance to contribute more time and energy into the further enhancement of the server in general.

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin:
    As most people who interact with me on the server will tell you, I am a very laid back and friendly player who enjoys both viewing, and assisting with builds. I have a keen eye for detail, and a positive, albeit tough sense of what a good build is, which could certainly aid in the review and promotion process. I am fairly familiar with the "world edit" commands, although further coaching with voxelsniper will be needed. I have only been "kicked" from the server once (recently actually, I think by creeperkiller...?) but otherwise have never been banned/kicked. My fair attitude towards players, and my appreciation for the continued quality of the server would result in a reliant, positive admin in the vein of AnnodynS. <3 (except... i'm a guy :p ) (p.s. anno rulez 0_o)

    How will you contribute:
    My primary contribution would be to bring a sense of urgency for addressing player issues, followed by a strong desire to maintain a high level of quality when it comes to player builds. I can spot problems fairly quickly (grief, trolls, etc.), which will help me in maintaining server integrity. I also have a unique building style, which I hope will eventually benefit the in-game world more than it does now. Ultimately, the creative server is all about building in a community that is designed to recognize and promote talent within the confines of the Minecraft game. My perspective on the game, having played it for over 2 years, and my appreciation for the server access (having played on so many poorly run servers in the past), combined with my friendly disposition will culminate in a good (if only randomly available), Shadecrest admin.

    When are you usually online: Random!! I work 60+ hours a week in my "irl" job... (retail, am I right-?) I tend to have late nights open, past 11:00pm, as well as a few full weekdays like Tuesdays and Thursdays off. Although, with any new admin responsibilities, my daily availability would likely increase! :D
    What timezone are you in: CST, U.S.

    Thanks for your consideration! I know that my history on the server is relatively short, but I would enjoy the opportunity to participate in this process of which I have really come to enjoy! :D


    (the penguin... he haunts miDreamzz_) xD lol-
  9. Gman0017

    Gman0017 New Member

    Age:14 (almost 15)
    Current Rank: Beginner Rank
    Why do you want to be an admin: I wan to become an admin on this server because I want to help in any way on this server. Also, I try to help when possible on anything.
    Why should we pick you as an admin: I feel that you should pick me as an admin because I am very mature. Also, because I have much experience of being an admin.
    How will you contribute: I contribute by checking modreqs, helping server players, making sure everyone follows server rules, and by coming on everyday to check on the server. I will also check the forums.
    When are you usually online: I try to come on whenever possible. But, I would have to say about atleast 2 to 3 hours.
    What timezone are you in: I am in the central timezone
    P.s My builds never get accepted for some reason because some say it is to cornered. Like, I built one that went diagonal and straight. Also, I didn't know if I was supposed to post here. Sorry if its in the wrong place.
  10. sioutdoors

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    looks as if you don't meet the minimum requirements sorry.
  11. stlnaturals

    stlnaturals Member VIP

    IGN: stlnaturals
    Age: 16
    Current Rank: Builder II
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to become Admin because I love to help people. Also I feel that I am very mature for my age, and I feel like a lot of people on this server respect me so in turn I could return all the respect I have gotten and give it to everyone. Also I would like to help this community grow even more as this is my favorite server I would love to see it achieve and grow and I would love to help it. Also I have noticed that not a lot of admins are on during my time when i am on so I believe I could be on and watch over stuff.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: You should pick me to become admin becasue as I said I am very mature for my age, and not much people are on during my time.
    How will you contribute: I will contribute by doing modreqs and makin sure everything is ok in chat, and I can help guests and everyone with ideas and stuff,
    When are you usually online: I am usually online from 7ish to 10ish on weekdays and usually most of the day during the weekend
    What timezone are you in: Im in Central Time Zone in America
    EDIT: I turned 16 May 2nd
  12. PikaXeD

    PikaXeD New Member VIP

    I am one year younger than the age limit, but am more mature than most people
    [Current Rank]
    Builder II (VIP II)
    [Why do you want to be an Admin?]
    I am a very eager player, whenever I join a server, I stay extremely active, and I am almost always on every day. This is important, especially because I live in Australia, as I feel like there aren't enough moderators or administrators on during our afternoons. This having been such a huge issue for me, I have decided to take action, so that others who live in Asia/Oceania can count on having a staff member during standard AEST hours.​
    Also, being a player who thoroughly enjoys socialising with anyone who is in chat, I would like to be able to do more than give advice or tell people to wait patiently for a staff member. Answering mod requests are sometimes a bland and monotonous task to handle, and I personally believe that I would be great at that type of work (seeing as schoolwork fits that description perfectly). ​
    Finally, I have been on far too many servers to count, and the case for me leaving each one is usually watching its community fall to pieces. Griefers and trolls end up destroying everything, the staff ignoring it all, being sick and tired of dealing with complaints. The legitimate server population turns from happy to unhappy, then to gone. From there on, it all goes downhill. The process is quite saddening to see, even for a server on which you've played a few hours. Now, I know that Shadecrest is a far cry from what i'm describing, due to all the rigorous protection that the server has, but there are still things like trolls, spammers, advertisers and people who build cobble structures which they abandon. I would like to be a part of the force of people who moderate/control/eliminate these such things, as it would not only give me a sense of pride, it would also give me a sense of satisfaction for helping the community.​

    [Why should we pick you to be an Admin?]
    To be plain and upfront, there is no reason you should pick me. Everyone you could possibly want is already in the team of staff that run Shadecrest Creative. All the administrators are unbelievably skilled builders, great at diffusing bad situations, giving honest advice and extremely fun to talk to. ​
    However, just in case this is a required thing, I'm going to state a few things I am good at.​
    I am very familiar with the plugins on this server and their commands. PlotMe is an old friend, as is WorldEdit, although VoxelSniper needs some touching up on. However, I am a fast learner, and have quickly mastered any plugin that a server has to offer. I'm not the type of person who accidentally types in the wrong command and breaks something, I will ask or search it up on Google if I am not 100% sure. The rest of the mods, like Essentials and Modreq I am extremely competent with. Having had run a server before, I know everything from /kits to server file configuration.​
    Computers are my friend, which is precisely why I know everything about them. Servers for Minecraft are strangely fragile, and even the simplest things can cause crashes or unprecedented lag spikes. From my years of experience as staff on various servers and being the owner of my own private server, I have learnt all about the Vanilla and Bukkit servers (though only Bukkit knowledge would be useful for this server). I know how many blocks Worldedit can handle without lag, and the amount of mobs there (optimally) should be. I also know how to clean up corrupted blocks/chunks and insane block spills.​
    Being an extremely sociable person online, I will usually engage the server in conversation, and add to it in ways I can. During the time I was around, if there were more than three people on, I would always start a conversation, often making many new friends in the process, like Siout, Quietsea, Z_Milla, Navarog and even iMaxorz. I think that engaging in conversation with the rest of the server is not only a valuable bonding experience, it also adds a lucrative enticement for them to stay, and play. It's not every day you join a server with an awesome community, nor a server which you can quickly make friends.​
    Unlike some admins, I will always spare some time to give you advice for your build, or to just pop by and watch your progress. I have a strange feeling of connection with new players, probably because I remember that feel of being a newbie, and wanting some company while I build, or some constructive criticism, and seeing the typical 'sorry, busy' or even worse, completely being ignored, in chat. I won't only comment on what people have built, I will also give people my opinion on what they could add or build next. I just love watching people becoming better and better players. Seeing a newbie you helped over a month ago, and now they're Builder II. You can't get that satisfaction any other way.​
    A final added bonus is my memory. I have a very good memory, meaning if someone asks me something about the server, I can answer without needing to refer to the Wiki. I can also instantly tell if a player is breaking the rules, instead of sifting through the rules section.​

    [How will you contribute?]
    I will devote myself to helping the newbies with anything they need. Advice, ideas, tips, a person to talk to or even some company, you name it, I'm there. I know that place, I've been there, done that, and I would like everyone to have the best experience possible, even as a newb. I won't be the guy who ignores you in chat, or even the guy who tells you they will 'be there in a sec'.​
    There has been a surprising lack of staff for the AEST time zone, and I would like to fill that position, so people who submit their Mod Requests will have them answered, pronto. Questions, queries and errors will and can be directed to me, and I will respond to those as fast as I can.​
    Other than that, I think I have covered it all in the section above this.
    Oops. ​

    [When are you usually online?]
    I am on pretty much every day, 4-8pm AEST unless I have something super-important.
    [What timezone are you in?]
    I live in Melbourne, which is AEST​
    P.S. I know I was away from the server for quite a while, I think the time span of three months. This is due to my crammed schedule, and I promise that won't be bothering me anymore. ​
    Thank you for taking the time to read this application.

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    well written app ive never seen you on tho....
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    I haven't been on in quite a while now. It's just been so busy for me recently.
    I've just moved houses, and school (until recently) kept molesting my free time...
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    Makes it really hard for us to judge what kind of person you are whitout having seen you online tho. Even if the app is well written we dont have any idea at all how you behave ingame.
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    You wrote like a novel bro .-.
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    lol look at AnnodynS on page 1
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    this is longer than my admin app, and all three of my failed arch apps combined!!! :D

    P.S. (i'm totally not addicted to hexxit atm... not at all... brb, gonna go play hexxit)
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  20. PikaXeD

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    I know that it is extremely hard to judge someone you don't know, so could you put my application on hold for a month or so, so you can make up your mind?

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