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    Honored to see another epic app. But in my defense, I'd never seen an admin app when I made mine. When I started writing there were no apps on the thread.. then two or three people applied while I was still writing. XD

    Oh my gosh.. I just read my app and am blushing for having written so much. *red face
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  2. North_Korean

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    IGN: North_Korean

    Age: 17

    Current Rank: VIP II

    Why do you want to be an Admin: I have been on shadecrest for 2 years and in all honesty I've never really done anything to make a difference on the server. I would like to be given the chance to help out around the server. I have become more active in the community as a whole. Over this summer alone I have posted I believe over 50 times. I believe I have matured enough to be trusted with this responsibility.

    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: Because you believe I have the ability to be a staff member. If not then don't pick me.

    How will you contribute: I would help in anything needed. All you would need to do is ask me to do something. Generally I am available almost everyday someone would just have to get my attention(fairly easy)

    When are you usually online: 11am-6pm(summer hours)

    What timezone are you in: Central right now, normally eastern.
  3. christineia28

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    IGN: Christineia28
    Age: 17
    Current Rank: Builder 11
    Why do you want to be an Admin: I want to see Shadecrest community grow and become a great server and a fun experience for all involved. I Love helping others with their builds, and I love to see fellow builders succeed in something that they worked so hard to accomplish. I also would love to spend my time and energy helping teach and guide those who have just started out in the world of building in minecraft! It's such a fun game and great server that I want everybody to have a good time.
    Why should we pick you to be an Admin: First, I am a calm and helpful person, if someone runs into trouble I would have no problem helping them. I also have no problems dealing with spammers and hackers. I want to see everyone have a great time, and I love reviewing other people's builds and watching their talents grow! I am respectful to all and I love meeting and speaking to new and old players alike. I do have to say I am fairly new to the server but I have met a great amount of people in that period of time, and everyone is very friendly and courteous that I would love to have a bigger role in helping them out and returning the help and kindness that they showed me when I first joined.
    How will you contribute: I love helping new and old players alike with their builds. (Like I previously said,) I have no problem with spammers or abusive, aggressive people. I also would love to make the atmosphere alot more fun and creative! :)
    When are you usually online: I am normally on between 9:30am-2pm, then from 6pm-11pm.
    What timezone are you in: Eastern Standard Time (CT)
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  5. sioutdoors

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    Please don't forget these apps will be kept on file and if the server needs more admins we will search through and make the decisions then thanks and keep applying
  6. Ksapple107

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    Hello! I believe shadecrest creative needs someone like me :)

    IGN: ksapple107
    Age: 15 going on sixteen
    Current Rank: Architect
    Why do you want to be an Admin, Why should we pick you to be an Admin, How will you contribute: I am quite friendly, I don't confuse people or write anything that I haven't thought about first. I am always checking out builds, giving advice (ask anyone on the server that has met me), helping out with projects, I assisted on the large move with WE, I have great WE skills/voxel as well, I take the time to help people through getting a promotion (showing them how to use depth to their advantage, showing them how to detail with all the usual blocks--fences, anvils, trap doors, water/lava, bars, carpet, lighting, etc.--).. but when a plot is perfectly ready for a promotion, it is too bad that they have to wait. That's why I'd like to be an admin.
    When are you usually online: Usually after school from 5pm-10pm (PST) but a lot later/earlier on the weekends.
    What timezone are you in: pacific standard time

    I have learned A LOT on this server! Just ask sioutdoors what my first build looked like (if you can remember sioutdoors? haha)
    My main goal is becoming a creator, but being a mod will help the server a lot and hopefully I can encourage more and more players to stay and join this wonderful minecraft community.
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    Player numbers haven't been very high these past few months. We still have enough staff to check plots and do bans where necessary right now. I think at the moment creative server isn't in desperate need of admins, but I'm sure staff will refer back to this thread if there's more staff needed. So don't give up. c:
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  8. Ksapple107

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    Well for now, I'll continue helping and teaching :) ... and building!

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    Is someone gonna tell me I haven't got this or are you just gonna leave me waiting?
  10. sioutdoors

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    Generally creative keeps names on file and pick when needed. But you may want to ask an active admin to take over from here
  11. oiShocKWavesv

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    Don't worry, stl told me in game, rather rudely in my opinion, that I wasn't going to get it.
  12. TehRawB

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    We arent in need of more staff currently as our numbers isent at the point where we cant handle it. If we do need staff we will look too this thread as siout said and discuss the people that intrests us. That said you cant expect a response on your staff app if you get picked you will get a msg about it and asked if you are still intrested.