Brick town and possible castle?

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by touricroft, Jan 6, 2013.

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    ***SKIP this little blurb if you want and scroll down to the pictures***

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to creative. I've always played survival, but in December I decided to venture over to the creative server...I was just shocked at how cool all the builds were. Of course some of the first builds I got to see were Liasha's and Peter's...I've been to those and several others many times admiring how someone can build such huge projects with so much detail. I've never been a bad builder so to speak, but I was never anything great. Something I never realized that made such a difference was DEPTH. It actually took Sioutdoors coming to my plot and physically showing me this before I realized how big of an impact this has on someone's project! So I've been practicing and am still learning of course! Here's a few pictures of some stuff I'm working on. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, I'm always up for learning more!

    Brick Town-this got me promoted to Builder II (don't worry, Gurra, I promise to finish this!)
    /warp brick

    2013-01-06_20.51.31.png 2013-01-06_20.51.47.png 2013-01-06_20.51.57.png
    Possible Castle?
    /warp tour

    2013-01-06_20.52.41.png 2013-01-06_20.52.57.png 2013-01-06_20.53.18.png

    I'm also a very slow builder. Work keeps me busy and I have to think a long time before I can come up with ideas =( I also destroy and rebuild a lot, hope that will one day improve!
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    I like the giant entrance at /warp tour ( I think that is what it is, I'm just on my phone haha ) :)
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    whats the texture pack?
  4. touricroft

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    Thanks Lionfish :) And yup that's for warp tour! And Iamen, the texture pack is ovo-rustic!
  5. k9katz

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    hey touri,
    I use the default texture pack and I actually think default gives it a better look :)

    your builds are progressing wildly better and better, keep it up :)
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    looks pretty nice
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    Got some nice depth there touri, real nice depth :D
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    nice builds touri and lol at chat in pic 5
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    Thanks everyone! And depth is what I've been really practicing on :)

    Omg....I wasn't paying attention to chat when I took these pictures...wonder what the rest of that conversion in pic 5 was about...:eek:
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    very noice very noice
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    I love it Touri! :)