A360P's Warp Of the Week (WOW)

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  1. A360P

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    Just another little contest for people to enjoy, nothing too competitive about it but it does give some of the lower ranked builders a chance to get some exposure. Here are the rules:

    • You must be rank I or above, yes this does include admins and archs.
    • You must follow the app format given at the end otherwise the post will be deleted.
    • Apps will be cleared weekly, with only a winner remaining on this thread.
    • You are allowed to re-apply every week with the same build if you so desire but if you don't win, don't whine.
    • No crude or copied builds please, this can result on reprucusions on the actual server such as temp. bans (we take this kind of stuff very seriously).
    • Team builds are allowed.
    • No pixel art please, and redstone only at Z_Millla level please :p.
    • Any posts containing excessive use of caps or irrelevant content will be removed.
    • If you win and then are banned or inactive for 2 months, the post on the winners board will be removed. However, if you return after a while and wish to re-apply, then I have no qualms with this.
    That is literally it ATM, but more rules may be added at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled on this post. Basically how it will go is that you post your app (see below for correct format), over a weekly-ish period (entirely dependent on my schedule unfortunately (although the deadline date will be posted on this thread)) I will review the apps and pick a winner, I will then write up my own review of the build (maybe even shoot a cinematic of it) and give full credits at the beginning of the post (if you have a YouTube channel/PMC account then I will give that a shoutout too :).
    Warp name: If you don't have a warp to your build then post the name of your build here and if you win I will create you a warp with that name :p
    Post pictures of the build here (if you don't know how then I will have to review the build manually, but bear in mind that I don't always have the time to be doing this so I would rather that you learned how to post pics :p)
    Additional information:

    e.g. Lore that you based your build off of or build inspirations.
    Shoutout requests (only applied if you win): e.g. YouTube channel name or a PMC link or whatever you like as long as it isn't crude or obnoxious.​
    So that is the format, please respect it when making an app.​
    CURRENT DEADLINE: ===== 16th February 2013 =====​
  2. TheKillorX

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    Warp name: Artemismansiom (sry but i have no pics and no time to take some (school))
    Additional information: It was my plotbuild and its still the only build ive ever finished xD so i just want to see how good it is :p
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  3. Dann01520

    Dann01520 Member Creative Architect

    IGN: Dann01520
    Warp name: /warp castledann
    Additional information: Its an ongoing progress, so not totally finished..so still worth a walk round it! Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.17.33.png Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.17.51.png Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.18.20.png Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.18.33.png Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.18.55.png Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 20.19.14.png
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  4. CW390

    CW390 Member Creative Architect

    IGN: CW390
    Warpname: uss_megaville
    Additional information: There is an interior too. Influences are: steampunk airships. :p
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  5. A360P

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    Had to push the deadline again because I haven't been around enough to advertise it on the server due to exams, and when i was on all I did was modreqs :). Anyone who is watching this thread, I would really appreciate it if you could help me push it. If it comes to the 16th and no more submissions have been made then I will pick a winner as I do feel really bad for making you guys wait for so long with some nice builds :)

    Anyways good luck to you and any future applicants :)
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